Thinking Of You (ZAYN MALIK- complete)

(A Shory Story dedicated to one of my best friends - Anna Dufourt.)
How can I get better when I had the best. He said I must move on but where did he expect me to go?
He thought he wasn't the right one for me and told me that his NEW world would only break us apart - even more apart. I said I wouldn't mind but he still left and concluded that he's never the best for me. And now what? Did he honestly believe that Al was the best lad for me? Did he really let everything we had go just because he thinks I can be happier with Al? How could you just accept it Zayn? Don't you know that everytime I'm with him I was THINKING OF YOU. Only you.


2. His and London's Eye

Thinking Of You

Written by: Ivy Lopez

Eyebeethoughts27 (wattpad username)


Anna Dufourt as herself

Zayn Malik as himself

Brandon Pulido (from: theboybandproject) as Al Edwards


I. His and London's Eye

He said move on where do I go? I guess second best is all I will know’


I watched the London’s Eye slowly swivel as the pretty lights around it twinkle through the night sky. We used to love this place, this park, where we can both have a perfect view of the huge wheel. I can even remember the way he promised me to take his first ride on it with me, but unfortunately, we never had the chance of doing it. We were seventeen back then, a small town teenagers exploring this crazy world, clueless on where life will take us.  I wonder if he still keeps that promise even if our old times were long gone.

This view could’ve been better, I would’ve felt warmth not coldness, if only he was with me - If Zayn was with me. But he is on the other side of the world now, where everybody knows him and the dreadful word ‘fame’ kept us millions of worlds apart. Yes, I was talking about the famous Zayn Malik from the boy band that everyone seemed to fell in love with – One Direction.

Millions of girls adore each of them, idolize them and love them. I can even remember hearing someone say “One Direction conquers the world”. But would you believe me if I say that I was once the only fan of one of them? Apart from his family, I was the only girl who truly loves him, the only girl who believed in everything that he can do – the only girl for him. I was once his world and he was mine but since he joined the X Factor, everything changed.

Zayn Malik, once conquered my world – and I think he still does.

I know he knew that but he still left me.

He thought that he wasn’t the right one for me. He said he’ll only hurt me in one way or another and he doesn’t want our relationship to end in a bad way. And so he let’s go of me and to all the things that we had.

“Let’s go Anna, the snow will fall anytime soon” Al wrapped his arm around my shoulder, rubbing it so I’ll stay warm. “Are you okay?” he asked calmly, his voice made me feel his concern for me. I just nodded whilst giving him a small smile. We walked down the block to his car. He tightened his grip on my arms just enough to remind me that I have someone like him who’ll stay by my side.

 Zayn made me choose Al, our childhood friend. They knew each other since first grade and they’re best mates. I can say that the three of us grew up together considering that our families are really close. The three of us grew up in Bradford, that small town where all the best memories I had with Zayn were kept. I wish I could turn back time where all we knew was to dream about what we wanted to be in the future and make him remember that being a teacher was his ultimate dream – not being an unreachable pop star.

Zayn knew Al’s feelings for me since then. That’s why he trusted the lad. He said that Al would be best for me, Al will take care of me and will love me the way he loves me, or maybe even more. Zayn wanted me to think of him as something good that happened to me…but how.

How can Al be the best for me when all I’ve ever wanted was him? How can Al love me the way he did, when his love was something different that surely cannot be replaced by anyone else. The way I feel every time he’s near me was a feeling I never felt when I’m with Al. I may somehow like Al but the way Zayn brought gazillion butterflies dancing on my tummy every time his eyes met mine was something different. I cannot specify how, or when did I fell for him this deep. All I know is I wanted him to be with me forever. He’s the man I planned my future with and what we had was something I never imagined that would end.

How could Zayn expect me to consider him as something good that happened to me, when all I ever wanted to happen in my life now was him…us. This might be the craziest thing, but honestly, there was never a day that I didn’t imagine us being together again.

Al opened the passenger’s side for me then swiftly closed it, winding around the car to get to the driver’s seat. “I- I have something for you babe” he said the moment he settled himself on his seat.

I watch him take out something from his jacket’s pocket. My eyes widened when he opened a white rectangular box in front of me.

“Al, This is for me?” it was a necklace with a crossed fingers pendant. The sign for ‘hoping’ - someone told me. It seemed so familiar , I tried to recall where have I seen it before. Then it suddenly dawned in me, it was exactly like the tattoo Zayn had on his right arm.

