Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


2. Wake up it's Monday

I woke up to my mom standing in my bedroom doorway telling me to get up and come eat breakfast. Oh how I dread going to school. After I got up I dressed in some black skinny jeans, a red hoodie, and my  favorite pair of red vans. Then I flattened my medium length brown hair. Got down to breakfast and mom had cooked my favorite, maple syrup pancakes. After I ate and filled my stomach full, I kissed mom goodbye and headed to my red Audi TT, and headed to pick up my bestfriend Paige .

When I got to her house she was standing out on her front porch probably freezing in the cold breezy November weather. When she got to my car and her teeth were chattering like crazy, so she slammed her door and pressed her face up against the heat vent. Let me just say her face was making her looked constipated she was so cold. When she finally got heated up we were already at school so it was a silent ride when usually she never stops talking. We still had a good 5 minutes before we had to go into school so we just sat and talked. I asked her why she was standing outside, and she said it was because her parents were fussing and she was scared of all the screaming. We got off that subject fast because my worst nightmare had begun. That bitch Louis Tomslinson had arrived, he parked 3 slots down from me with his cheer caption girlfriend Brooke. Ugh just his face made me want to throw up, Paige just told me to ignore him but how am I supposed to when I can't even get out of my car without getting nasty looks and laughed at. We finally left the car and went in a different door because Louis and his group was hogging the main door. We went to my locker and found Niall propped up on it and playing on his phone. He was in deep concentration so me and Paige gave each other a devilish grin and went to the bathroom, got a wet papertowel, not even squeezing it out, then snuck up near Niall and threw it with perfect aim at his face which also hit his hair which he had in a perfectly fixed quiff. We died laughing then and there we couldn't move or nothing, when Niall saw it was us his eyes got dark and looked like he could kill us. We went up to him and just TRIED to stay calm but it didn't happen. Ohh his now flat hair and soaking wet face were just adorable. Which made Paige laugh even harder and Niall just blushed and without saying a word to us walked to the bathroom. (Niall has a little crush on Paige).


Me and Paige's lockers were beside each others so we got our books and hugged and said "see you at lunch" then I headed to math and she headed to history. I hate walking to math, I hate math class, because on the walk I have to walk past Louis' locker which is usually when he gets his first comment out of many at me. But today he wasn't there, he was just probably off somewhere making out with Brooke or already in class. I walked in the classroom and guess who was sitting on top of my desk waiting for me.

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