Grand Widow [The Avengers]

Before the Black Widow, a different Master Assassin existed. They called her, the Grand Widow. After the new avengers were recruited, they let her go. Now, the Grand Widow is living her life as a party girl, a playboy, a model. When the world is threatened by Loki once more, will the Grand Widow let go of her pride to save her world once again?


3. Two.

Meredith sighed comfortably. Her old S.H.I.E.L.D uniform was back on. It was a black bandeau, a black vest, leather gloves, leather skinny jeans, heeled combat boots, and a coat of red lipstick to finish it off.


Meredith never bothered to cover her face when she went on missions. She loved the attention. In fact, she craved it. It was what kept her going. She flicked her brunette curls aside, walking out of her old  room. She ran into some agents. Old ones, that despised her.


She smirked, as if saying ‘i’m back, and there’s nothing you can do about it’. She walked through the halls, her gloved covered nails running against the smooth S.H.I.E.L.D walls. It had changed a lot since she had left.


“Grand Widow,” a husky voice broke her out of her thoughts. She turned around, her eyes connecting with the familiar colour of iris’. Hawkeye.


“Hawkeye,” she nodded. “Are you supposed to be here at the dead of night?”


He scanned her from head to toe, biting his lip as he did so. He then cleared his throat. “Are you?” Meredith smirked at that.


“Touché,” Meredith mumbled, before turning around. “I’m not doing anything.. rebellious if your wondering.”


“I know.”




“You wouldn’t dare.” That statement caught her attention. She spun on her heel, walking towards the agent. The heels of her boots sounded as she got closer, before they were face to face. A strong sense of dejavu hit Clint.


Now, their noses were as close to touching, Meredith’s eyebrow lifted up. “Do I?” she breathed against his lips.


Just as she felt the presence of Natasha Romanoff, she immediately spun on her heel, walking away as if nothing happened. The redhead opened her door to reveal a very.. flustered looking Clint Barton. Confused, she frowned.


“Clint?” she placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped a bit, before regaining his senses.


“O-Oh, yeah. Hey Natasha.” Clint smiled.


Natasha quirked an eyebrow. “Are you-?” her gaze flickered to the brunette that was now strutting away gracefully, as if on a catwalk. Her face looked crestfallen after she realized what was happening. “Oh.”


“Do you want to go train?” Clint asked, trying to break the awkwardness that had settled in. Natasha bit her lip.


Finally, after a few seconds of passing silence, the assassin spoke up. “Yes. Sure.”




“Tony?” the voice of Steve Rogers interrupted Tony’s staring. The older man jumped, hurridly closing the tab he was on.


Steve was looking at him, cross armed and amused. “Were you looking up pictures of the Grand Widow?”


Tony scowled. “Where did the snarky attitude come from? And yes, if your wondering. I was doing research.”


Steve rolled his eyes. “Maybe from you. And yeah. ‘research’.”


“I have you know, I always do background checks on new agents-”


“What about the new agent we got last week? You didn’t bother doing a background check on her?”


“Yeah but-”


“And the last new agent-”


“Which died in battle.”


“Exactly. Just admit it, you, Tony Stark, have a hugeee crush the Grand Widow.”


Tony scowled again. “Shut up, I have Pepper. Don’t you have more punching bags to torture or something?”


“Nah, Natasha and Clint have the training room.” Steve shrugged. He blushed at how wrong it sounded.

Tony raised his eyebrows in interest. Time to spy.. on the spies.

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