Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


7. Meet the Boyfriend y'all

Kelly's P.O.V.

I got to the nurses office and she looked at my head while I was telling her what happened and when she was done she she told me to just take some pain medicine, it's just a nice painful knot. She asked me what I said to him and I told her that I smacked him, and she said "good self defense" jokingly while play punching me in the arm.


I got to Dakota's house and his mom greeted me at the door with a huge hug as always, sometimes I wish me and Dakota weren't dating so we could be like brother and sister because his mom is like my 2nd mom and me and him are more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend. I went up to Dakota's room where he was sleeping, so I just climbed in the bed with him and kissed him lightly on the forehead and ran my fingers through his hair while watching him sleep, he's so cute when he sleeps, it's like watching an angel sleep, he always sleeps with a smile and snores very quietly. After about an hour of sleeping he finally wakes up, and when he does I finally see his beautiful blue eyes flutter open and and his dimples pop up with a huge grin, even though he's sick he still looks amazing.

I greeted him with a nice passionate kiss with him moaning as  I tangled my fingers in his dark brown hair. But we were interrupted by his mom knocking on the door saying it's time for dinner.


When we finished Dakota walked me out to my car with his strong muscular arm and kissed me right under my ear, he knew that was my weak spot, then he tugged my the chain of his I always wear with his teeth then said "see you tomorrow."


As I got into bed I kept having the image of Louis holding me in his arms while I was wrapped around him from this afternoon, ugh I hated that image.

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