Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


6. V. Hazel, what happened?


V. Hazel, what happened?

(Now Playing: Stole My Heart – One Direction)

Edward is looking at the ring on his right ring finger. He watches the lights strike on the white gold metal whilst appreciating its beauty. It has an infinity sign on it and at the middle are letters “H&E” carved on it. He wonders where he got that ring; he’s been wearing it since he woke up from the hospital bed. He never had the urge to remove it because he somehow feels complete having it wrapped around his finger.

“The night shines it’s getting hot on my shoulder…” Lee sings along with the music being played.

Edward slightly looked up at Lee, grinning as he heard him sing. “It’s still weird to hear my own voice being played at random places” Lee added before drinking his coke.

Edward just chuckled with the sudden realization of his friend. Though he agree, yes, it’s weird to hear their own song being played in a club where everybody is drunk, enjoying the music and has no idea that the popstars themselves are at the place dancing with them. It’s thrilling for them to pretend being a normal teenager and party with these people around them.

“Look!” Lee pointed at Javaad whose getting insanely wild in the dance floor. They laughed at their friend knowing that the lad only dance like that when he’s really drunk. It has been a very long night for them but no one volunteers to go back to their hotel. They seemed really chuffed and having a good time partying with Asian people – particularly hot Asian girls. Except for James who seemed all loved up with Ivy. The lad is always close to Ivy the whole night, both seemed enjoying one another, you’ll find them whispering , giggling and hugging each other all the time.

Edward gulps his third bottle of cold beer, his enjoying this moment; no one is there to control their alcohol intakes. Judging from his friends everyone appeared too carefree about their actions.

“Mate! So I met this Asian girl, she’s from the Philippines” Javaad excitedly told Edward, bumping on his arms so he could face him.

“Where…” Edward inquired, trying to give interest. He drank his beer first before looking.

“There, over there..That girl in a black dress and red heels” Javaad pointed to a black haired girl who’s now talking to James and Ivy. Edward chuckled when he saw James’ hands still wrapped around Ivy’s waist, whilst holding his beer on his other hand – he knew that this is really something.

“Uhuh?” Edward nodded,grinning, he leans closer so he could hear properly what his friend has to say and then focused his eyes on the Asian girl.

“Her name is Anna. Dude she’s hot!” Javaad exclaimed. “~look she’s so fit”

“And she told you, you look exactly like Javaad Malik of One Direction!” William laughed out loud holding his stomach as if what he said was so funny it would kill him. The guy just finished dancing and went to the bar where Edward and Lee were seated, to ask for another beer.

Lee giggled watching his drunken friends. It is really amusing to watch them do crazy things while he’s the only one sober.

“And here’s the thing. “ Javaad motioned his hand. “I told her … Yeah, I get that a lot. Then I said You also look like someone else. She said, Who? Then I say, You look exactly like my next girlfriend” Javaad added dramatically then continued laughing with William and Lee.

Edward just frowned thinking what’s so funny about it? “Ohhh. My stomach hurts. I can’t stop laughing” Edward said in his most boring raspy voice then shook his head. He continued drinking his beer whilst his mates kept on joking around and laughing about everything that they say.

“Don’t be so kill joy Wardy! It’s funny! Laugh with us!” William said while still laughing.

“Does your amnesia make you forget how to laugh too? Don’t tell me you also forgot how to distinguish what is funny from what is not” Javaad high fived with William then laughed out loud again.“This is so funny! Why is everything so funny tonight?!”

“I don’t know man! I don’t know! Ahahahahahahaha!” William stomps his feet, curling his body. “Awh, my tummy hurts! Ahahahha!”

Hey..Hey, hey…  She’s coming over this way with James and Ivy” Javaad elbowed William and then fix himself to somehow look good in front of the newly met girl. Edward and Lee grinned; the girl must really catched Javaad’s attention to make the lad act like this.

“Hey guys, I think someone here would like to meet you” Ivy started, motioning her hand to Anna. The gorgeous girl just waved her hand and placed her margarita glass on the bar counter. Javaad’s eyes were literally glued to the black haired girl, he feels like the world around him was frozen.

“But can you explain first what’s with the holding hands and snuggling all the time thingy?”  William asked teasingly. Amusement was written all over his face whilst looking meaningfully to James.

Ivy rolled her eyes to William but James pulled the girl closer.

