Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


5. IV. A date with a blonde blue eyed girl


IV. A date with a blonde blue-eyed girl


“I love you…” Edward said then kissed the girl while it was saying something. That was a rude interruption but he didn’t care, he could kiss her whenever he likes.

Wait. His brows frowned. He rubbed his head because of the sudden pain.

Why is he doing those things to someone he doesn’t even know? His head starts to ache again. He wanted to see the entire face of the person in front of him, but it remains blurry. His heart starts to beat fast and he began desperate to see who it was… he knew this was just a dream, this is not real but why are his feelings so strong and it feels like it was all true.

“I love you too…” the blurry person whispered softly…

These kinds of dreams are making it harder for him to live his present life smoothly. It’s making him realize how hard it was to live a life with a one year gap. He can’t distinguish what’s real from what is not anymore.



“Edward! Wake up! Wakey wakey!” William shakes Edward as hard as he can, hoping the guy would wake up already.

Edward groaned. “I’m still sleepy! Get your bloody arse off of my bed!” he mumbled under his pillow

“Oh come on Wardy! Stop being grumpy! Ooh that rhymes…” William giggled alone. “Get up! We don’t go here in Hong Kong just to sleep all day, you still got a date with a gorgeous popstar” William keeps on shaking him, he snorted and slightly pushed the lad’s hands. A date? With…

“Who, You?” said Edward in an undertone.

“Aww. I know you find me gorgeous Wardy. But no, it’s the blonde blue-eyed girl you’re going on a date with”

“Hazel??” Edward said as he lazily gets up.

“Yes, you promised her you’re going out with her today, remember?” William get off the bed and started selecting a pair of pants and stripe t-shirt from his baggage.

“I didn’t promise anything to her” Edward grumpily said.

“But we do!” William stopped in front of Edward holding his towel.

“Come on mate, I thought we went here so you could help me get my memory back. Not to have a date with a squeaky girl.” this is not a good idea to start his day, he thought. William just shook his head and went across the room to take a quick shower in the bathroom.

“Just go down and have breakfast first and stop whining, Lee and the others  are there! ” William yelled, his voice echoed through the spacious bathroom before the splashes from the shower was heard.



He had no choice. What he’s going to do now is to deal with Hazel for about six hours, just to fulfill the promise he never said. It’s not like Hazel wasn’t a good company. It’s just that he doesn’t want to feel all those weighty emotions in his chest. It’s like he’s going to explode when he is with the lady. Maybe because Hazel talks too much, as if they’ve known each other for a long time. He’s sure they’re not that close before, because if they were then he might have remembered even a small thing about her, but he didn’t. He thought Hazel is just taking advantage with his memory loss and maybe even filling him with wrong information. He didn’t want to put so much of his trust with anyone, especially with Hazel when he feels so goaded around her. Are they enemies before? What if Hazel is trying to change his impression of him to her? He’s starting to think of impossible yet possible things again. Crazy.


“Edwardo, I’m so glad you made time for me. You just don’t know how happy I am today” Hazel said happily as if she just won the lottery. The girl is too honest with how she feels, but Edward feels uneasy with the girl’s frankness, he doesn’t want that kind of person though.

“Ehm… No problem.” He smiled awkwardly, whilst Hazel remained smiling widely. He saw her eyes sparkle as it looked through his green ones. The girl is indisputably glad that he agreed with the date.


Normally, he gets easily attached to beautiful girls, especially those with cheeky personality as Hazel. But he didn’t know why he felt so guarded, he feels like being with Hazel is so wrong.

There was an awkward silence; maybe both of them are trying to think of what to say next. It was hard for Edward to go out with someone you don’t have any idea how close you were before. With Hazel, she finds it hard to be a stranger to someone you already know. But she’s more than willing to help Edward get his memories back.

“Edwardo.” Hazel uttered.


“You can ask any question from me. I’m willing to answer it as long as I can” she stated with again, a wide smile. The constant smile is making Edward gradually feel some sort of easiness around her.

Edward bit his lower lip. “Do you…” Edward cocked his head, removing is attention to the road. Hazel eagerly listens to what he has to say. “~do you really used call me Edwardo?”

“Yes..” Hazel nodded and sighed with a smile, but the smile faded as she continued talking. “~and you used to love it” she almost whispered whilst looking downwards as if she’s afraid to get any eye contact with Edward.

“I do?” he felt bad when he saw a glimpse of sadness on Hazel’s eyes.

“I know you’re annoyed with that nickname of mine for you, I will stop calling you Edwardo if that would make you feel better” she’s still looking away.

“No, you don’t have to stop” he said, trying to make the lady feel okay. Hazel’s lips curled into a smile the moment he said those words.

“But don’t worry… you don’t need to like it now only because you liked it before.” Hazel has an energetic tone again that’s making Edward’s heart jump a bit. The girl is too carefre, she could easily switch from one mood to another.

Maybe I should try to. Edward thought, he can’t be so rude with the girl, just because he can’t remember who she was. Hazel just wanted to help him, so he should give her a chance.

