Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


8. VII. Our Last Kiss (END)

VII. Our Last Kiss ( THE END)



“Wow! It’s so nice here in Hong Kong!” the girl literally jumped, she looks so happy.

“It’s nicer, because I am with you” he said. He noticed the girl’s cheeks blush instantly.

“I love youuuuuuuu!!!!!!” he shouted whilst letting his body rest at the edge of the railings, they we’re at a peak.

The girl beside him giggled and shout.. “I love you too Edwardo!!!!”

“I love you more gummy beaaaaaaaaarr!!!!” then he gave her a quick kiss on the lip, more of like stealing a kiss. He remained cupping her face, looking directly into her blue-eyes.

She kissed him back as quick as he did to her. “Don’t think I won’t do a revenge , you thief!” the girl dramatically pouted.

“I just can’t help kissing you babe, you know that” he said in his raspy voice.

“Let her go” he covered her from the constant camera flashes.

“I said let her go, please!” he frowned and tried to stop the people around them but no one listens.

The surrounding changes and the crowd’s voice are still echoing.

She narrowed her eyes into him. “How are you here in New York?” she asked, joy was painted across her features.

“Why ? Am I not allowed to visit my girlfriend? Can’t I miss her” he grins whilst giving his hand to her.

The place turns into a romantic dance floor.

“I can’t believe you’re here! I miss you Edwardo!”

“I miss you even more, gummy bear” he hugged her real tight, then he lifted her in the middle of the crowd. They kissed, oblivious to the cameras around them.

“I’m not much for dancing Edwardo… I don’t think I can do this”

“You can do it. I’ll guide you” he leads the girl into the middle of the dance floor.

The girl’s giggle echoed.

“You can do it. We’re in this together remember? I am sure they’ll love your new song” She said.

Edward nodded, putting his trust on the girl’s words.

He stepped into the stage smiling… He knew his bandmates are with him so there’s nothing to worry about. She said he can do it, and so he will.

He searched for her face in the audience.

Their song started to play…

He looked everywhere, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Where is she?

He wants to see her.

Her face…

Moments later he saw her smiling right there in front of him…

His heart starts to beat about a thousand per second.

First, he saw her lips, then her chin.

She has a grayish-blue eyes.

Blonde wavy hair…



“Wardy! Wardy! Wake up!!! Wake up!”

“Edward!!! Wake up!!!”

He slowly counted, and if he wasn’t mistaken there were four pairs of hands shaking him vigorously telling him to wake up.

“Why?” he mumbles under his pillow. He needs more sleep to cope with those sleepless nights, but these lads aren’t considerate enough to understand his situation.

“The management let us go to New York!” the four familiar voices chorused.

“Really!!!” he exclaimed as his eyes snapped open.

“Yes! They got tired of the million tweets and finally gave in! They even gave us our private plane so we could go in time to Hazel’s album launch!”

“Yes!!!” Edwardliterally jumped off of his bed and prepared himself for the flight.

His mates rushed outside his bedroom and went to their own.

He felt so happy. He never felt this way for the longest time. Though he wasn’t so sure with what’s waiting for them in New York.

He sat at the end of his bed as he realized something.

He dreamt about that girl again. That blonde girl, the mysterious blurry-faced girl who’s always happy in his dreams, the cheeky girl who always made his heart beat to a million per second. He subconsciously smiled as he tried to remember their last encounter in his dream, or encounters he should saythere were a lot of scenes he can remember. How possible it was for an unknown girl to make him feel this way. This different kind of happiness every time he sees her, this kind of need every time he’s awake and not dreaming of her.

Does she really exist? Is she his soul mate…

Must it be someone he knew from the past?


His voice mentally stopped him.


“Hazel” he murmured, smiling as though he remembered an answer to an examination question and felt the need of writing it on the paper before he forgets about it. His heart thumped as he mentally vision a light bulb being lit above his head with that *ting!* sound.

Was it Hazel?

Had he been actually dreaming about her all the time?

Was the blonde girl in his dreams happened to be Hazel?

He sighed as his lips slightly curled into a smile. His heart beats fast. Were the answers in his vanished memory had always been on his dreams?

He’s dreaming about her, he’d not forgotten about her at all because she’s the memory that kept on hunting him all this time.

He threw whatever was on his hand, a t-shirt, he guessed. Then he runs across the corridor , to the rooms and pounded the doors.


*blag blag blag!*


*blag blag blag*


*blag blag blag!*



 “Why what happened!!!” “Was the flat on fire?!!” “What the hell mate!” “What’s wrong!” the four boys said at once. They all frowned as they opened their doors.

