Grand Widow [The Avengers]

Before the Black Widow, a different Master Assassin existed. They called her, the Grand Widow. After the new avengers were recruited, they let her go. Now, the Grand Widow is living her life as a party girl, a playboy, a model. When the world is threatened by Loki once more, will the Grand Widow let go of her pride to save her world once again?


4. Three

“Clint, I-” Natasha Romanoff’s sentence was cut short by the blaring of alarms. She sighed in annoyance, but Clint wasn’t affected. At all.


He grabbed a gun, before running out onto the hallways. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Loki. And he had the Grand Widow in headlock, his scepter pointed to her neck. “Loki,” a fake pleading voice. Actually, it would’ve fooled Clint if it weren’t for the bored look in her eyes. “Loki please.”


A pang of jealousy clouded his chest as Loki’s mouth connected with her ear, mummering supposedly sweet words. His scepter disappeared from his hand, his hand trailing down her waist.


Just as his hands were about to connect with her vest straps, her elbow came in contact with his ribs. He gasped, just as Nick Fury and the rest of the Avengers came into scene.


Meredith grunted as Loki recovered, pinning her onto the nearby glass table. “Oh Meredith,” he pressed harder against her hands. “Sweet, sweet Meredith.”


“Don’t call me that.” Meredith snapped, headbutting him. He let out a terrifyingly embarrassing squeal as he fell to the ground, sputtering out blood.


Meredith stepped over his legs, picking up his scepter that was now laying on the floor. He threw it to Fury, who caught it. The heel of her boot connected with the side of his head, and he immediately fell unconscious.


“Your real name is Meredith?” Tony broke the silence.


“You shall only refer to me as The Grand Widow. Only authorized and close friends are allowed to call me Meredith. Well, it’s either the Grand Widow or Agent Elliot. We clear?” her british accent spoke the words swiftly.


“Yes, ma’am.” Bruce Banner spoke up, for the first time. She looked at him surprised, mostly because of the fact that he didn’t even utter a greeting when she had came here.


“Natasha, I want to talk to you.”




“It wasn’t a question.”




Tony Stark went into his room that night, thinking of a girl that he had long not thought about. Pepper Potts. He didn’t bother calling her. At all. His fingers grazed the lock screen of his iPhone, and he typed in the password.


He scrolled down his contacts, straight down to Pepper’s name. The dial tone went on for awhile, before her sweet voice sounded through the speaker.


“Tony,” Pepper sighed, relieved. “I’m so glad you’re okay! You haven’t been picking up my calls!”


Tony chuckled. “Oh come on, Peps. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m Iron Man!”


He could almost feel her rolling her eyes at the other end of the line. “Yeah, yeah, I’m aware,” it was silent for a moment. “Tony,” the static made her voice break a little. “When are you coming back?”


There. She said the question he dreaded most. “I’m not sure, baby,” he mummered lowly. “But when I come back, though. We’re so going out for dinner.”


A giggle sounded. “That can be arranged.”




“I know you have feelings for Clint Barton.” Meredith deadpanned, as soon as she and Natasha Romanoff were in the training room.


Natasha blushed, but turned away as soon as it rose. She would not be humiliated by her. “You know nothing of my relationships, ‘Grand Widow’.”


“I know love when I see it, Black Widow.” It seemed weird for a moment. Black & Grand. Two different things, but very similar.


“It is not love. Love is for children. I owe him a debt.”


“Which you repaid already,” the british model replied wisely. She walked infront of the redhead, crossing her arms. “but as an assassin, you are not allowed to fall for an ally.”


“As a master assassin, you aren’t allowed to seduce an ally.” Romanoff snapped.


Meredith smirked. “It’s not seduction, when the prey is already there, Romanoff,” she flicked her hair aside. “but your feelings are hard to hide. Before the alarms sounded. You wanted to tell him you loved him, didn’t you?”


Natasha denied it. Meredith didn’t bother to tell her that she knew, and that she had been listening all along.


“Tell me, Black Widow, how long as your feelings for him last?” Meredith questioned, folding her arms. “I mean, look how close you are. It already looks like your married.”


When she said the word ‘married’, she knew she struck a nerve. And for the first time, Agent Natasha Romanoff was lost for words.


Meredith smirked, before stalking off. Her chest ached as soon as she left the training room. Because she knew that she had to blink back tears as soon as Hawkeye would leave his hiding place behind the door.

*gasp* dun dun dun.. besides the epic plot twist at the end, how did you like the Pepperony scene I made? I’m a huge shipper of them and their so adorable like asdfghjkl. If you didn’t understand the last sentence, then Clint was hiding behind the door, and heard everything. So yeah. Don’t get too excited about Clintasha. You never know how evil I am . . .

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