Thinking Of You (ZAYN MALIK- complete)

(A Shory Story dedicated to one of my best friends - Anna Dufourt.)
How can I get better when I had the best. He said I must move on but where did he expect me to go?
He thought he wasn't the right one for me and told me that his NEW world would only break us apart - even more apart. I said I wouldn't mind but he still left and concluded that he's never the best for me. And now what? Did he honestly believe that Al was the best lad for me? Did he really let everything we had go just because he thinks I can be happier with Al? How could you just accept it Zayn? Don't you know that everytime I'm with him I was THINKING OF YOU. Only you.


3. Niall, Elounor, Harry and Him

II. ‘ How do I get better once I had the best. You said there’s tons of fish in the water, so the water’s I will test’


Icross the street with some of girl teenagers wearing shirts, under their thick jackets, with One Direction’s faces on them. Man, they are literally everywhere. The girls are walking down the same direction as me, they seemed excited for something. I watched them giggling, and talking non-stop about their idols, I even heard them mention his name. I subconsciously smiled as I recognize Zayn’s eyes printed on the brunette girl’s shirt – those perfect captivating hazel brown eyes. Under it was something that says ‘Future Mrs. Malik’. Yeah… if I was on this girl’s shoes, I would also wear a shirt like hers. Or maybe even something like ‘ZAYN’S ONLY MINE’ in all caps.

Funny it is that the seventeen year old boy whom I used to call mine was now a massive dream for these girls to meet. I suddenly feel like wanting to tell them everything about him.

I wish I could let them know that there is more of Zain Javadd Malik than what the media was saying about him. They actually know less than a half of what he really is. He was a boy with so much insecurities yet he’s strong enough to prove that he can surpass everything, even his weaknesses. His vanity was his own way of appreciating all that he has , it’s not something bad, otherwise it was his unique way of taking care of himself and of all the things he love. Sometimes he tends to be a really mysterious lad, that’s when he’s thinking through things before making a move. He wanted all his actions to be not that perfect, but at least, puts everything at a better place. You’ll find him reading books and sleeping everywhere, not because he’s lazy, but because he worked hard on something that day. He’s a very loving son and brother, he takes care of his family more than he does to himself.

Lastly, he loves me so much he doesn’t want anyone, especially his pop star life, to hurt me. That’s why he made me believe that letting each other go is what’s best. I don’t even know how I let myself believe in him or what even possessed me to understand that this was his own way of protecting me from all the pain. He knew that the media would just tear us more apart, his fans would just send me hate, that’s why he wanted us to just remain friends and that I should trust him in this. He told me that his fame would eventually fade, but the way he felt for me never will. That’s why  even if we both didn’t say it out loud, I know that we’re both hoping that someday -when the time’s perfect – we’ll be back in each other’s arms again.


 “Annaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” my friend- Ivy- gleefully shouts my name and literally jumps at  me, making a scene on the whole café. She hugged the life of me not caring about the curious glances around us. “Omg! Guess who came and ordered macchiato from me earlier this morning.” She said, almost squealed in sheer excitement.

“Who?” I giggled, putting my bartender’s apron.


“Niall?” does she mean…

Yes! Niall Horan! My husband!” she kind of hushed a bit when she noticed a couple of girls starring daggers at her. “I – I mean, you know. From One Direction? Oh gosh, it feels like a dream!” she whisper-shouted, only enough for the both of us to hear.

Of course, I know it. One Direction. Niall Horan was in it, together with him and three other talented lads.

Wait. Does that mean they’re just somewhere near this Starbucks’s  I’m working in? Does that mean One Direction is somewhere around this place and anytime I might see one of them. I might see Zayn.

“Hey, Anna. You’re spacing out again. Gosh. You okay?”

I just nodded. A sudden feeling of rush and excitement came filling me in. Like a bucket of cold water has been poured over me.

“Where’s Al anyway?” Ivy asked, pulling me out of my thoughts of what would I do if I see Zayn again.

“He Uh… He was probably boarding on his plane to New York now. He’s doing this final articles for his thesis remember?”

“Ah. Yes.” She nodded. “Oh my gosh! Is that a crossed fingers sign?” her eyes widened as she puts her fingers on the necklace Al gave me last night. “It looks exactly like Zayn Malik’s tattoo” the girls who glared at her for saying Niall was her husband earlier gave us again curious glances. These girls are perhaps what they call themselves ‘directioners’.h

I smirked. It’s crazy how Niall’s or Zayn’s name sounded like a fire alarm to them. They literally snapped their heads up the moment  they heard the lads’ names being mentioned by anyone.

 “Yup exactly. Al gave it to me last night” I said proudly. But Ivy seemed to not notice me anymore when the coffee shop’s door opened, revealing a very gorgeous brunette. She’s very skinny, tall and has tantalizing hazel brown eyes. Her wavy hair seemed to fall perfectly above her shoulders as she tilted her head to the lad behind her. This couple seemed to catch everyone’s attention inside the café. The girls - whom I concluded as ‘directioners’ – had this very surprised and happy expressions on their faces the moment they walked in.

“Omg! It’s Elounor!” I heard one of them said.

“Louis Tomlinson” Ivy whispered, frozen at the counter, with wide eyes whilst watching the couple came near her. Oh this girl, she’s really a massive fan of that boy band.

“Hi!” the lad greeted gleefully, but Ivy remained frozen.

Uhm. Goodmorning Louis. What can I get for you?” I greeted back instead, using Starbuck’s way of greeting its customers – to mention their names if you knew them – it’s not that I actually knew him personally.