“Boyfriend, explain” Ivy smiled at the Irish lad.Ivy and James’ eyes were practically glued for some seconds then finally James spoke.

“Well, this isn’t a game anymore, we had a talk and we realized that there’s no point in playing games. I like her and luckily I discovered that she likes me too. So, we’re official. Ivy is now my girlfriend” James proudly said. The lad sounds really happy while he is explaining things. It was definitely the best night of his life. If he only knew how Ivy feels definitely the same. They really are meant for each other, they like each other so much and they couldn’t believe they were able to hide it for such a very long time. They’ve been fancying one another since the day they’ve met.

“Wow!! Conggrats man!” William hugged James and tapped his mate’s shoulder.

“That’s nice for the both of you mate” Lee was the next to express his happiness for the new couple.

Edward grinned and glanced at Javaad and Anna. The two looks at each other intently as if they’re talking with their own eyes.  “Ehem!” Edward fake coughed. “~Well, Conggrats guys. I think I need to find a girl too. I don’t wanna be the only one who doesn’t have a partner here” Edward said cheekily. “~Hi, Anna! It’s nice to meet you!” he waved his hand at the girl’s face. Finally, the girl and Javaad snapped back to reality. Edward met everyone’s eyes and they just smiled at each other, mentally knowing the meaning of all of this. Javaad fancies the girl.

“Oh, hi! Hi. N-nice meet you all. Oh my God! I cannot believe this! I thought I just met a Javaad Malik look alike! But then seeing you guys in front of me? Oh my gosh!” she squealed and fanned herself. Anna couldn’t breathe properly. She has no idea how is everything happening but she’s actually talking to her favorite boy band ONE DIRECTION and Javaad, her favorite was looking at her. Is she just dreaming or what?

“Sshhh. Calm, babe. “ William put his point finger near his nose. “We’re playing a game called hide and seek from  the paps here. Anyway, I’m William. Nice to meet you” William shakes Anna’s hand but the girl’s eyes remained wide.

“Yeah, and we’re kind of succeeding the past few days. Let’s not ruin their innocent mind babe.” Lee whispered. “Ello, Lee Payne here. Fancy meeting you” then it was Lee’s turn to shake the girl’s hand.

“Y-yes. Yes, ofcourse I know who you are. Ehm, look…Please bear with me? I’m sorry for fainting like a stupid fan girl. But I am your biggest fan! REALLY!”

“No. Of course you’re not stupid. It’s fine with us. Again, I am Javaad. The real one”  Javaad get closer to the girl and hugged her.

“Ehm do you have any friend with you? I’m kind of lonely being the only one single here” Edward joked whilst drinking his beer.

Anna frowned and confusion was written all over her face once she hear what Edward said. Edward didn’t notice everyone else’s expressions because he called the bartender and requested for another bottle of beer.

“Wait, what do you mean you’re the only one single?” Anna asked, trying to search answer from the others but everyone seemed clueless on what to say.

Edward’s brows furrowed, pouting, he shrugged then thanked the bartender for another bottle of beer.

The other’s remained quiet, some sighed, some swallowed, some looked at the ground and finally…

“Oh geez! Where is Hazel!” Ivy exclaimed, eyes widened. She went running across the ocean of dancing drunken people and looked for her lost best friend immediately.

The others went their own ways too to find Hazel. Some tried to call Hazel’s phone, whilst others went back to the places they last see the girl.


(Eyebeethoughts: Just a reminder to make things clearer. Every Italicized word in this part we’re flash backs. Just imagine that those words sounds like echoes, you know the sound effects in movies when the character is dreaming or reminiscing something? Yes, it’s like that… echoing voices, small scenes flashing and sephia effects. I’m horrible in explaining things so I trust your imaginations in this. I know you get the picture… Hehe. )

“Uhm? What’s happening? Wait, Hazel’s missing? Hazel Swift is here too?” asked Anna.

Edward just nodded at the girl then looked around him trying to search for Hazel.

“I think I saw her a while ago, I think she’s chatting with my other friends. Edward, I’ll be right back” Anna hurried, going somewhere she thought she last saw Hazel.

He sighed and waited for the others to go back. He thought that Hazel will just return to the bar that’s why he just stayed there and waited. His heart is already beating fast, his becoming seriously worried for the girl. All night he kept on ignoring the girl for the reason that he felt kind of awkward because of their last conversation. Maybe he shouldn’t have opened anything like that.

