Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


9. One Week til Freedom

It's been a week since what happened with Louis, Dakota's back at school even though we broke up he's always by my side in a brotherly way, I''m enjoying life Louis hasn't bothered me at all which really suprises me I mean I still get ugly looks from him but no words or "beating" like I'm used to. Soo I'm sitting here bored out of my mind in science class stairing at the clock watching time pass when out of no where but happily the fire alarm went off and we got to leave this dreadfull classroom for the last 5 minutes of class period. But on my way out I got tugged into the janitors closet, there was no light on so I couldn't see the face but I had a good idea of who it was. Louis. Yes I was right, there he was standing there in front of me with the cheekiest grin on his face, I'm officially scared.


Louis' P.O.V.

I love the look on her face, she looks like a deer caught in headlights, scared thats what I've missed most. She tried to run for the door but I was too fast for her and blocked the door. Then she just backed up knowing she had no choice than to wait and leaned against the brick wall beside the door. Finally after a few moments of scilence she asked looking down at her watch "what do you want Louis? Please let me go I have to meet Paige in 10 minutes."

"I've missed you Kelly, you know how hard it's been not being able to catch you because Dakota's always with you, always."

"I don't have time for your shit Louis"

"Somebody's not happy to see me. I'll let you go after I do this."

I don't know what came over me but all this anger all of a sudden built up inside of me and I took it out on her, I grabbed her arm hard, hard enough to leave some nice bruises, then I kicked her in the legs making her fall to the ground, but on the way down she hit her head slightly hard on the wall and cried out in pain. I didn't move for a minute because I wanted to do like I did last time, wrap her in my arms and let her cry and curse at me at the same time. But the other part of me said get the hell out of here and keep your strength, with the twisted thoughts I just ran out the door, to my locker, to my car, and drove quickly home.


Author's Note

Sorry for the short chapter but I wanted a cliff hanger.:P I AM SOOOOOOOO SORRY I have had such a busy summer.. But now that camps and everything is done with I'll be writing MORE!(:

Please leave comments soo I can see if I'm doing anything wrong, or what I need to have more of!

Love you, byee!x

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