The week that changed my life

Danielle Paris has won a competition to have her favourite boy band stay with her for a week! will there be a romacne blossoming or will he be stuck as friends forever?


4. Faint

Dani's p.o.v 

As we were walking to the bus I remembered something the boys a famous shouldn't there be paps and fans everywhere "Harry? " I tapped him "ye love" " why aren't there any fan or paps out?" I said " oh well management told them we are in New York not Cardiff so we are safe" he answered 

we arrived at Millie's and I told the boys to hid in a bush so they did this is gonna be funny. I walked up to her door and  knocked once and she opened it fast and I got knocked over by mill " mill get your fat ass off me" I said and she did as she was told "sorry haven't seen you in like forever!!!! " she giggled " now what am I not allowed to freak out about" she said eager to know "we'll you know how I love you like a sister" I started and then gave the boy the single and "BOOOOOOO" they screamed Millie jumped out of her skin it was so funny I was in the floor " who was that I swear I will kill you.." She shouted and turned around to see who it was. 

Millie's p.o.v 

I haven't see dani in a week because I was Ill so when she came to the door I jumped on her " mill get your fat ass of me" she giggled I did as I was told other wise she would kill me " sorry haven't seen you for like ever" I laughed " anyway what wasn't I allowed to freak out about " I asked eager to know " we'll you know I love you like a sister" she stared in till someone or more than one person jumped out of a bush "Boooo " they screamed I jumped a mile " who was that I swear I will kill you.." I started I till I saw dani on the floor laughing and turned to see people I didn't expect to see " sorry love did we scare you?" Niall asked in his thick Irish accent. I just laughed and then everything went black .... 

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