They stared at him, clueless on why Edward was smiling widely.

There was a complete silence.

The four boys are frowning whilst Edward is smiling.


“Ehm. Why? You won the X factor again?” William inquired.

“And this time you’re the champion?” James added raising his brow.

“Better than that” Edward grinned.

“What.” The four boys chorused.

Edward remained grinning and thought of a better idea. Maybe it will be nicer to let Hazel know about his dreams first. His mates looked at each other and had a talk on what’s going on with their eyes. But none of them knows the answer.

Four minds are trying to figure out what could be better than winning the x-factor.

Could it be…

Getting all the food you want for free for the rest of your life? James thought.

Being able to migrate to Neverland and stay young forever? William thought.

To have world peace and to end the misunderstandings across the nations? Lee thought.

To date all the Victoria’s Secret models? Javaad thought.

“Are you actually going to tell us what’s exactly going on?“ William blurted impatiently.

“or you’re planning to stay grinning forever?” Lee added.

“Ehm… I guess” Edward stated sheepishly as he scratched his nape. “Actually… I was just going to tell you guys that it’d be better if… If we leave now.” He lied. “Let’s go?”

Javaad, William and Lee rolled their eyes. They know it wasn’t what Edward was going to say, but just let it that way. They know Edward will tell them everything when the lad is ready.

“Yes! That’s what’s better than winning on the X-factor! Be in New York and talk to the girls! You’re right mate!” James happily said and seemed whole-heartedly believing Edward. He rushed inside his room and get the travelling bag above his messy bed.

Edward grinned cheekily  “Yeah, exactly” he tried not to laugh to his Irish mate, knowing that James was just really excited to finally see Ivy again.

He can’t wait until he breaks the good news to the lads. That he was dreaming of Hazel all this time. That his sub conscious mind was thinking about Hazel during his sleep. His quite sure that it was Hazel even though his dreams hadn’t let him fully see the girl’s face. She couldn’t be anyone else but Hazel.



Ivy was seating on the couch near Hazel’s dresser, wondering if the tweets she saw could possibly bring James back to her. Would One Direction’s management listen to the fans and let the five lads go to New York? She sighed as she mentally heard a toilet being flushed sucking all her hopes down thru the swirling water. Of course, it will be beyond impossible for the management to listen to the fans.

 Her best friend was already set on stage, the album launching had already started. It was an enough proof that the lads aren’t coming, that she won’t be able to see James anymore. She hated how the management was able to take control of their lives. Though she can actually get out of it, but she doesn’t want to leave Hazel suffering like this. She promised herself to stay with her until maybe everything goes well.

She wished her goodluck and assured her that she’s going to nail it. But Ivy knew a ‘word’ wasn’t what her friend needed. Hazel needed moral support- her physical presence. She have to be there, seating in the front row, watching her sing.

She planned to stand up many times already. She tried to go out of the room but whenever she hears Hazel’s voice singing the emotional songs it made her take one step forward and two steps back.

She can’t promise not to look miserable in front of Hazel. She knew she’ll break down if her own eyes witness how Hazel was singing exactly what is on her heart.

“I’ll go there… Be strong Ivy… Be strong…” she whispered to herself.

She sighed roughly as she heard the door slammed at her back. Even her typical tough self can’t make her strong but she needs to at least look strong for her best friend.

(Playing: Come Back Be Here – Taylor Swift)


Ivy saw Hazel’s blue eyes welling up with tears. She knows how the girl was trying to suppress her real emotions all the while. The girl’s voice was enough to let her feel how its heart was already drowning with tears.

She noticed how Hazel’s eyes glanced sadly at the five vacant seats next to her. It pained both of them to think that five boys were supposed to be seated there. Smiling and supporting Hazel Swift.

They should’ve been there and they should’ve been so happy. But all she can do now is imagine how James should’ve been seating next to her and how Hazel should’ve been so inspired knowing that Edward was there watching her.

She was interrupted with her thoughts of what could’ve possibly happened when a big guy wearing a black fitted shirt squatted in front of her.

“Ivy the manager wants to talk to you” the guy whispered. She just nodded and stood at once.

What could be the manager’s problem now? They took Hazel’s happiness. One Direction is not here, what do they want now? Wasn’t her best friend’s sadness enough for them? She thought as she made her way back stage.

“Ivy, can you go outside. Something’s going on there.”

“I am Hazel’s stylist not MSG’s bouncer” she snapped. She was surprised with what she said but what can she do? She was starting to get really pissed.

