Thinking Of You (ZAYN MALIK- complete)

(A Shory Story dedicated to one of my best friends - Anna Dufourt.)
How can I get better when I had the best. He said I must move on but where did he expect me to go?
He thought he wasn't the right one for me and told me that his NEW world would only break us apart - even more apart. I said I wouldn't mind but he still left and concluded that he's never the best for me. And now what? Did he honestly believe that Al was the best lad for me? Did he really let everything we had go just because he thinks I can be happier with Al? How could you just accept it Zayn? Don't you know that everytime I'm with him I was THINKING OF YOU. Only you.


5. Confused, we both were

IV. “Won’t you walk through and burst in the door and take me away. ‘Cause in your eyes I’d like to stay”


“Hey Anna, we’ve been looking for you. What are you still doing here?” Perrie asked me, hugging me sideward.

“Nothing…just watching it” I said pertaining to the London’s Eye. I breathe in the cold breeze, hoping that it’ll ease the bad feeling inside my chest. You know the feeling when you wanted to tell someone that their presence was hurting you, yet you can’t because they’ve been treating you so nicely it hurts. That. I don’t have the reason to hate her yet she got all the things that could break me – Zayn, and the label of being his girlfriend.

“Oh yeah? I thought you we’re also reminiscing your days with a special someone.” She teased.

My brows slightly furrowed. “Why do you think so?” I inquired.

“Because you look so emotional each time you set your eyes on that wheel.” Her lips formed into a thin smile.

“Well you could say that.” I shrugged.

“Anna, what you did with the video was so wonderful. I loved the idea, it feels like it comes from a very deep emotion. It made me realize more about our song’s message.” she said, sincerity was all I can hear on her voice.

“Why thank you Perrie.”

“No but seriously, you got talent, and I know you’ll go far” she nodded.

I smiled at her, appreciating her beauty, trying my best to see the good things about her. She removed her makeup already yet I can still see the glow in her eyes, that honest glow every time she smiles. For the past six days of shooting, I’ve learned a lot about Perrie, the real her. She’s an amazing lass, always graceful even after a long day of work and never fails to show concern with her co-workers. She loves her band and her work, she’s beautiful and talented. It is impossible for someone to not fall in love with her.

What if Zayn really did fall for her?

What if their relationship wasn’t something that was made up by the management?

What if Zayn doesn’t care about his promises to me anymore?

I opened my mouth and almost brought things about Zayn up, but Perrie started to talk again.

“The view was fascinating up there don’t you think?” she said as joined me watching the huge wheel in front of us.

I shrugged. “I’ve never been up there”


I nodded.

“But why?” Her brows slightly furrowed.

“Well I…” I paused, thinking if I should tell her about mine and Zayn’s promise to each other. “..I’m just afraid of heights.” I lied.

“Oh dear, don’t be afraid, Anna. I’m pretty sure when you’re already up there, you’ll forget everything.” She assured me.

“I don’t know. Well… I” I stuttered.

“I know someone who doesn’t want to ride on it as well. I tried to convince him and asked him why he doesn’t want to but he never told the real reason, at least that’s what I observed from him. His eyes looked so distant. I know there’s something else and it’s not as simple as just being afraid of heights”

“Was he convinced? Did he go?”

Perrie shook her head. Her features became distant as though thinking about someone. I knew that she was talking about Zayn but I didn’t bother confirming it – I was afraid to where the conversation might go. Though I felt my heart beat faster as I realized that Zayn was still keeping his promise.


My phone rang before she was able to say something else. For a second I felt disappointed because I badly wanted to hear what she has to say next. I had this weird feeling that she’s going to open up about Zayn if we weren’t interrupted.

“If you’ll excuse me? I’ll just…answer this” I said waving my phone.

“Yah sure” she nodded.

I immediately swiped the answer key as soon as I saw Ivy’s name on the caller’s ID. Oh I missed this girl, my six days leave from work felt like years.

“Hey Ivy! How are ya?”