“Hazel, don’t stress yourself from helping me with this memory loss. If I can’t get it back, then I’ll make new ones.” He said with a determined tone.

“New ones?” she was unsure with the word. “Ye-yeah! Sure! We’ll make you new ones” she nodded, half-heartedly smiling.

He’s pretty positive he’s not going to remember the last twelve months of his life that easy. Though he’s trying his best to get all those memories back, and if Hazel was one of those Good Samaritan that’s trying to help him, then he’ll be willing to spend time with her no matter how annoying she might get.

He tried to look on the brighter side and drag his uneasy emotions into a better one. He’ll do what his mates are telling him, He’ll try to get to know her first. Or try to get to know her again, was more appropriate.

So exploring her physical appearance was his best idea to start the new impression. He normally loves pretty girls, so maybe if he tries to appreciate Hazel’s appearance, he will be able to like her then the rest of the good impression will follow.

She is wearing a loose white top and a mustard colored shorts. Her brown strappy wedges made her as tall as Edward, he can perfectly see Hazel’s exceptional beauty as the air swiftly blows its long wavy blonde hair.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I know , I’m pretty! “ Hazel joked when she noticed Edward was staring at her. Her cheeks are starting to get red.

Edward just chuckled. He pressed his lips against the other trying not to laugh, his dimples were exposed. How she missed those smile. Hazel looked at Edward and feel relieved because she knew Edward was starting to get along easily with her. She’s hoping they’ll get back at least the friendship they once had soon.

 “Hey look! A noodle house! Let’s go there!” Hazel pulled Edward towards the Noodle house.

“I’m not sure if I like noodles that much” Edward stated, though he just let the girl drag her across the street.

Hazel smiled for an unknown reason.

“Why?” Edward inquired awkwardly.

“That’s exactly what you said when we first went here, Edwardo” Hazel giggled before she open the glass door.

“Really? “ Edward said in an undertone. He subconsciously smiled. He felt good knowing that something hasn’t changed with him. But sadly, that still didn’t made him remember the first time he went inside this Chinese restaurant.

“What’s with the smile now?” Hazel questioned him while flipping the pages of the menu book.

“I’m just glad I didn’t change even with this stupid memory loss.” He slightly rubbed his nape.

Hazel nodded then painted a small smile. He’s right, Edward is still the Edwardo she knew, just not including the way he cared for her.

“Though ,I wish I could remember everything” Edward added with a low tone while playing with the chopsticks.

“Don’t worry you’ll be able to get all your memories back with my help” Hazel tried to cheer Edward. She really had this huge hope inside her heart that Edward would be able to get his memories back, especially in Hong Kong.

“So you’re with me when I first went here” Edward had a cheeky grin on his face while keep playing the chopsticks.

Hazel nodded “Yup!” she answered popping the ‘p’ “And you ate a lot! You even ordered everything in the menu!”

“Then let’s do it again. Let’s order everything!” Edward called the waiter and ordered everything.

Hazel’s eyes widened as Edward winked at her. How she wish nothing hasn’t really changed.


“I forgot to tell you that we weren’t able to finish everything and we needed to call James to finish the food so it won’t go to waste” Hazel said while eating another Chinese dumpling. Edward stopped in his mid chew.

“Call him then. Maybe I would be able to get some memories back when I watch James eat” Edward stated, he’s just trying to joke around but Hazel always take things seriously when getting the boy’s memory back is the issue.

 She immediately searches for her phone on her bag, she’s really eager to make Edward remember everything.

Edward smiled to the girl, he held her arms motioning to stop “No, no, no. I almost forgot, he must be enjoying his quality time with his new Hong Kong girlfriend. Let’s leave them alone” he grinned cheekily.

“Well, yes… I think it’s better to leave the ‘Hong Kong lovers’ alone’  Hazel quoted in the air, then puts her phone back inside her bag.


They had a good time strolling around Hong Kong. It wasn’t new to Hazel but she felt good knowing that it was still Edward who’s with her now that she’s repeating all these experience. The walk had become full of laughs. Edward realizes that his mates were right; Hazel really is a nice girl. She’s so fun to be with and there was never a dull moment. There’re some questions playing inside his mind but he couldn’t just spit it out. He wanted to know if Hazel really did fancy him that way even before or was it him who fancied the girl first? No it can’t be, he heard Hazel already had a boyfriend. He may not know the complete details about the girl’s relationship with the boy but he is positive that what he’s been hearing are all true. He can’t fancy a girl who’s already taken, he thought. Maybe Hazel’s just a big fan of One Direction. He mentally smiled because it’s really weird that a mega popstar is fan-girling with another popstar. Though he’s happy he made another fangirl’s dream come true – it is to be with him. After this, he promised himself to be a nice friend to Hazel again. He wanted to make everyone feel that he didn’t changed even after that horrible nightmare of getting into an accident.


“Yes Edwardo?” hazel happily answered while enjoying her ice cream.