Minutes later, after finishing his fifth bottle of beer, he felt the need of going to the comfort room.

“Sir, be careful” the bar back cautioned him.

He tried to stand straight because he felt dizzy the moment he move away from the high chair. When he looked back at the bar, he realized that he’s just a few steps away but his world is already spinning. He’s unsure if he’ll be able to go to the comfort room without needing the help from someone. His head is pounding as loud as the disco beats booming from the speaker near him. He slightly shook his head, widening his eyes and trying to clear his blurry vision. He needed to went across the dancing people because it’s the only way to get easily to the bathroom.


“Oh my gosh! Are you Edward?!”

He kept on walking, ignoring the people. He’s to wobbly to entertain them.

“He looks like Edward!”

“I told you they’re here!”

“Hello there British kid”

People kept on bumping him which gets him tipsier. He feels like those drunk people in the movies…

The lights are kept on changing and blinking which made him disappear from the people’s vision.

Scenes are starting to flash in his mind; he frowned because of the sudden pain on his head.

[“Why are they always talking about me?”]

People are dancing…


Dancing around him…


[“Do you love me?” “Yes, so much…”]


His world is spinning…

People kept on bumping him…


[“I love gummy bears!!!” the girl giggled. “From now on I’ll call you my gummy bear”]


At the end he found a blonde girl sitting on a couch alone. He smirked, he felt nice, he thinks he can breathe easily now because he finally found her. At least he knows that the girl is safe. The girl looks so pretty with her long sleeved beige dress and  black heels. Though he doesn’t think the girl is happy.


The music is booming…

Someone bumped him…

The blonde girl is crying…


[“I’m going to miss you…” “Me too…” he kissed the girl’s forehead covered with a red bonnet.]


Two people went across him, making out.

He ignored the others and  slowly approached the blonde girl whose busy crying…


[“Let her go, please!” he hear his own voice shouting at the back of his mind.]


Finally, he’s in front of the blonde girl. He wonders why she is crying.


[“Edwardo…” a girl’s voice echoed. The girl laughed whilst he saw her hugging mickey mouse.]


He desperately scrunched his curly hair. His head is aching at its worst.

[“They don’t know about us…”

“I’ll be fine as long you’re with me…”]


He feels so dizzy with all the scenes flashing on his mind. He was not sure if it happened already… or was it just a dream. This kinds of scenes kept on haunting him and he doesn’t know why.

He is confused…

He stood there…

His heart ached seeing the girl crying looking so helpless.


And finally the girl noticed him.

 “Edwardo!”  she came rushing into him . Hazel hugged him whilst sobbing.

He rubbed her back trying to give comfort “What happened , Hazel? What’s wrong?” Edward asked.

“I lost my ring, Edward I need to find it…”

“Your ring? Hazel you can’t find it here in this place with wild people… Are you sure you’re wearing it before we went here?”

“Yes..” the girl nodded and shows Edward her hand. “~It’s just right here. Edward, help me find it” the girl kept on crying. She seemed so broken like a part of her life was taken away from her.

“Shhh… we’ll find a way okay? We’ll ask the staff when they close the bar. ”

Hazel furiously shakes her head like a stubborn child.

“No, Edwardo. Edwardo, I need to find it now. I need it now…” Sheburied her headto his chest, her voice shaking. She kept on crying.

Is it that important for Hazel? Edward thought. He wanted to help the girl but he doesn’t have any idea how. He doesn’t have enough strength to find for a missing little piece of metal across this massive crowd.

“Hazel, look at me.” He cups Hazel’s cheek. Their faces are so close, he can smell the scent of alcohol coming out from the girl’s mouth. “It’s okay… We’ll find it” He said as he look intently to Hazel’s blue eyes. Her eyes were filled with too much emotions, sadness, longing, love? He leans his forehead to Hazel, the tip of their nose gently touching.

Hazel felt herself calming with Edward’s touch. She feels so comfortable with his warm hug. She likes how Edward’s face is so close to hers. She closes her eyes , feeling Edward’s warm breath and cherish the moment. It feels like she was in her old self again, the girl who’s deeply in love and loved by the only boy she needed. She felt Edward’s lips brush into hers, her heart beat increased by about a thousand per second. “It will be alright…” she slowly nodded with the words whispered by Edward. They both feel like drowning into each other’s eyes. Hazel waited for their lips to touch.

