Grand Widow [The Avengers]

Before the Black Widow, a different Master Assassin existed. They called her, the Grand Widow. After the new avengers were recruited, they let her go. Now, the Grand Widow is living her life as a party girl, a playboy, a model. When the world is threatened by Loki once more, will the Grand Widow let go of her pride to save her world once again?


2. One.

2 years later.


“Another round, Mason!” a drunker slur escaped Meredith’s lips as she swayed along to the music. The bartender rolled his eyes with amusement, before sliding a couple more shots towards the model.


She took it, downing it in a gulp. This, is what Meredith Elliot has became. Ever since the fall of the Grand Widow, a new Avengers have been recruited. Also, another widow has been created. The Black Widow. Meredith was much more good looking, no doubt. Some of her fans have stayed fateful, carrying her posters still asking for autographs whenever they see her.


Meredith was now a worldwide succesful model. With her playboy reputations and amazing looks, she could get just any man in bed. And that’s how she liked it. Her hand to hand combat hadn’t been used in years, and her skill hasn’t been put to the test.


“Grand Widow?” a smart accent broke her out of her thoughts. Only some people knew her real name. The rest referred to her as the grand widow. She turned around, and her eyes came in contact with a pair of hazel ones.


She replied with a drunken giggle, escaping the arms of the man she was dancing with. Tony Stark. The billionare, playboy, philanthropist. She didn’t answer his question, only took his mascular arm and wrapped it around her waist, pressing her back against his chest.


He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “I-I’m Tony Stark. I was sent by Nick Fury.”


Nick Fury. The name brought back so many memories. She remembered how he fired her. How he stripped her off her uniform. Her head snapped up to meet his, removing his arms from her incredibly slim waist.


“What does he want.” her mood turned from happy drunk, to snappy. She was only wearing a pair of shorts, lace tights, gloves, combat boots, and a loose t shirt. She had just gotten back from a modelling shoot, and all she wanted was a break.


“I don’t know. All I know is just that he wants to see you.” Tony replied, trying to remain calm. The fact that his arm had been around such a known model, and one of the most beautiful women in the world.


She shrugged, walking out. She looked past her shoulder. “You coming or not?”




The clicking of her combat boots made the attention in the meeting room snap towards her. The Avengers were there. All of them. Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, Bruce Banner, and now, walking in, was Iron Man.


Her chin raised in interest, together with her eyebrow. “So these are the earth’s mightiest heroes.” she questioned loudly. She walked in a circle around each of them, stopping when Nick Fury entered the room.


“Agent Elliot.” Nick said in a monotone voice, his arms crossing around his chest. She smirked playfully.


“What? No codename? Oh, Nick. I’ve certainly lost faith in you.” Meredith sat down on a chair, placing her feet on the table.


“Feet off, Widow.” Fury ordered. She shrugged, shaking her head. She didn’t remove her feet, though. “The reason I called the Grand Widow in, is because Loki’s back.” Nick explained, now referring to the Avengers.


“So? Didn’t we stop him by ourselves the last time?” Natasha Romanoff interrupted, shooting a rude look towards Meredith. She was somewhat intimidated, and she wasn’t happy that her title as being the only female in the group was being snatched away.


“Wait, wait, Loki? Demi god? Brother of Thor Odinson?” Meredith interrupted. Nick turned to her, nodding.


“You’ve done your research?”


She laughed. She actually laughed. The real one. The throwing her head back laughing kind. She swiped a fake tear from her cheek. “He’s a partier, that one.”


“My brother is not a partier. Take care of how you speak.” Thor told her.


She rolled her eyes. “Oh calm down, son of Odin. That’s a good thing. He’s actually quite good in bed too..” she mumbled, biting her lip.


“Okay that’s enough.” Fury interrupted her with a glare. “The point is, we can’t have him terrorizing earth again.”


Again, Meredith laughed. “That man, I mean God, is a bag full of cats. He’s harmless.”


“He took me under his control.” Clint Barton spoke up for the first time. Meredith turned her head to him. Placing her feet down, she walked towards the archer. She spun his chair, bending down so they were eye to eye. Natasha felt a flare of jealousy hit her.


“Now, now, archer.” she mumbled in his ear, his breath sending a shiver down his spine. “That’s your fault.”

Pushing his chair away from her, she walked back to her previous seat. “So, what’s the plan?”

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