The week that changed my life

Danielle Paris has won a competition to have her favourite boy band stay with her for a week! will there be a romacne blossoming or will he be stuck as friends forever?


2. Today!?!

Dani's P.O.V

"ahhhhhh" I screamed in one week the boys of my dreams will be coming to stay with me, I was so lucky it was half term next week so we can do what ever we like but for now I have to get though another week of school.

I ran out my room to get my sister Gemini up and then ran to have a shower. I got in my bathroom and started the shower put my iPod on shuffle and jumped in. Half way though my shower I heard a knock on the bathroom door I guess it's mum " go away I'm showering" I shouted "ok but hurry up Dan " she shouted back, I don't know why she wants me to hurry I haven't got school for another 2 hours because my first lesson was third period. As I was washing my hair I want by One direction came on so I started to sing along. 

I got out the shower dried off put my bra and knickers on went to my room put my one direction neck less on ( never really take it off) and put the anklet my nan gave me before she passed away on and looked for something to wear. 

I looked for about 10 minutes before I couldn't find anything to wear so I went down stairs to find something, I know what your all thinking her dad could be down there I don't think he would be happy if she went down looking like that, we'll here's the thing my dad left us just after Gem was born because he was cheating on my mum and the slut he was cheating with got pregnet and I never saw him again why would I? He broke are family but mums doing fine raising us by her self I'm always here to help with gem. So I put my headphones in and went down stairs.

Harry's P.O.V 

" get up Harold " Louis screamed in my ear " what why what time is it" I asked confused " we'll what get up why because we don't wanna be late and the time is 8am " he said with a smile " ugh what are we doing today " I ask putting a pillow over my head " we're spending the week with one of are fans remember so start packing" he sang and ran out the room ugh I really down want an 11 year old screaming and hugging me all week. I chucked the covers off me and went for a shower.

i got down stairs and saw the boys eating " morning lads " I said with a raspy voice " morning " they all said back to me " what time are we going then" I asked Niall " 10 minutes" he answered with a mouth full of food. 

* skip car ride* 

we pulled up out side a small but cosy house. We knocked on the door and a little girl about 5 opened the door she had dirty blond hair and very cute blue eyes. As soon as she saw us she ran away we all looked at each other confused intill she came back with a very tall lady I would say 30 I guess that's her mum. " hello " we all said " I'm Harry Styles, I'm Louis Tomlinson, I'm Liam Payne,I'm Zayn Malik and I'm Niall Horan" we all said cheery " hello I'm Lily Paris I guess you have already met Gemini and my other daughter Danielle will be down soon would you like to come in?" She said she's seemed very nice. "What a lovely house you have mrs Paris " Louis said very posh " oh please call me Lily and thank you very much Louis " she said smiling I can tell I'm going to like living here for a week. 

About 5 minutes later Lily told us she was going to see where Danielle is so when she went Gemini came up to me and gave me a peppa pig doll so I picked gem up and got down on the fall and sat her on my late and we started to play. I stopped playing when I heard a girl singing " I want I want I want and all the girls say I want I want I want and that carzayyyyy " she sang " wow she held that note amazingly " Liam commented.

Another 10 minutes and then I hear foot steps coming down the stairs and there stood the most beautiful girl I have ever seen she had light brown hair that fell perfectly over her shoulders and amazing hazel eyes. She had her headphones in so I dont think she knows we are here because she was also only in her bra and knickers but I have only just noticed that. Her song had ended now because she is just staring at us with a blank face I think she is shocked to see us. 

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