It All Changed..

Katie Foster had it all. The perfect boyfriend, Harry Styles, the best looks, and a great life. But after one mistake, It All Changed.


1. Filler Chapter 1




    "Katie, you are one crazy girl." Harry managed to get out after a fit of laughter.  "I have never, in my life, seen a girl eat that much ice cream in one minute." he said with an adoring smile.

    "I never turn away from a challenge." i said with a wink.

  Harry and i have been dating for 2 years now. Things were getting serious. You know, it's crazy to think, that only knowing him for such a short time, i fell as fast as i did for him.

  I came out of thought to see Harry was coming closer to me. Even though i have him, he still makes me wonder why he picked me. Everyday, it crosses my mind. He could have any girl he wanted, he is famous for god sakes. He brought his thumb up to the corner of my mouth, and wiped the extra cookie dough ice-cream off.

  "Harry," i started, not sure how he would react,"why did you choose me?" i mumbled avoiding eye contact. He just sighed and made me look at him. He responded  with a light kiss, and pushed me up onto the counter-top.

  "I chose you, because i know what kind of person you are." he stated, leaving the kitchen.




I know it was short, but it was just a filler, tell me what you think?Im going to end up needing a co-writer! :)


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