Lovely Tragedy


1. Prologue

Age: 15 going on 16.

Hey, my name is Dana Alaki, my height is average, I have light brown hair with lowlights of a lighter color from my natural hair color and its bipolar(curly, wavy, or out of control), I have wide brown eyes, wheaty skin tone, and full lips in the bottom.  I also am so sensitive, nice, flirty, and mature

I recently moved to Rosewood( and am not liking it), how can I leave my friends behind? But I promised my bestie that we’ll still keep in touch; her name is Natalie, she’s tall, she has full lips, and black hair, she’s also very smart and talented.

 I am the shy kind of girl who’s so afraid of people’s reactions and thoughts, so I might have a hard time fitting in. I also am a girl who can’t be herself and honest about her opinion much, and who sometimes doesn’t think about what she’s saying and says whatever comes up to her mind directly. I hope it doesn’t get out of control, though.

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