 “Do you like it?” he smiled sheepishly, his cheeks having a slight tint of pink as he slowly took it from the box. He instructed me to turn around so he could put it on me.

“Yes, I love it, AlThank you” I whispered as I brushed my fingers on the white gold pendant. It reminds me of how Zayn never loses hope in getting everything he wanted. He wanted a lot things, including me – he told me he wanted his forever to be with me. But there’d been sudden change plans when he auditioned for that talent show.  I remember Zayn’s wide smile that day when he got accepted in his first audition for the X-Factor, it was something that makes me even happier because I saw the man I love the most being that blissful.

“Anna, you’re spacing out”

“Uh..” I fluttered my eye lids and mentally slapped myself to stop thinking about Zayn again. I took a deep breath realizing that Al was watching me the whole time I was staring at the necklace. I forced a smile “You don’t know how much you made me happy, Al” then I hugged him. “Thank you”

“You are welcome, love”

No. You can’t be this good to me Al. I am not worth these wonderful gifts that you are giving.

Not long when we reached the brick building of my apartment. Al walked down to the front door with me. I noticed that it’s pavements are now slightly covered with shimmery particles of snow. I felt a small smile on my lips as I imagined how it’s going to be all white tomorrow morning. Exactly the beauty Zayn and I always wanted.

 “We loved snow”

“Pardon?” Al inquired. That’s when I realized that I said the words out loud.

“Uh… I said, thanks! for driving me home, Al” I said not expecting to meet his gaze.

“Ofcourse I will drive you home. What were you thanking for?” he chuckled. I know there’s no need to always thank him but I feel like appreciation was the best that I could do to, at least, give back at him for all his love.“I am your boyfriend and it is my duty to make sure you’re safe, silly” he said, cradling my face. His hazel eyes looked intently into mine. Why does his eyes needs to look so sincere.

I bit my lower lip, as I stare back at him, appreciating him. He’s what I have now. He’s the one I should give all my love to. I shouldn’t be thinking about a boy band member who’s massively impossible to have. “I’ll always thank you for everything, Al. I’m so lucky to have you by my side all the time.” I said and I mean it.

Al was a wonderful bloke, who’s willing to do anything for the people he loves and I was one of them. He’s thoughtful and the most understanding. He loved me even if he knows I can’t love him THAT much. After all my short comings, he stayed. I know he’s trying his best to be the best boyfriend for me but that only makes me feel more of the guilt. He doesn’t deserve to be just my second best.

“I love you, Anna” he kissed me on my forehead, eyes waiting for an answer from me.

“I- I…” please tell him you love him too. “Al…” my brows furrowed as I desperately sighed. Why did I suddenly felt the urge of telling him I can’t do this anymore?

“Anna, I think you need to take a rest now. Shall I go with you upstairs? I mean… will you be fine?”

“Yah.” I nodded, stretching my lips into a thin smile. “I mean, I’ll be fine, It’s getting late now. You should be going home and pack your things for tomorrow” I said reminding him about his trip to the US. He’s staying there for two weeks to work on his thesis writing. “Wait, are you sure you don’t want me to help you pack your stuffs?”

“Nope. I’m good. I won’t be needing a lot though. Anyways, babe, YOU should also take a long rest. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day for you” said Al, enthusiasm was clearly present in his voice.

“Right” I noddedI looked downwards, suddenly feeling a knot inside my stomach. I was so nervous for tomorrow. I am going to finally meet the bosses of this recording company whom I am going to work with for the final project I have in finishing my degree. I am going to take part of a music video and be one of the directors. Though I still have no idea who’s the artist and what song we’re going to make a music video for.

 “Hey, You’ll be fine. Alright? I’m sure you’ll do good and they will definitely like you” said Al, encouraging me. I like it when he boosts my confidence. He’s always there to pull me up when I’m feeling down about myself.

I hugged him.”Take good care of yourself, Al.”

“You too.” He inhaled through my bonnet, kissing my forehead once more. His lips brushed down my nose, down to my lips.

I closed my eyes before I felt him deepening the kiss, each second making me wish it was Zayn who’s kissing me instead. It was passionate, full of love but I… don’t think I feel the same way that Al does. This happens all the time. When Al kisses me I always think of Zayn and how he makes my heart raise every time his lips met mine. You know the feeling when comparisons are easily done because you once had the taste of perfection? That’s what I am feeling right now. For me, Zayn’s kiss was the most perfect thing I ever felt.


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