Lovely Tragedy


2. Give me a break


               We moved in a week before school so I still have a week to worry about my new life and start. I am an only child, greatly. My cousins siblings drive her crazy, so, I feel very fortunate.

Natalie is calling, I answer, she says, ”Heyy, are you getting the chills by now?”

“Wow, that was psychic.”
“Listen, what about I give you help and tips?”
“ Sure, thank you”
“Ok, I’ll send you an email, kiss kiss”
I hung up and lied on my bed, thinking about friends, classes, and this new life. Why do I have to feel like this? It’s not that great of a feeling, but this might be an experience on life. Life’s pattern as well, meaning that some things have to end. I barely fitted in last year when we moved to Michigan, it took me a semester . I know, crazy. I should really make adjustments to be more acceptable in this society, can’t I just be brave and reckless like most of the other kids?

I suddenly felt like I am drifting  slowly, as if I’m on a boat. You know the feeling when you’re half conscious and half dreaming, but you’re consciousness isn’t connected in the dreaming half; then drift so suddenly to another world that’s worry-free, and just like when you watch a movie and get so into it? Yeah, that feeling is occurring. I’m the main character in this movie, which’s my dream.  I woke up on mom’s voice telling me to get ready cause she’s taking me out to a lake in rosewood. They’re having a show or something. I  change my clothes to a pink string top with ruffles and white jeans skirt, wear my perfume, Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, and apply my normal make up, which is: light pink blusher, red lip liner with light pink lipstick, brown eye liner, and brown mascara to flatter my eye color.
My mother, Hanna, and I arrive by walking there. It only takes fifteen minutes max.

We arrive there at 5:00 and the sunlight starts getting colder and leaves the sky slowly every while. The assembly at the lake gets more crowded the later it gets. The place looked so happy and brings joy to the heart whether you like it or not. My mom and I took our seats in front of the mini stage. I sat on the edge of the rows of seats, last seat. There’s a group of people talking loudly a few blocks away. I take a glimpse of them and the group consists of 5 people, a blonde girl with wavy hair, a girl with also blonde hair that’s a bit short, a girl with brown short hair and a bit bronze-skinned, and two guys, one blonde with tanned skin and blonde hair, and a guy with black hair and white skin who was a bit lovey- dovey with the brunette. My mom asks me to get her and I drinks. I go looking for the stand that sells those. I find it and I asked the guy working there to get me one strawberry smoothie and a Monster Energy drink, that one’s for me, obviously. I’m carrying my wallet, which’s color is light beige with pink flowers, and the two drinks, that’s a bit too much  to carry one time, and I feel so nervous. There’s a herd of people standing in my way I tell them “excuse me” but they don’t respond and one of them, which’s a girl with tall brown hair, gives me a dirty look and floats back to her conversation. I try to go the other way, passing them and I almost spill some of my mom’s strawberry smoothie. I feel so nervous and my body turns so hot in a blink and I just humiliated my self! Great.. I see my mom sitting on her seat checking her phone and notice the five people sitting blocks away from my seat gazing at me, and the girls with blonde hair giggle and chuckle, saying, “Who’s she?”… ,”what a loser” and the guy with black hair giggling and pointing. The girl with brunette hair just smiles widely and says ,”Oh my god”, and the guy with blonde hair just stares at the girls and says, “It’s not funny.” While chuckling and not helping but smile. I was like(in mind)  ‘’What’s so funny? It’s not that funny, like not at all” I take my seat, glancing at them with thickened eye brows caused from disbelief. Now! Now I get it. The strawberry smoothie is covering a big spot on my skirt and it looks like period. I gasp ‘Oh my god’’ that’s more embarrassing than ever. Good start, just  good. I hand my mother her mischievous drink and hope she wont notice my drink. She doesn’t approve of energy drinks, and she’s not to blame. But I’m a teen so she just should suck it up. My mother said, “Oh god, honey. Here, take.” And she handed me wet wipes. Now it just looks even worse. My skirt is turning pinkish and from the back of my butt it’s just white. People will think it’s a bloody situation. “This is so not happening.” I tried to adjust myself and not be a noticeable member for now, and just be a no body, though I’m new in this small town. I finally realized the darkness falling faster than normal. I take a look, and the sky is definitely getting attacked by heavy clouds. In no time, as everyone expected, it started raining; I was hoping that the strawberry smoothie spilled all over my precious, good looking skirt would fade with the rain. And for that to happen, a miracle must take roll, cause a few drip drops of rain would do no harm, as well as no good. Someone finally showed up on stage and announced, “Sorry to keep you waiting, but the show must be cancelled due to the expectation of stronger rain and I am pretty sure most of you would mind getting soaked.” I spill out saying, ”Well that was worth waiting for.” Sardonically. Mom said,” Tell me about it.” Seriously but not annoyed.” This is such a bummer day and now I have a reputation of a screw up. What would be worse that if any of the kids that noticed the smoothie incident would go to my school. Fingers crossed.

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