“But I think you’re the only one who can solve it” the old man sounded like the boss again, it made her realize how wrong it was to get pissed at him. But then the old man switched its expression, he smiled and made it look like something good was happening.

She frowned as she tried to read the manager’s strange smile. Surprisingly, she felt something good with it.

“Why, what’s happening” she inquired stiffly not wanting to flash a smile to keep the conversation serious.

“Well, see for yourself” the manager tapped her shoulder and sighed. “See what true love can do”


She immediately runs to the nearest exit and find her way to the main entrance. The mega pop star Hazel Swift was inside but the paparazzi seemed to find another interest here. Her heart starts to beat fast, then it stopped bringing a loud thump inside her chest the moment her eyes saw a blonde boy at the middle of the crowd.

He was there. He was with them.

The two brunettes, the black haired boy and the curly boy were also there.

They’re here.

They’re finally here.

Right then, she understood what the manager was talking about.

It was what TRUE LOVE CAN DO.


James looked around and then right there he saw her standing in front of him, she was still far but James felt so relieved because it was closest distance they ever had since the last time they saw each other in Hong Kong.

The girl was there; the one he expected to come, the one he went to New York for, the girl he knew he needed to fight for. Their eyes met as they both hear the rhythm of their hearts beating simultaneously.

“Ivy!” James shouted, not as if he needed to. She was already looking at him as though waiting for him to hug her. He’s not sure if the girl really felt that way, but he doesn’t care. All he knew was he needed to respond to what his heart was telling him to do. And so he did. He walked towards the girl and hugged the life of her. They both feel like it was all they needed to mend their longing hearts.

For the first time, James hadn’t thought of the cameras around. Having the girl under his arms feels like the most perfect thing he did in his whole life.

The press started to ask questions but they are both oblivious to the world. They stayed looking at each other’s eyes for some minutes, cherishing every moment.


“Let them in. the management agreed” she finally informed the big guy guarding the entrance. The guy nodded.

“Let me guide you inside”

They all make their way inside MSG and rushed to be able to witness Hazel’s last song performance.




“The next song that I am going to sing is about someone you miss so much but unfortunately that someone can’t remember anything about you and the only reason he knew what your name is was someone else made him remember it. You want them miss you back but you don’t know how. You know, watching him forget about you is worse than any pain you’ve ever felt. What’s even painful is that you never expected that you’d both end up being like this. It feels like a torn picture that won’t ever be glued back because the other half was burnt. You feel so hopeless not knowing where to get back that other half; you can’t just replace it because it’s something so important. You know, seeing him happy with his new life is like a very strong wind pushing you away from him but you can’t just let go. You fought, you tried any possible way to make him remember how you both felt, the love you both shared…  but you ended up being someone he never knew. You ended up sitting there as the memories you both had flash back through your mind and still had that smallest hope on your heart that someday he could… or maybe he would remember your LAST KISS ”


(Now playing: Last kiss by Taylor Swift. 'eyebeethoughts: PLEASE DO LISTEN TO IT WHILE READING THIS PARTxxx the multimedia at the side was exactly how I imagined Hazel singing it: Teary eyed whilst the audience are screaming because they saw One Direction walking across the crowd.)


The music starts playing and everyone’s emotions began flowing through it, every beat of the instruments felt like the beat of Hazel’s heart. It sounded so dramatic like those sad ending in the movies. It was slow, like how the wonderful memories flash through her mind and how painful it is for her to be left like that. It’s as slow as how Hazel could accept that Edward can’t remember anything about her – about them.

“I still remember the look on your face

Lit through the darkness at 1:58

Words that you whispered, for just us to know

You told me you love me, so why did you go away? Away…”

They all stopped and take their seat but Hazel hadn’t noticed them there. The girl was too busy feeling every line of the song and imagining Edward’s face and that dreadful night of July 9th. Hazel feels like it is better to look away than to see the unoccupied seats in front of her. He missed how Edward hugged her, kissed her on the forehead and tell her how much he is going to miss her – how much he loves her. She can feel the pain of seeing him lying on the hospital’s bed. Regret stabbed her immediately as she thought of the things that could’ve happened if only she let Edward go with her to New York.

