Breaking his promise.

Blake Creana and Louis Tomlinson are in love. He promises to stay with her forever. They have a fight. Will he break that promise?


3. Come back

Blake's POV:   That night was spent with crying, worrying, and more crying. You were scared. Would Louis really break his promise? He couldn't. He wouldn't. I called a bunch of times, he never answered. The only time I smiled that night was when i saw Louis' caller ID on my phone. I happily answered and that smile was quickly erased from my face. It was Harry. On Louis' phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Yes. It's Harry. How could you do that Blake?" Harry asked. "It was my cousin! Lou didn't let me finish!" I mumbled into the phone, quietly sobbing. "Oh." Harry said. "I'll tell Lou. And hope he goes back to you." He said. "Alright. But, tell him, he broke his promise. I want him back." I mumbled quietly.    Harry's POV:    "Lou.." I said to him. "It was her cousin." I said. "Bullshit." He replied. "It was! She sounded a mess on the phone." I said. "Maybe you should go back. She said something about you breaking a promise." I added. "Yeah. I promised her i would never leave, and i did." He mumbled. "Go back." I encouraged him. "I can't." He said. "Why?" I asked. "She probably hates me now." He sobbed. "She said she wanted you back there. So i highly doubt she hates you." I said. "C'mon Lou." I encouraged. "Alright. I'll go back." He said confidently.   Blake's POV:   I was still sobbing. I heard the doorknob jiggle, and there stood Louis. I ran to him and hugged him. He didn't hug back though. "Are you still mad?" You sobbed. He didn't answer. He just ran to you and hugged you. You missed him even if he was only gone a couple hours. "I love you." You said. No answer. "Why won't you talk?" You asked. He sighned Tylenol in sign language. Your little brother was deaf. He must have gotten a sore throat from yelling. You got it quickly for him and gave it to him. You just cuddled the rest of the night.  Turns out, Louis broke his promise, but he made it again. The End.  I will be making short imagines/fanfics, like this one from now on! :)
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