Love or Hurt

Kelly was an ordinary 17 year old "good girl",she only had two best friends Niall and Paige. But one thing she regretted more than anything was running into Louis Tomlinson. Everyday was living hell when she saw him. There was never peace, even sometimes sleep was all nightmares.Then one day a note is threw at her across the science lab. And that note changes everything.


15. Christmas Break, Finally

Kelly's P.O.V. Today's the last day of school for a whole month, finally. This week Louis hasn't been to school until today. at lockers I decided to go and ask him if he was okay from the other day, lol. "Louis" I yelled he turned around and smiled, "hey Kelly" he smiled."Is your manhood alright from the other day" I laughed ";Yea" he laughed looking down at his feet, and i think blushing, wow did I just make Louis blush? "Well I'll see you around then." I told him. "bye" Louis' P.O.V. Kelly came up to me and all I could do is smile, like an idiot, what a loser.. She asked me if my well you know.. manhood was okay and it made me blush.. Weird right, Kelly made me, me, Louis Tomlinson blush. Then she told me she'd see me later. Oh yes she would. I over heard her talking to Paige earlier and she said she was going to rent a small cabin at the country club she goes to just for herself so she could have some quiet time for a week or two before Christmas with her family, she said she was leaving for the resort after school. So I decided that maybe if I rent a cabin for two weeks and try to be as nice as possible to her then something could happen, I hope. Of course we get out of school at 11 I mean I could've skipped but I'm happy I didn't or I wouldn't know what to do about Kelly and my reappearing feelings for her over the break. *************************************** Kelly's P.O.V. Okay I've got my bags packed now just to tell mom bye, gosh she always cries when I go somewhere for like a week or two, always have ever since my dad died when I was little, she's became a lot more protective. "MOM" I yelled "yes pumpkin" "I'm going to put my bags in the car then I'll be back in" "okay" my mom said starting to tear up, ohh here we go. Once back inside the first thing I said was "Mom I promise I'll call every night, I'll be safe, and I'll be alone anyways the cabin is in the middle of no where at the country club and plus the country club is closed so no one will be there except the other people that have a cabin." "Okay, I suppose you need to get going, I love you Kelly Ann" "Love you too mom" I said giving her a big hug. "Bye" we said in unision as I walked out the door. Finally alone. ******************** Once I got to the country club I saw a car I really didn't want to see. Louis' car. Great. I got the key for the cabin and when I got back in my car sure enough it was Louis, he was sitting in his car talking on the phone. What a weird timing as soon as i saw Louis hangup and pull out heading towards I guess his cabin Paige called me and told me to have fun and be safe. Goodness she's just like my mom. On the way up to my cabin I saw Louis and waved at him he waved back. I decided that when I get my stuff out i might come back down here and ask why he's here. I hope he stays for two weeks too. I kinda want him, you know as a boyfriend he's changed, I like it. I want to be his weekness. Woahhhhhh. Where did these feelings come from? I hate him. don't I?
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