Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


16. Dinner?

Louis' P.O.V. I've decided to ask Kelly to come down to my cabin and cooking dinner for her and try and well see if my feelings are true. I was thinking that after we eat then going for a walk on the trail here at the country club, the trail leads out at a gazebo infront of a beautiful lake. I took out my phone and dialed Paige to see if she'd give my Kelly's number so I could ask her, and thank goodness Paige understood and gave it to me. I've never been so nervous, my palms are sweaty, and my heart rate is out the roof. I dialed Kelly and by the third ring she picked up. Here goes nothing. "Hello?" "Hey Kelly erm.. This is Louis I was wondering if you would like to come down to my cabin and eat supper with me? I mean I'm kinda bored down here by myself." "Sure! It is kinda boring what time would you like me?" Umm, What about 6:30, gives me time to cook then freshen up" "Okay see you then Tommo!" "Bye" *********** It's about 6:20 everythings done now I have 10 minutes to find something to impress Kelly, umm she seemed to really like when I wore my black skinny jeans, a green v- neck shirt, a green beanie, and this outfit always makes my eyes show more than usual. Now what Kelly is going to wear is what I want to know. Kelly's P.O.V. Once I got off the phone with Louis I new exactly what I was going to wear, I wore it on day last week and he went wild, it's a royal blue sun dress and then I wore a jean jacket over it the my favorite pair of cowboy boots my dad got me the last bussiness trip he went on before I died. Then I'm going to let my natural curl hang lose and apply only a little makeup. *********** Okay I am driving down to Louis cabin and all of a sudden my palms start getting sweaty and my blood pressure is going out the roof and I am all of a sudden craving Louis. It's weird but I like it. Once I get out of the car it only takes two knocks and I hear Louis' footsteps coming towards the doorway, once he opens the door I notice he's wearing the outfit he wore the other day, this outfit drives me crazy, his eyes, oh gosh his eyes are just amazing, they pop out, finally we lock gazes and he's smirking, ugh I made it too odvious, but by his smirk I could tell he was drinking me in then all of a sudden he puts a hand over his manhood and invites me in. Oh. my. Gosh, did I do that to Louis? I like. Louis' P.O.V. I herd her pull up and I made my way towards the door and as soon as I opened it my breathe hitched in my throat, she looks breathe taking, and that dress, oh man I'd dying, I'm fighting hard not to push her up against the wall and touch her up and down, kiss her and well just nevermind. Just thinking of it gives me a boner, so I hurry and invite her in but I think she saw, great. I made grilled chicken with pasta salad because it's all I had and I didn't have time to run to the store but I made it pretty fancy. *********** After we ate I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. Nows my time, to make sure it's true.....true love I feel for her. Yes I said love. It was beautiful the sun was setting and we were walking down the path and i did my first thing, I brushed my hand across hers slowly giving her a chance to catch it, and she did, we didn't speak we just kept walking hand in hand until we got to the gazebo, there were swan in the lake and she ran to the edge to see them. She fascinates me, her face was glowing with the sunset and the water was reflecting in her eyes, all I could do was stand her in a trance staring at her. Kelly's P.O.V. Louis brushed our hands while walking to the lake and butterflies went flying around in my stomach so I grabbed it, the longer I held it the more the butterflies I got, Louis is amazing. Once we get to the lake I see swans and I run up on the gazebo and watch them swim around, weirdly I find it amazing. But while I was watching them I could feel Louis' eyes burning into my skin. A breeze came by and it went through my jacket and made me shiver a few seconds later I felt arms wrap around my waist which instantly made my heart jump up and out of my chest. "Are you warm now?" Louis whispered into my ear really huskiley, it sent shivers down my back he didn't move his mouth he just stayed at my ear, feeling his hot breathe going down my neck kept my heart jumping in and out of my chest, I feel like I am about to explode. I can't take it any longer. I get out of his grip spin myself around and kiss him, he's startled at first but then he catches up and kisses me back, so passionately, I've waited soo long to do this. Then he deepens the kiss and starts bitting my bottom lip and instantly my hands go up and take his beanie off and my fingers find his hair, his hands find my waists and push my back against the gazebo post and lift me up to sit on the side, he begs for entrance so I finally let him. We both are exploring each others mouths and I and can't resist any longer, I take one of my hands out of his hair and lift up his shirt and start exploring his abbs, hard, toned, tan, amazing abbs. He breaks the kiss and moves to my neck searching for my sensitive spot, a lot of people have their sensitive spot behind their ear, but not me, mines at where the shoulder meets the neck and sure enough he finds it and I moan his name, he keeps sucking and bitting until I pull him back and find his lips I find his bottom lips and suck and bit hard, making him go wild, moaning, getting weak, sqeezing my bum, and getting getting a boner. Amazing. He takes control again and breaks the heated connection and allows us both to finally catch our breathe. "I want you" was all he said before I went serious and said "no no no not so fast." "Okay.." he pouted "Hey pretty boy be happy I let you go as far as you did" i laughed "It was amazing" he said with a smirk. "We should get back" we said in unision. Once we got back to his cabin we went into his room and he said he was gonna use the bathroom and for me to just sit on his bed. while waiting I got a bad but good idea of giving him something in return for the love bites, sure I had fun with his lip but this is something better. When he walked out of the bathroom I tried to hide the smirk that was plastored on my face and watched him come on the beside me and lay down on his back, perfect this'll be easy. I gave it a minute before I crawled on top of him and put a leg on each side of him "what are you doing?" he asked I didn't answer I just leaned down and started kissing him which he quickly joined in on, but I quickly broke it and moved down his torso and pulled his shirt off and started kissing and dragging my tounge with my mouth the got to his neck and started sucking and smiling at his moans then I moved one of my hands down to his boner and pressed down and squezzed causing him to yell my name and rock his hips, I kept a steady pace until he moaned "faster" I did a told and watched him become more and more vonurable and powerless them through his jeans I could tell he had reached his climax because it felt wet and he moaned one last time and he relesed into his jeans and rolled his head back. "Where did that come from, can I have a round two?" he spoke inbetween breathes "Umm I'm kinda tired I think I'm gonna head up the my cabin." "BOOOOOOOO! he yelled as I got up and put my shoes back on and fixed my hair from where Louis' had his fingers in it the whole time. He walked my to my car and helped my in before he bent down kissed me and said "no worries my fingers and tounge will come to good use soon." with that he closed my door and waved bye and walked back inside. Woah, best night I've ever had. Authors Note Well I made this chapter super long since I haven't updated in like forever, so I hope you enjoy is! Bye!:)x
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