Breaking his promise.

Blake Creana and Louis Tomlinson are in love. He promises to stay with her forever. They have a fight. Will he break that promise?


2. The fight.

"Babe! I'm home!" Blake yelled throughout Louis and Blake's flat. Louis didn't answer. "Babe?" Blake yelled again. She walked into their bedroom to find Louis sitting on the bed. "Babe? What's wro-" Blake didn't get to finish til she was rudely interrupted. "What the actual fuck?!" Louis yelled in her face. "What?" She asked. "You cheated! You filthy slut!" Louis roared. "B-b-but Louis. I-i didn't do anything." Blake choked out through her tears. "Then what in the hell are these?" Louis yells, throwing pictures of Blake and her cousin towards her. She chuckled. "Oh, Lou. This is my-" Interrupted again by Louis yelling "You think this is fucking funny?!"  "Lou! Calm down. It was my-" Blake started. "Im. Done." Louis said. Blake was astonished. Louis was walking out. She then remembered his promise he made a year ago. "So that's it? Your gonna break your promise?" She asked, choking on tears. "What the fuck? What promise?" He asked annoyed, obviously wanting to get out of the house. "The promise that youer never gonna leave me. Youre breaking it?" She asked. "I. I guess i am." Louis said, choking on his own tears as well. With that, he was gone.

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