Adopted at the age of 15

This is about a young lady called Clawdeen. She is 15 and a werewolf (you probably guessed from the name?) but she doesn't know that yet. She will find out on her 16th birthday. She is also an orphane. Her parents died protecting her from vampires. Clawdeen has no friends but young kids love her from the orphanage.


2. Adopted

Clawdeens POV 

"CLAWS COME DOWN STAIRS NOW!!" Felicia, the foster care owner, screams for me "coming" I mumble putting Sam, baby, into his cot. I walk downstairs to be greeted by a smack to the face "some shitty person wants to adopt you, go pack up ya bitch" she mumbled the last part "yes ma'am" I say walking into my filthy room. In this house we have to call guys 'Sir' and woman 'ma'am' I hate it. Felicia doesn't deserve to be called ma'am. He is a horrible HORRIBLE foster owner. I finish packing and walk downstairs to be greeted with yet another slap to the face in front of 2 boys that are taller then me. A curly-haired one growls a bit 'wtf?' I thought "now bye bye!" Felicia says walking away "bitch' I thought to myself "hi I'm harry and this is Louis" harry says putting his Hand out. I shake but don't tell them my name so they won't laugh "what's your name?" Louis says shaking my hand. I stay silent "okay, well then lets go shall we?" Louis says obviously pissed "pisses much?" I ask with sass "Clawdeen" I mumble "that's a beautiful name" they both say in awe "ugh thanks?" I say  blushing. We get into a couger and drive off "so do you go to school Clawdeen?" Louis asks "yeah nut I was kicked out last week for not coming to school on time. It's not my fault I always got beat up" I mumble the last part "OMG Clawdeen! Are you okay?" Harry says climbing into the back seat "yeah" I say as I wince in pain as he touches my stomach "may I?" Harry asks pointing to my shirt. I nod in willingly as he lifts my shirt up and gasps. My stomach was blue, purple, black, yellow and a hint of green everywhere "ill heal you" harry mumbles "HARRY!!"Louis yells making me wince in pain again at the high pitch noise in his voice "sorry love" Louis says 'they are so creepy!' I thought "are not!" Louis says "what?" I ask astounded "we aren't creepy!" Harry says "AHH HOW DID YOU! BUT I?!!" I stutter getting confused. I start to shake violently as everything starts to go black "Clawdeen?" I hear my name being repeated. I fully black out. 


A/N sorry it's short. Ill update a longer one. 

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