“Thank you for being a good friend and also for dealing with my grumpiness all the time. Sorry also for being rude at you during that night in the hospital” Edward finally stated. He knew he was wrong for shouting at Hazel that night in the hospital when he saw her crying for him. Hazel just sighed then looked away, she felt pain on her chest and suddenly find herself being occupied with the sad memories.

“Hazel? Are you alright?”

Hazel batted her eye lids and finally able to go back to the present time.

She nodded “I understand you Edwardo. I always will” she said calmly.

“But I’m so sorry I never had the chance to remember you. I promise to keep on trying.” Edward assured her.

“That would be nice of you Edwardo. Thank you too for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to you, again” there was a big lump inside her chest when she said those words. It was really hard for her to keep on smiling but she has to, so Edward won’t get affected by her personal issues.

“Did I change a lot after the accident?” he added.

“Nope! Not at all” Hazel finally had the courage to look at Edward’s pretty face. “~You only got more handsome, that’s all” she winked making Edward laugh.

“Stop those compliments. I feel like I have hydrocephalus now. You’re making my head bigger and bigger” he said with a cheeky grin on his face. Now it’s Hazel’s turn to laugh.

Hazel realized that change really was the only thing constant and as much as she hated it something has really changed now. Not with Edward alone but also with the things around them,  more people recognized them now. So they occasionally stop taking pictures with some fans and wished no one would post it on twitter because if that happens they can’t have another quiet vacation in Hong Kong anymore. The paps will come out from their secret places and will demonstrate their incredible abilities of stalking again.

“Hazel, how are the media been treating you lately? I mean are they still asking you some crazy things?” Edward asked. He thought this might be a nice time for him to clear things up with Hazel.

“Crazy things like what.” Hazel responded and kept her eye on the boy. Why is Edward asking things likethat? Did he already remember something about his lost memory?

“Ehm, things like crazy relationship issues.”

“Relationship.” Her heart starts banging, does Edward really remember something?

“Hazel, stop repeating my words.” He chuckled still looking at the road.

I- I’m sorry” she motioned her hands in the air, not having any clue on what to say next.

So, are they asking you too about us?” Edward is talking calmly but Hazel has the complete opposite expression. About us, sounds like a firework being exploded on her ears. She breathes out heavily and instantaneously focused her whole attention on Edward. “Are you okay? I- I’m sorry for asking you this. But I’ve been hearing things like that for a while now… Every time I went out and meet a media person or a fan, they always ask me about you.” Edward looked back at Hazel. He decided not to stay looking at the girl because he kind of feels a bit of discomfort. “Well, I’m just worried that it might seriously affect the both of us. Especially you, I think they are accusing you of flirting all of us, James, me... I mean that’s ridiculous to conclude only because you’re close with the band. But…” Edward talked in a fast phase for the first time. But still he got no response from Hazel. “I uh.. I just thought that..ehm… You know, we had our own lives and maybe own special someones. I’m just worried that it might affect them also. You do have a boyfriend, don’t you?” Edward finally gets to the point. He wanted to know if the girl really had a boyfriend, because if so, then he might be in a serious problem. He can’t go on like this, having a date with someone who was already taken. He doesn’t want to ruin a relationship.

Hazel opened her mouth but still no words came out.

“Well let’s just hope no one would post our pictures together in twitter becau--.”

“I lost him…” Hazel almost whispered, her voice trembling.

“Oh…I- I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I shouldn’t open that matter” he looked at the ground, feeling such pity for the girl. How can he be so insensitive? Maybe that’s why Hazel is being quiet while he is talking. How can he not feel that the girl doesn’t want to talk about it?

“There you are! We’ve been looking for you for about an hour now!” Ivy exclaimed as she hugs Hazel. “What’s wrong?” she whispered only enough for the two of them to hear.

“I’m fine don’t worry. I’m having a good time” Hazel whispered back, faking a smile.

Ivy sighed in relief, she thought she saw her best friend in its gloomy face again. “So, , since it’s our last night before parting waysWe’re planning to go clubbing tonight it should be fun! So uh, you guys are coming, aren’t you?”

“Of course. It will be so much fun, right Edwardo?” Hazel answered in an excited tone, looking at Edward. Edward’s eyes seemed surprise because the girl switched from an entirely different mood again.


“Right.” Edward smirked ackwardly. He still felt bad for the girl.

“Why can’t you girls go back with us in London? Why do we have to part ways? Girlfriend ,why?” James pouted like a child. Ivy likes the sound of James Horan calling her girlfriend, she’s getting used to it even if all of it was just a game for the Irish ladShe doesn’t want to end this wonderful dream in Hong Kong.  If she’ll be asked, she doesn’t want to go back to New York either. But Hazel Swift, the mega popstar whom she’s working for, needed to be back in New York.

“Hazel’s going to launch her new album next week James, so we need to be back in New York” Ivy explained calmly. But James, holding her hand tightly makes her want to shout at the top of her lungs.


“Oh yes, I remember. I hope we don’t have any schedules for that day so we could attend your album launch Haze” James nodded.

 “I hope so” Hazel agreed.


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