 “I do recall now the smell of the rain

Fresh on the pavement I ran off the plane

That July 9th the beat of your heart

It jumps through shirt I can still feel your arms”

But now I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don’t know how to be something you miss

I never thought we’d had our last kiss

I never imagined we’d end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips”


He stared blankly at the blonde blue-eyed girl in front of him. The music kept on playing like sad background music for a sad scene on a sad love story. Every rhythm sound really sad indeed. The lyrics were sung whole heartedly by Hazel. It was like she’s telling the story of her broken heart to Edward. He listens to every bit of it eagerly, not long enough when everything around him becomes blurry. The scenes he had on his dreams started to flash again like a movie being projected in front of him.

It was a rainy night of July 9th; they were in Italy when he insisted to go back with Hazel to New York. He doesn’t care if the management will get angry at him for disobeying again. All he cared about that time was Hazel’s safety. He wanted to make sure that Hazel will reach New York safely, not as if he could do anything if the airplane would crash or something. He just seriously wanted to spend more time with her but the girl insisted for him to go back to London instead. She doesn’t want him to get in another trouble with the management again.

“I’m going to miss you…” Hazel said

 “Me too…” he kissed the girl’s forehead covered with a red bonnet . ”I swear it’d be better if I’ll just go with you in NY and from there I’ll go back to London.The management will definitely understand me” he tried convincing her one more time.

But she shook her head. “Edwardo, you know how both our managements had enough of us. We can’t make them seriously mad if you still love your job” she smiled at him.

“Yeah…Yeah… I do love my job. But I love you more. We can lose it then runaway, far away from everyone where there’s no paparazzi rummaging our lives. Then get married then have kids.. then..”

“Sssshhh…” she puts her pointing fingers on his lips making him stop talking.

They both giggled as Edward rested his forehead to Hazel’s.

“I love you very much Hazel. I’ll see you soon” he said looking intently through her eyes.

Hazel nodded, sighing deeply, memorizing Edward’s scent. “I’ll see you soon Edwardo. I love you too” she whispered.

It was their last encounter.

Their last kiss before the accident happened.

She was all in his mind the moment his car breaks failed and the car bumps into a massive steel on the street. Until his world turns black.


“I do remember the swingy your step

Life of the party, you’re showing off again

I narrowed my eyes and then you pulled me in

I’m not much for dancing but for you I did”


He’d been dating Hazel for almost a year and everything had been perfect between them. He was the boy who loved Hazel so much, and supports her to everything that she does. He’s proud to have Hazel in his life, he knew Hazel wasn’t perfect, Hazel wasn’t the lucky girl people knew, Hazel had her own weaknesses but he became Hazel’s strength. They’ve been each other’s only happiness.

He can’t go on for a day without seeing her so he do everything that he could just to be with Hazel all the time. He used to surprise her at random situations, like visiting her on tour or shipping her gifts whenever they’re not together.

He remembered the time he surprised her during one of Hazel’s tour’s after party.

She narrowed her eyes into him, as if it was her first time to see him. “How are you here in New York?” she asked, joy was painted across her features.

“Why ? Am I not allowed to visit my girlfriend? Can’t I miss her?” he grins whilst giving his hand to her.

 “I can’t believe you’re here! I miss you Edwardo!”

“I miss you even more, gummy bear” he hugged her real tight, and then he lifted her in the middle of the crowd. They kissed, oblivious to the cameras around them.

“Because I love your hand shake with you and my father

I love how you walked with your hands in your pockets

How you kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something

There’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions”


He even spent his Holidays with Hazel’s family. He went well with the girl’s father as well as with Hazel’s mother and younger brother. Maybe that’s why Hazel was also close to his mother Anne and sister Gemma. No, not maybe, it really was the reason. Both of their family’s liked them for each other.

They had a perfect relationship or at least perfect for them, knowing that they’re living a very public life.

He remember those endless talks he had with hazel, they could talk about anything. The way he loved to listen to her, how he cherished her giggles, her laugh and care free personality.


“But now I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don’t know how to be something you miss

I never thought we’d had our last kiss

I never imagined we’d end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips



He realized why he can’t find his jack wills jumper anywhere because he gave it to Hazel during their band’s last day in New York.

“Are you sure you’re going to give me this?”

He nodded to her. “Yeah, it looks perfect on you babe”

“But this was your favorite right? Remember how you couldn’t sleep without it?”

“Exactly, I wanted you to remember how I miss you and how I can’t sleep when we’re afar, just by wearing it. I want you to somehow feel my warmth each time you’re on it”

“Aww. Thank you Edwardo.”

He just kissed the girl and hugged her.


“So I watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep

And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe

And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are

Hope it’s nice where you are.”

