Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


5. Wow..

Louis' P.O.V.

When Kelly walked in she wasn't alone, she was with Niall and when she walked in she looked really worried which only made me smile because she knew I was mad. When she saw me with my devilish grin she got scared and nudged Niall to hurry and sit beside her to knock her view of me away, haha what a wimp. 

Right before class start she took a glance over at me, and when she saw me already looking I decided to suprise her after school so I told her, "I'll see you after school". That got her, so during class she looked like a statue she didn't move an inch, boy have i scared her now!


Kelly's P.O.V.

Sadly the last 50 minutes of school went by really fast, ugh in 3 minutes the worst sound ever would be rang and I'd have to go find Louis and probably get payback for knocking him in the face, and I know if I don't go he'll do something worse tomorrow than he's already got planed.


There he was standing at the back door near my locker just waiting for me  I'm really scared because Louis has hurt me really bad before. I don't know why he has all of a sudden started hating my guts since freshman year, we used to be best friends up until Niall and Paige became my friends and I got my boyfriend Dakota. Ever since I've been Louis little play toy to just throw around and hurt.

When I aproached him he grabbed my forearm really hard and pushed me out he door with him following, this is going to bad.


Louis' P.O.V.

As soon as Kelly came up I grabbed her forearm really tight and and pushed her out the door, I wasn't going to beat her up or anything but I was going to set her straight!


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