But it didn’t happen. “Hazel! come with me.” He pulled the girl as it surprisingly opens her eyes.

“Edwardo, why are you bringing me here?” Hazel asked. Her world is spinning too but she’s aware that Edward brought her in front of the Comfort room.

Yes, stupid call of nature, it was so out of place. It has to cut all the drama and make Edward feel somehow ashamed.

“Ehm, I have to pee.” Edwardsaid, face turning red, holding his below, motioning his already full bladder.

“Oh” Hazel giggled as she realizes what Edward was doing.

Then Edward runs inside at once. Hazel decided to compose herself in the bathroom too, so she went in the women’s area.

She puts her hair up into a pony tail and tried to wipe her wet eyes. Her attention was again focused to her ring finger, sadness came crawling into her again. She felt so incomplete without the ring  wrapped around her finger. Going outside the bathroom, she felt the urge of crying again. She needs Edward to hug her and tell her that everything’s okay. Though she needs to say sorry for losing the ring. She must tell him that she didn’t mean to lose it, even Edward won’t ever understand why she’s apologizing.

Edward felt relief while he zips his pants and put on his belt back. He bends his head trying to find a better position. Slowly walking toward the door, he massages the back of his neck. Why is the girl crying for a ring? He asked himself. Maybe I’ll just buy her a ring that looks exactly like the one she lost. He subconsciously smiled, mentally praising his self for the brilliant idea. Yes, he will suggest that to the girl so Hazel would stop from crying.

“Edward Styles?!” agirl excitedly called his name the moment he stepped outside the comfort room. He tilted his head to the voice’s direction and surprisingly feels an unfamiliar lip crashed into him.

His eyes widened as the stranger kisses him. She tried to push the Asian girl but it has a very tight grip.

“Edwardo?” then he heard a very sad familiar voice. He finally moves away from the black haired girl and then sees Hazel on the women’s c.r door, staring sadly at him. “What are you doing?! How could you do this to me!” Hazel shouted disbelievingly.  

Hazel runs away from him but he stood still, feeling an unexplainable pain inside him. He felt sad with the picture of that girl running away from him. He found it hard to process anything, but why does he feel so sorry for breaking Hazel’s heart.

“There she is! Haze!” James shouted, but he didn’t succeed in getting the girl’s attention.

Ivy glanced at Hazel’s back and saw Edward running after her best friend. “Babe, just let them” Ivy touches James’ arm to stop her boyfriend. James nodded, understanding what Ivy wants to happen.

The others simultaneously walk towards them, they all saw Edward and Hazel, hoping that everything will turn out well and to how it was really supposed to be.



“Hazel! Hazel wait!” he takes grip of Hazel’s arm, making the girl stop from running. “You can’t run away looking like this, the paps might see you” he explained anxiously.

“I don’t care!” Hazel wiggled from his hand and start trembling. Her tears are welling again; another big lump was added on her chest. Her heart is aching and she knows she can’t just run away from Edward and ignore everything. Her head is throbbing from thinking about what she saw and how she is going to get the ring back.  She can’t figure out any proper thing to say. Words just instantaneously blurt out off her mouth “Why are you kissing someone else?” her brows creased as if Edward did something immoral. She felt so betrayed, but she knows the lad wouldn’t understand anything.

“Hazel I didn’t kissed her. SHE kissed me. I don’t even know who that girl was!” he didn’t expect that he would shout at the girl. He sighed heavily trying to control his temper. The alcohol in his body makes him careless with his actions.

“But I saw you kissing her! You’re enjoying every bit of it Edward!” Hazel accused him.

“I said I didn’t kiss her! Why can’t you understand? “ he tried to clarify. “Why am I even explaining this to you?” Edward added disbelievingly.

“You see? You liked it. You kissed another girl!” her tears started to fall. She sounded really hurt.

“Fine! I kissed another girl! And what the hell you care? I can kiss whoever I want! Why are you so affected with it!” Edward raised his voice, making the girl stumble a bit.

“You’re so unfair Edward! You’re so unfair!” she curled her hands , frustration was felt in her words as she continued crying.