He also realized why Hazel kept on following them everywhere. How Hazel kept on bugging his friends and kept on asking about him

He remembered how they both wanted to spend all their free time together. Sometimes he would sneak in Hazel’s hotel room just to watch a cheeky film with the girl and stay up all night just doing random things, eating chocolates which they are both prohibited to eat, telling each other’s childhood stories, and kissing and making out until they both run out of breathe.

He remembered how he used to scream how he loved Hazel so much at random places.

“I love youuuuuuuu!!!!!!” he shouted whilst letting his body rest at the edge of the railings, they we’re at a peak. They were at Hong Kong, the place they considered as the best because the press never had the chance to discover they were spending holidays there.

The girl beside him giggled and shout.. “I love you too Edwardo!!!!”

“I love you more gummy beaaaaaaaaarr!!!!” then he gave her a quick kiss on the lip, more of like stealing a kiss. He remained cupping her face, looking directly into her blue-eyes.

She kissed him back as quick as he did to her. “Don’t think I won’t do a revenge ,you thief!” the girl dramatically pouted.

“I just can’t help kissing you babe, you know that” he said in his raspy voice.


Then there goes the ring on his right ring finger. He gave Hazel exactly the one that looks like what he’s wearing. It symbolizes his love for her, all his promises of never leaving her and all his hopes of spending the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, the girl lost. Almost exactly how his memories about her had been lost. It’s gone by the wind. It all ended so suddenly, leaving the girl wondering how to get him back.

She lost him. He unintentionally broke all his promises of loving her infinitely.

Then pain stabbed him. He remembered the last time he’s at Hong Kong with Hazel. He made Hazel feel the worst. He wasn’t able to realize what the girl was doing during their date. They went to Hong Kong because everyone was hoping that he would remember everything if he spend time at the place where his last year’s memories were made. But all he did was show her how he was never going to remember her.

Hazel never loosed hope. She fought hard to get back the boy she loves.

The pain made her strong , to fight for their love. But it made her weak and eventually give up at the same time.

He can now feel how much hurt he caused Hazel.

If only he could see the future, if only he knew he will get into an accident. Then he could’ve stayed and go to New York with Hazel.


“And I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day

Something reminds you, you wish you had stayed

You can plan for a change in the weather and time

I never planned of you changing your mind.


So  I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes

All that I know is I don’t know how to be something you miss

I never thought we’d had our last kiss

I never imagined we’d end like this

Your name forever the name on my lips

Just like our LAST KISS…

Forever the name on my lips…

Forever the name on my lips…



As soon as she finished the song the lights turns off – Like the end of everything.



Edward leaps off his seat. “Mate where are you going?!!” someone exclaimed, but he doesn’t care about anything now. He must end things right.


 He rushed back stage to where he believed Hazel was.


He can hear his own heartbeat. Pounding like its going to explode if he wouldn’t see Hazel NOW.


He became so excited to finally break the news.


He almost tripped on the floor but luckily held on to a hand rail.




The girl turned and narrowed her eyes.


“EDWARDO?!!!” she can’t believe he was here.


How was he here?


In New York…


And not in a far away land called London.



They run towards one another.


They hugged really tight as they both fell to ground.


They didn’t bother standing up.


They were again, OBLIVIOUS TO THE WORLD, just like before.


For some seconds they just stared at each other’s eyes, faces so close.


Their eyes both looked like their coming home.


Finally, they were in the arms of the one they loved the most.


Edward was on top of Hazel but he rolled to make Hazel be on top of him.


“How are you in New York… I thought you were…”


“That’s exactly what you said the last time we were in this kind of position” he cut her off.


“Edwardo? You…” she said breathlessly.


“Remember” he finished as he closes their gap and finally remembered how they both feel…


The promises he said…




The intensity of emotions…




The love they both had during their…
















(eyebeethoughts27: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOSH! I FINISHED ANOTHER SHORT STORY AGAIN! WATTA FEELING!!!!! This is so unreaaaaaaaaaal!!!! Thank you all for your support! All your votes and comments really inspired me to write, write and write!!!! You guys might wanna try my other short stories too? Its called “BACK TO DECMEBER” starring also HAYLOR. And “DON’T YOU BREAK MY HEART SLOW” starring Elounor. To all my Filipino readers may story din ako in tagalog! Ang title nya ay He said its Forever and Always”



See you guys on my next storieeeeeeeesssss!







Story ended February 9,2013


PS. Please do not by ,any means reproduce a copy of this story without the author’s consent. In Tagalog... MAKONSENSYA KA. AWOOOOOOOOO ~(-_-)~ Hahaha.





All rights reserved 2013

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