Grand Widow [The Avengers]

Before the Black Widow, a different Master Assassin existed. They called her, the Grand Widow. After the new avengers were recruited, they let her go. Now, the Grand Widow is living her life as a party girl, a playboy, a model. When the world is threatened by Loki once more, will the Grand Widow let go of her pride to save her world once again?


5. Four.

“Hey.” a familiar voice broke her out of her thoughts. She jumped a bit, turning to meet the pair of blue eyes of Steve Rogers.


“Hi.” Meredith replied, continuing to look out of the window.


“So.. you and Barton hm?” he questioned, leaning back against the chair as he took a seat.


Meredith scoffed, folding her hands together. “It’ll never happen.”


“He likes you, you know?”


“He likes Natasha.”


“Is that jealousy I hear?”


“You need hearing aids.”


He took a deep breath, his lower lip between his teeth. “Fury wants to see you.” Meredith nodded, before standing up.


As she walked out, she called over her shoulder. “Nice talk.”




The tension was almost unbearable as she walked in. Especially when she found Natasha in Clint’s lap, playing with the edges of his hair. Nick Fury looked uncomfortable between the two new found lovers, but decided to ignore it.


“You asked for me?” her voice broke each and everyone of the Avengers’ thoughts.


Fury nodded. “I need you to do what you do best.”


Meredith smirked, an eyebrow raised. “On whom, exactly?”


Fury sidestepped, and Loki’s face was revealed. Meredith turned to meet Thor’s eyes. “Sorry I have to do this to your brother, by the way.” was all she said before she perfected her.. costume.


She slipped off her vest, loosened her bandeau, untied her hair from the ponytail she had it in, and finally got rid of her gloves. She kept her gun at the strap of her thigh though.


She was attractive, like this. Even Clint, who had Natasha on his lap had to fight the urge to stare. She opened Loki’s cell, seeing him sitting down. He looked up, an eyebrow raised in interest as the woman before him sat across.


“Loki,” her voice was low and suspenseful. The type of voice she used to bed him. “Can I ask you something.”


Outside, The Avengers were watching in tense positions. Thor was doubting this would work, Tony was thinking of how stupid this was, Natasha was just playing with Clint’s hair, Steve was watching Clint in amusement, and Clint was watching Meredith with a flustered look on his face.


“Of course, love,” Loki mummered lowly. He had always given into Meredith, no matter how much she hurt him. “What do you want to know?”


Meredith leaned into his ear, nipping his earlobe softly. “What’s your play, baby?” The pet name. As soon as she said the pet name, he gave in. The word ‘baby’ had always gotten Meredith whatever she wanted. Whatever she wanted.


As he told her his plan, she smirked. Her eyes connected with Fury’s through the mirror, and he nodded in approval. Thor gaped as his brother gave in to her and told her every. single. thing.


“Thanks, love.” she mumbled, pecking his lips, and walking out of his cell.


“Good work, Widow. We got everything.” Meredith smiled at the praise. It wasn’t always that she got a compliment from Nick Fury.


“I know.” she agreed cockily. Clint, however, was in one of the worst situations in the world. He got a boner. A fucking boner. With Natasha still on him. The redhead stared at her new boyfriend in amusement, and he gave her a sheepish smile.


Meredith stared at both of them. She knew what Clint’s problem was. She watched as Natasha stood up, taking his hand and practically dragged him to his room. She knew what would happen when they walk into that room. She knew what happened as soon as the door clicked.


She tightened bandeau, slipped on her vest, slid on her leather gloves, and tied her hair back into a ponytail. She left the room immediately, not looking back.




“Stark, what are you doing?” Bruce Banner questioned, as soon as he saw Tony Stark on his computer. He wasn’t where Loki’s cell was, so he didn’t see what happened.


“Nothing.” Tony replied, distracted. His lips were between his teeth, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he dragged and dropped programs underneath his fingertips.


“Are you - wait, who’s Meredith Elliot?” Bruce stood behind the older man, watching as he threw things here and there.


“The Grand Widow.” Tony mumbled, still distracted.


“You do realize that you could get into trouble for searching all this data about her? I mean, I bet half of this stuff wont even show up.”


“JARVIS will find a way. He’s like, the king of computers.”


“He is a computer.”




“No data found on The Grand Widow.” JARVIS’ computerized voice rang out through the lab.


Tony’s eyes widened. “What the hell? How is that possible? JARVIS are you sure?” Tony frowned, crossing his arms.


“Yes sir, I’m positive there is no data found under The Grand Widow.” JARVIS replied.

Tony frowned once again, tapping his foot. “Meredith Elliot, what are you hiding.”

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