“Uh hi. Anna?” he said reading my name plate. “I’d like to have two French Vanilla please”

“French Vanilla, for Louis and…”

“Eleanor” the gorgeous girl answered.

“Eleanor” I repeated, smiling at her. I punched their orders and slightly stepped on Ivy’s foot to snap her back to reality. She’s probably daydreaming again. Though this isn’t a dream, the couple is actually in front of us.

They both nodded and proceeded at the nearest couch to wait for their orders. Ivy finally moved from her place earlier and started to make the coffees.

I stepped aside since there are no more customers coming. I watch the couple hold each other’s hands and laugh together. The way they looked at each other’s eyes was exactly the way Zayn and I do. But their moment was interrupted when three girls came near them, asking to take pictures with Louis. Eleanor let’s go of the lads hand and managed to put on a small smile as she watched her boyfriend’s attention being taken away from her. She’s smiling but I saw sadness in her eyes when she pretended to be busy doing something on her phone.

Is this what Zayn’s talking about? He doesn’t want me to feel the same way Eleanor’s feeling? I understand it, she feels so close to the man she loves yet so far away. Maybe she feels bad for not having Louis’ time only for her alone because apparently, her boyfriend needs to entertain his fans. I do feel bad for her. But I guess, I’d rather deal with things that way than to not have Zayn at all.

“French Vanilla for Louis and Eleanor!” Ivy’s energetic voice hovered across the café. Louis said goodbye to his fans and again, held Eleanor.

The girl’s eyes sparkles realizing that Louis has his attention on her again. They went over the counter to get their coffees.

“Enjoy! Have a good day Eleanor and Louis” I said as I hand them the cups.

“Thanks, love” Eleanor said then whispered something at Louis.

Louis glanced at me, curiously examining my face as though something’s wrong with it. He narrowed his eyes to me.

“Uh, sir? Shall I get something else for you?” I politely inquired.

Erm. No, thank you.” He’s still staring at me. “You know what? You look familiar. I think I saw you somewhere.” He whispered making sure that it’s only us who are hearing this conversation.

“Really? Well…” I have no idea what to answer in this kind of situation. Even Eleanor seemed to agree. Where could they possibly see me?

“I agree, I think I saw you on Zayn’s phone. This is insane, but you look exactly like the girl on his wallpaper” Eleanor added as the couple both giggled.

My world seemed to spin around as I took in Eleanor’s words. Then it dawned in me. I WAS ON HIS WALLPAPER? Seriously?

“Oops. I think we’d better get going. Nice to meet you, Anna.” Louis tapped my shoulder before looking at his watch.

“We promise to go back here with Zayn next time, so he’ll see you” Eleanor assured as she let Louis hold her hands and waved at me. “Goodbye, Anna!”

“Wait! What? No!” I tried to stop them and tell them that it’s not a good idea. But I was surprised to feel something thumping on my chest, like I felt a sudden glint of hope.

But I thought, shall I see him again?

The other half of my brain says NO. I don’t have to see him and risk another goodbye. But the other half says YES. Because… I miss him… so much.


“Was it just me? Or did Eleanor actually said that you look like the girl in Zayn’s wallpaper? No way!” Ivy said incredulously. “There’s no way you look like her mom, or his sisters or even Perrie” there she said it. The name that I always dreaded to hear. Perrie. Perrie Edwards to be exact, a member of the famous girl group Little Mix – the girlfriend of Zayn Malik.

I saw her ones and I can say she’s really pretty. But to me, her beautiful name feels like a thousand knives being stabbed on my chest – real deep. Some people say that their relationship was sham and that the management just made it up for more publicity. But even if it’s true or not it still reminds me of one thing. I cannot have Zayn the way I used to.

 “Of course Eleanor didn’t said that, silly.” I plastered a fake smile, ruffling Ivy’s bangs.

Ivy giggled signaling that she believed me. “Anyways…I told our manager that I’ll took over your shift  this morning and later this afternoon so you could go earlier to the recording company you told me before? You had a meeting with them right?” said Ivy.

“Really? Thank you Ivy. You’re the best!” I hugged the life of her.

“Nah, I just really need extra money for One Direction’s concert” she bantered.

I pouted. “I don’t believe you. You know you love me.” I smiled proudly.

“Now what are you still doing here? Go and make yourself pretty! Get ready for the meeting” she literally pushed me inside to where our lockers were situated.

“But why didn’t you just texted me?”

“Because I want to tell you personally how I met my future husband, you know it sucks to express my sheer ecstatic expression in a text message” she explained.

“Why didn’t you just called me then?”

“If I did that then you won’t see my facial expression . Duh?” she playfully rolled her eyes.

“Okay?” I chuckled. “Well I think I must go now? Thank you so much, Ivy! I love you!”

“I love you too! But I love Niall more. But oh well, goodluck!” she giggled ,waving her hand.

I waved at the black haired Asian girl on the counter as I opened the glass door. I sent her a flying kiss just before I bumped into someone who’s going inside the café.

“Harry Styles.” I said enough for him to hear it.

“Oh ‘ello there” Harry greeted me with his signature cheeky grin. But his smile wasn’t the one that captivates me, it was the lad following him closely. The lad was wearing a thick leather jacket and a black square framed eye glasses. His unruly hair was all I can perfectly see because he was busy looking over his phone oblivious to the squeals of teenagers around them.

My heart beats about a million per second as I realized.

It was him.



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