But she didn’t answered me the way I expected her to. At normal situations, she would scream at me over the phone telling me how she misses me or how much she adores this new candid photo of Niall Horan she saw somewhere in the internet. At times, she would rant about how the works at Uni were killing her and that she wanted to finish a particular essay as soon as possible so she could start reading this new book. But she didn’t. She made me worry and at the same time wonder the moment she said those four simple words.

“Someone’s looking for you”



“Erm Perrie…I-I need to go”

“Yes, I know” she smirked. Wait. What? She knew?

Again. What?

I raised my brow in confusion.

She just chuckled. “You know what, just…go.” She slightly pushed me with an encouraging smile.

I nodded. “Alright, Bye Perrie. I… I guess I’ll see you soon”

“We’ll definitely see each other soon”

I turned my back awkwardly and started walking the opposite way. I guess, what she meant was we’ll see each other again at the launching of their music video.

“Hey Anna!”


“Yes?” I glanced at her. She’s smiling in a very weird way. Well, to me it was weird because it seemed like it has another meaning – a hidden meaning, I guess?

“Things weren’t always what it seemed like. Try to hear out to what your heart says. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you love”

I honestly don’t understand what Perrie was trying to point out. Where shouldn’t I be afraid of? And what were not always what it seemed like? Man, I think I should work on my analyzing and logical skills more often to be able to understand her riddles.


I reached the coffee shop with a very confused Ivy waiting for me. She seemed to not understand anything; looking so tensed yet so chuffed at the same time. What was happening?

“You owe me gazillion of explanations young lass” she said with a very serious tone, crossing her arms above her chest.

What happened next was something that seriously blew my mind away. Ivy dragged me inside our locker room and there, a jet black haired Bradford boy was waiting for me. This is not even fair to me, I couldn’t understand anything either. Why is he here?

How in the holy name of all hollies was it possible that Zayn went here, looking for me.

“Anna” his voice finally made me jump back to the real world.

‘Zayn” *dug dug*

“Anna” his eyes smiled – yes, that’s possible, his eyes could really smile. It sparkled the moment it looked into mine.

“Zayn” god, he’s finally here.

“Ivy?” Ivy suddenly piped in. Zayn and I curiously looked at her. “What? Don’t I deserve to get some loving?” she pouted.


 “I’m just kidding guys. You go talk! Bye!” she raised her hands in a surrendering position. A playful smirk was on her lips. “And Oh! Zayn?” she peeked her head on the door. “Since I gave you a perfect place to hide from the paps outside, an autograph and a concert ticket will be enough for me” she wiggled her brows making us both chuckle.

“Uh. Yeah. Sure. Thanks Ivy” Zayn said.

I gave her a you-kow-what-to-do-look before she finally stepped out.

You’re welcome!” she shouted.

I giggled, looking back at Zayn’s eyes.

I literally don’t know what to say. I can’t even formulate a good monologue to tell you guys how I felt. Words were jumbled inside my mind, confused on what to say first. It felt like my soul had started its own journey again. For a second, I asked myself, was I dreaming? Scenes like this only exist in movies, it can’t actually be happening in real life.

Right then, the moment I realized that I wasn’t dreaming, I suddenly wanted to do tons of things. I wanted to hate him for not showing up, for three years, he made me feel like I was waiting for nothing. Though at the same time I wanted to say how much I’ve missed him and how much I’m so chuffed to see him and how much I love him. I wanted to ask him tons of unanswered questions. I wanted to hug him and I want him to hug me back evn tighter. Then I wanted to pinch myself to make sure these aren’t just one of my dreams. Lastly, I want him to…


His lips crashed over mine.


..kiss me.


As his lips moved in sync with mine, I realized that there’s only one person in the entire universe that could make me forget all the hurt that easy, without even saying a single explanation – him. No one, not even Al could make me feel such importance in this world as I felt him hugged me tighter. A tear fell right from his eye as soon as we break the kiss due to lack of air. Those hazel-brown eyes that I’ve missed looked intently into mine. I was expecting us to just feel the love and be oblivious from the world – just like what happens in the movies - but confusion blocked the happiness we had that moment. Confused, we both we’re.

At that moment I asked myself.

Does a kiss always mean a story has ended happily?



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