The week that changed my life

Danielle Paris has won a competition to have her favourite boy band stay with her for a week! will there be a romacne blossoming or will he be stuck as friends forever?


3. Does he like me?

Dani's p.o.v

i can't believe it they were suppose to be here next week! "Hi" I said really nervous "umm dani love" mum said looking down at me OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I'm still in my bra and knickers I ran upstairs as fast as I could and threw my pj's back on. I came back down and they all said their hellos and we sat down to talk. I was so happy they are here but sad coz I have school all week and we won't be able to do anything. I felt really uncomfortable because Harry kept starring at me in till Louis nugged him and he spoke for the second time now " umm you are umm a really good um singer by the um way " he sounded nervous mixed with shy why? " oh ye you held the last note really well" Liam blurted out I blushed in till I realised they heard me sing omg. Anyway I ignored it and said thank you and we started to talk again but Harry was still starring at me why it's not like I'm hot or anything. " Harold please may I have a word with you " Louis said really posh and I giggled to my self " umm ye shore mate " Harry said and got up and went to the hall leaving me to talk with Niall Zayn and Liam about this week. 

Louis' p.o.v 

" Harold please may I have a word with you" i asked dani giggled as Harry got up I'm guessing its because how I said it. Harry got up and followed me in to the hall " what's up Lou " he asked confused " Harry why were you starring at dani" I asked raising my eyebrow at him, he looked at the floor and blushed " HA I knew it you have a crush on her don't you" I whisper screamed so she wouldn't hear us "no" he said back " then why we're you starring at her just now and when she came down in her underwear?" I asked "Lou I swear I wasn't looking at her boobs its just she was so pretty I couldn't take my eyes off her" he said really quite " so you do have a crush on her?" I asked confused " a smige " he answered back doing a hand gesture " ok let's go back in" I said its time for Louis the tomo tomilonson to work his magic! 

Harrys p.o.v

oh my god was I that obvious but only Lou will know hopefully. We walked back in and dani was gone " where's dani gone" asked Zayn  " she's getting ready" and as he said that she came back Down stairs she looked stunning she was wearing a mint crop top and some skinny jeans that fit her perfect and her hair was curled and fell over her shoulders.

As I was starring Gemini ran up to me and tugged on my trousers " harwy pwees can you help me put my shoes on" she asked with the biggest smile, then lily came in and said sorry but I told her its ok ill do it and saw gem do a little happy dance. As I sat Gemini on my lap I asked Dani what we were doing to day " oh here's the thing I got told you were coming next week in half term so today I have school well only four day because Wednesday I have a day off" she answered " what year are u in love" Niall asked "12"she said " so that means your 18 " Liam asked " we'll actually I'm 17 but 18 in a month " she said excited " when your birthday " I asked "19th June". 

We sat for about an hour talking about our selfs I didn't say much all I said was my birthday and my age and now we are going to the bus stop oh great. 

Dani's p.o.v 

we said goodbye to mum and gem she really likes Harry I wonder why I'll ask her later when I'm babysitting. Oh I forgot to text Millie, if your wondering who Millie is she's my best friend she has been since a girls in playgroup stole my doll and Millie hit her to get it back for me. 

To Millie moo 

from dani xxx

hey mill on my way down oh and don't freak out! Don't ask why xxxxxxx

from Millie moo 

to dani xxx

hey and ok and I'm kind of scared xxx<3 

i giggled at the text and locked my phone then put it in my pocket "come on boys" I shouted to them " coming so what lessons Do we have today" Niall asked "umm music,history,I have my singing lessons and then drama " I replied " oo what instrument do you play " he asked again " we'll ukulele,guitar,keyboard,piano and drums " I said "wow " was all they said and I giggled " oh and I better warn you that my friend Millie is a huge directioner so ye and we have to go hers to pick her up for the bus ok" "ok let's go!" They screamed and ran out the door but harry stayed back " umm dani I was wondering if we .. You would like to go to Starbucks after school" he said while rubbing his neck aww WAIT did he just ask me on a date " um I would love to but we have to baby sit gem and ..." I stared but got interrupted by Lou " we will look after her if you want we are good with kids" he said with a big smile. " oh ok well then I would love to Harry it's a date" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek and he blushed " now let go to school " Lou shouted  well this is going to be a fun week. 







sorry haven't updated in a while mum lost the iPad I was on holiday had my teeth out and was planning my birthday party hope you like this chapter please comment like fav what ever love you guys love dani xxxxxxxx

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