The week that changed my life

Danielle Paris has won a competition to have her favourite boy band stay with her for a week! will there be a romacne blossoming or will he be stuck as friends forever?


5. I'm all right!

Millie's P.O.V

"Someone go get a glass of water for me" "thank you" "I can hear you dani" I said with my eyes still shut "oh well that was a waste of water wasn't it" she said really sassy "so what happened?" I asked "well uh you kind of blacked out when you saw one direction had scared you" she said really fast "oh ok umm where are they now" I asked really calm "well because you fainted we missed the bus so they have gone to get Louis' car to drive us to sc-" but she couldn't finish because there was a loud beep? "That'll be them come on we are gonna be late."


Dani's P.O.V 

We got in the car to fine there were only 5 seats Louis and Liam at the front and Harry Niall and Zayn at the back. "And where do we sit Lou?" I asked "well if two of the boys don't mind you can sit on their laps like good girls" he said like a father "Harold please may I sit on your lap" I asked "yes you may miss Paris" he answered back and we both giggled. I got in and sat ,Millie was still standing there like a lost puppy. "Millie would you want to sit on my lap" Niall asked shyly " I would love to nialler" she sat on his lap and we set off to school.

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