“Why am I unfair? How am I unfair huh!” Edward couldn’t understand the girl. How is he being unfair when he just wanted to help the girl at the first place?

“Because…” she sniffed. ”Because you don’t know how everything is hurting me! You can’t remember anything !”

“Now you’re being unfair! You know I lost my memory from the accident!” He never intended to kiss another girl and now he’s being blamed with his own illness? Who wants to have amnesia and forget a part of his life? Hazel is being terribly unfair.

“Exactly, You lost your memory! That’s how you’ve been so unfair! Because of it, I lost the boy who’s always there for me. I lost the boy who misses me every millisecond that we’re apart. The boy who tells me how perfect I am to his eyes, the one who protects me from any harm. The boy who knows everything about me. I lost the boy who loves me so much. And now I lost my ring! The only reminder of his love for me! I lost the last thing that is left of me!” her tears kept on dripping, no words can explain how painful it is to state everything she had lost.

What does everything that Hazel said has something to do with Edward? He tried to open his mouth and get closer to Hazel but he stumbled back. He can see that Hazel was also surprised with what she said, as though she was carried away with her own emotions. He processed everything that Hazel said and he wasn’t that stupid to not understand everything.


He’s the boy Hazel had lost…

Hazel lost him because he forgot about her…

“H-how” he sighed roughly, slowly looking at the ground. He swallowed hard as he frustratingly brushed his hands through his hair, scrunched it and stared blankly to a car parked near them. The girl was right. Yes, he’s been so unfair to Hazel just like how life has been so unfair to him. He felt so stupid, so innocent about everything. Tears began streaming down his face as soon as he tried to remember about the girl in front of him – the one who’s supposed to be stuck on his mind all the time. His head ached like a hammer was pounded into it, but still, he can’t remember anything. Why? Of all things, of all people around him, why does it have to be Hazel that his vanished memory had to take? Why does it have to be the one who means so much to him be the one he’d forgotten?

Hazel kept on crying. She can feel her world spinning and her head is starting to suffer from the endless tears falling from her eyes. She doesn’t know if what she did was right, if it was the right time to tell Edward about everything. All she know was she can’t take it anymore, she can’t bare seeing Edward happy even without her. She can’t pretend to be just a friend who’s willing to help the lad. She wants him to remember everything about her, everything about his promises. She loves Edward so much but she can’t obey the doctor anymore, she can’t wait any longer for Edward to recover – she badly wants him back.

At one point she can still see Edward’s bothered face clearly but then a bright light flashed in front of them. 

The flash was followed by a two, three then it became continuous, blinding them both as the crowd cornered them like they we’re criminals that needed to be caught.

Edward hugged Hazel and tried to protect the girl but the paps kept on pushing them. There’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, they were stuck in the middle of the massive press…

“Edward, what do you mean you lost your memory?”

“Is it because of the accident? How are you able to hide it?”

“Hazel, does he forget entirely about you?”

“Hazel, Edward! What is exactly the reason of your fight?”

They both looked strangely to the people around them. Cameras kept on flashing everywhere and the familiar commotion of New York paps are deafening.

“Are you two still together?”

“Hazel what really happened?”

“Hazel, Edward please, answer us!”

“Edward you kissed someone else?”

“Hazel, are you going to break up with him?”

How did they found them here?  Were all their activities during their entire stay here in Hong Kong recorded?  Was their quarrel recorded too? What’s happening? Cameras kept on flashing. They we’re blinded by the constant flashes not knowing which way to go. They wish they could just disappear and escape from the rude press. Everyone’s just making things harder for them, how will they be able to fix anything when all the people around them are forcing to get involved in their personal lives.

Then finally, a hand pulled Hazel away from everyone.

Edward was rushed inside a van as well.

“Apparently, the whole One direction and Hazel Swift are here in Hong Kong!” they can still hear voices from outside.

The van’s car was shut and finally, they drove away.


They all looked miserable and tensed…no one dared to speak as they we’re on their way to the hotel. They are all confused, everything seemed to jumble up on their minds – the press, which scene was captured, how will they answer everything, how to go inside the hotel – all of it. They don’t know where to start thinking; their heads feels like it’s going to literally explode at once. One thing’s for sure – tomorrow, everything’s going to be more complicated especially now that the press knew about Edward’s memory loss. Having a vacation all by themselves without a single body guard with them was never a good idea.





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