It All Changed..

Katie Foster had it all. The perfect boyfriend, Harry Styles, the best looks, and a great life. But after one mistake, It All Changed.


2. New Beginnnings


  It's about 8 a.m. in beautiful New York City. I was resentful to get out of my warm bed, but being, Carly was crying. I got up painfully slow, practically dragging my feet. Mornings, in my opinion, are not very favorable.

  I reached for her door and opened it slowely to see my beautiful girl crying. I hurried to her bed and brought her into my arms, and craddled her.

  "Carly, love, what's wrong?" i asked in the most reassuring voice. I hated seeing my little girl cry, i hated it as much as her father crying.

  "Mommy, i had a really bad dream!" she gushed out in a sob," I had a dream that Austin came back, and he took me away from you." she continued to cry. I just brought her into my chest and held her tightly, lightly shushing her, to calm her down.

 Austin was the guy i tried to get over Harry with. It ended quite tragically for me. Austin was nothing like Harry. Harry was charming, sweet, and caring. Austin was the exact opposite. He was charming though, he always got me to do what he wanted. And he was quite abusive.

 I tried to hide all the bruises and scars from Carly, but she was a smart girl. She knew what they were from, and for that she absolutely hated him. She wasn't quite fond of men after Austin, except for Alec, my bestfriend.

  "He's never coming back, right mommy?" Carly asked with big, brown, puffy eyes.

  "Thats right bear." i said with a happy smile. She hugged me and sniffled.

  "Hey, how's about we go to the cafe?" i said with a sly wink. In response, she jumped out of bed quickly and put her shoes on. I worked at the cafe, Carly loved it there. I would have to bring her to work when i couldn't afford a babysitter. She got very fond of the staff there, considering most of them were girls, but she even like the men that worked there also.

  "Jammie day mommy?" she asked excitedly. I nodded, and earned a small squeel. She grabbed my hand, trying to get me to come with. "Come on mommy! Lets go! Stop being lazy!" she shouted. I chuckled as i got my shoes on and grabbed my purse, and out the door we went.



  We had just gotten to the small little cafe, and already there was a small line.

  "AH! KATIE! What are you doing in this line? You don't have to wait!" Simon, the cafe's owner squeeled from the register. I looked down at Carly who was already rushing over to him to give him a big hug. I laughed to myself at how social she was.

  "So Carly, how about you go pick out the nicest table you can find, and we'll sit there, sound good?" i asked kneeling down to her level. She scurried off tothe same table she always does. The one right next to the window with the super squishy seats. She looked over at me for approval, and i gave a greatful nod. She turned back to the booth and grabbed the menu, scanning for she wanted.

  "So, Katie, you know he is in New York for the next 5 months right?" Simon whispered, barely audible for me, who was right next to him, to hear.

   I sighed knowing Harry was going to here. At any moment i could bump into him, and have to explain to him, who Carly was. I could tell him the complete and honest truth, and will probably be mad that i hid her from him, or i could lie and say it was someone else's, which will make him even more angry. Conflict. I hated it. But that's life right?

  "Yes, i was really hoping i could just ignore the situation, and maybe i would forget about it, about him." i sighed heavily glancing over at Carly, who was talking to Alec. He noticed me staring and gave a small smile and wave.

  "Just tell him Katie, it's the best thing to do." Simon warned. I just turned back, smiled, and walked off.

 I joined Carly at the booth and looked over the menu. "Love, what are you getting?" Krissy, one of the waitresses asked Carly. And of course, to no ones surprise, Carly got Banana pancakes, with extra whipped cream. Although i laugh that she never gets anything different, i got the same thing. My inner kid came out, sue me.



We were about halfway through our meal, and dang it was good.

"Mommy, who's that man across the street?" Carly asked. I looked in the direction she was pointing. And there he was. Not Harry, but Niall. He was staring at me, eyes wide, jaw dropped.

 When i was with Harry, me and Niall were really good friends. When something bad would happen between me and Harry, Niall was always there for me. Throughout the anger, tears, and venting day,he was there. So when i left the face of the Earth, Niall, aside from Harry, was texting and calling me nonstop to try and find me. I felt terrible, leaving with no explination. But i didn't want Harry to give up on his career for one mistake. Even though that little mistake is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

 Niall began to cross the street in the direction of the cafe. My heart started to pound rapidly. I grabbed Carly and dashed out the front door before Niall could reach me. I scooped Carly up in my arms and sped walk down busy sidewalk.

 I turned around to see Niall hot on my trail. I picked up the pace, my apartment building was just in sight. I turned back around, and completely bumped into someone. I looked up to apalogize to this person. I met a familiar, scruffy face. It was Zayn. Can my luck just get any shitty-er?

 "Katie?" he asked, bewilderment clouding his eyes. But before he could get another word in, i sprinted, with Carly in my arms, to the front door of my apartment building and ran upstairs.


 I locked the door as soon as i got inside. I told Carly to go in her room and play. She didn't refuse and skipped to her room happily.

 I sank to the floor, completely baffled. This was going to be a long 5 months.




What did you guys think? what should Katie do?! :o



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