Adopted at the age of 15

This is about a young lady called Clawdeen. She is 15 and a werewolf (you probably guessed from the name?) but she doesn't know that yet. She will find out on her 16th birthday. She is also an orphane. Her parents died protecting her from vampires. Clawdeen has no friends but young kids love her from the orphanage.


1. Clawdeen Wolf

Hi my name is Clawdeen Wolf and I am an orphan. You see my parents died protecting me from a coven called 1D. I don't know what they look like or who they are but they obviously knew who and what I am because thy wanted me as a daughter to love. But of course my parents refused to give me up. I was 10 at the time. 5 years I've been in this stupid orphanage, 5 years. Anyway, I have white that fades to light blue hair, I have ocean blue eyes, I am 5"7 and I am extremely shy, I have natural rosie red lips and I am skinny. My boobs are only a D size. I don't think they are big but apparently boys do.

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