Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


4. III. Hong Kong with One Direction

III. Hong Kong with One Direction


He was standing with his hands in his pocket and seemed so serious. Edward’s brows furrowed as he looks at the wide glass window separating the passengers seating in the waiting area from the extensive runway, the sunlight was overwhelming, it was indeed a good sunny day in London. Though the weather wasn’t much of his concern, he was in deep thought of something he’d lost, not his memory, but that grey Jack Wills jumper – his favorite. He can’t lose it.

“Can someone text Caroline and tell her to find my Wills jumper, I can’t find it yesterday in my drawer.” He finally spoke from beside the Javaad, “Sure Wardy” William responded with a small smile in his face.

“but I think I last saw you wearing it like a year ago” William added

“You think I lost in somewhere?” Edward inquired.

“Yeah, I guess you left it in our hotel room in NYC”

“Where the hell is James?” Javaad asked changing the subject. He was looking at his reflection in the mirror so he was oblivious with Edward’s worried state. He looks so funny in his disguise, he’s wearing a beanie and a blonde wig, then a nerdy glass and he’s not wearing his usual varsity jacket, his wearing a black baggy pants and a fitted long sleeve instead. Everyone else are wearing disguise whilst waiting for their flight. It will be their first four days off without the media bothering them. The management got them covered and the airport personnel were instructed to not give any information to the media that the popstars are at the airport. They actually paid them to be sure.

“He’s with Ivy probably buying food for everyone, he’s enjoying his jet-black wig so much that no one ever recognizes him” Lee answered with a grin while checking some tourist spots in Hong Kong on his iPad. How I wish Claire was with me, he mentally said. He misses his girlfriend so much. The girl is busy doing her own dancing stuffs in Germany.

Javaad shook his head as a response, he imagined James face on his mind. The boy was wearing a jet black wig, a fake mole on his face and then make himself wear a baggy shirt with a bling-bling wrapped around its neck. It’s perhaps the weirdest disguise idea ever.

“I’m so excited to see Hong Kong for the first time!” William declared like a little boy. Though, he also misses Jane, his girlfriend. The girl was busy as well, doing her own stuffs at a Uni in Manchester. William hoped they could spend time in New York during Hazel’s Album Launch.

“Aren’t you excited Wardy?” William added, he put his hand over Edward’s shoulder.

“Well, yes I am excited…but it’s weird to think that I shouldn’t be, cuz you guys told me that I’ve been there lots of times already.” Edward stated awkwardly with his low voice and that slow phase of talking only Edward Styles can do. He wonders how he wasn’t able to remember anything about Hong Kong, when he’s already been there last year.  Well, that answers his question; last year was the one his memory had lost because of the accident.

“I’m sure you’ll love it there! Did you know that every time we went there, you’re as excited as a little kid.” Hazel assured, enthusiasm was present on her voice whilst putting her hands over Edward’s shoulders too. Edward still has no idea how Hazel is in London, when last week the girl’s just got back in New York, but now she’s back in London and going on Holidays with them? This girl must be really crazy over them, he thought. She’s more than an obsessed fan. She’s more of a stalker. He gave her a confused look. He could hear the loud music on the girl’s earphones, it was the band’s song that’s been playing.

Lee , Javaad and William exchanged happy looks whilst Edward frowned. He wiggled from Hazel and William’s arms.

You guys are heavy. Wait, Hazel? You’re with me when I went to Hong Kong? Who else is with us?” Edward asks, trying to gather up some more information about the vanished memory.

Hazel looked to the other lads before answering.

“We’re with James, then Ivy and my mom. You know the best part of our stay there was there’re no paparazzi in Hong Kong, because they didn’t know we’re spending our Holiday’s there” Hazel whispered the last part. The other lads drag their attention to James and Ivy who brought food.

The boys quickly grabbed their own foods then started munching it.

Omg! I’m so excited to go to Hong Kong with ONE DIRECTION! ” Ivy stated then William immediately covered her mouth.

Everyone playfully glared at her, except James who’s just giggling.

She raised her hand in a peace sign. “Sorry guys!” she whispered.

They just shook their head and looked around if someone heard the girl. Luckily, the people around them are too busy doing something.


Everyone immediately checked their phones and macbooks as soon as they arrived in their hotel.

William scrolls down his twitter page on his phone. A smirk was instantly planted across his lips the moment he read all his mentions. People, especially those fan base accounts were starting to wonder where they are. He felt amused by the situation, that for the first time no one knew where they are, or at least for now. He’s certain that the media would soon find out where they were.

“What are you guys doing? Why is everybody smiling at their iPhone for no apparent reason?” Edward spoke up from beside William, confusion written all over his face.

“Twitter, Wardy. Everybody’s looking for us already” William answered with a mischievous grin.

Edward rolled his eyes “This is not fair! Why can’t you just give me my phone and mac back.”

“Ooooh! That rhymes!” Javaad and James automatically looked up and pointed Edward. Then went simultaneously saying “Mac Back. Mac back. Mac back. Mac Back” they sounded like quacking ducks.

The others just chuckled.

“Ahaha. Edward, you can’t have em until you remembered anything about last year. That’s what the doctor says.” Lee reminded his mate

“Doesn’t he think that it could help me recover my memory easier?” Edward protested.

“The rumors the media are making will just confuse you Wardy. Internet is not a good help for you. It’s better that you would remember things by yourself…”

“And with our help…” Lee added.

“Oh cool! Paul sent us lists of new tourist spots that we could go to!” James said excitedly. The lad is smiling widely at his iPad screen whilst the others joined him, except Edward.

“And he said we should be careful and keep out from public’s attention as long as we could” Javaad read.

“Oh Pauly…” William muttered. “~How are we going to keep out of public and go sightseeing at the same time?” he asked confused, hands on waist as if having a serious talk with Paul.

James shrugged. “Maybe he wants us to wear disguise all the time”

“NOOOOO.” The other boys chorused in disagreement.

“Okay. Okay. Bad idea. I knowwwww. Can I apologize?” James raised his hand in a surrendering position. They all laughed at the Irish guy then went back to their own business. Lee, Skyping with his girlfriend. William, talking over the phone with Jane whilst scanning the tweets on his other phone. Javaad, listening to music whilst whining every minute how much his head aches from the long hours of plane trip. James, eating some chips and playing games on his iPad. And Edward, leaning against the glass window watching the small figures of people walking in front of the hotel building.


“I’m bored. Can we go somewhere now?” Edward finally spoke after some minutes of doing nothing. He got tired of watching his mates laugh at their gadgets whilst he entertains himself by looking at Hong Kong’s beauty from their Hotel window.

“Me too. I’m hungry” James said in his fast Irish voice whilst putting his iPad on the bed.

But I didn’t say I was hungry. I said I was bored” Edward said with a smirk.

“It’s the same” James pouted.

“With you, yes. Because when you’re bored , you eat” William chuckled as soon as he ended the phone call.

The other boys smirked and nodded in agreement.

“Righteo. Let’s have dinner then. I’m calling the girls. They must be hungry, too” Lee volunteered and get up from his bed. The girl’s room is just next to them. They reserved for two connecting rooms so they could easily converse with one another.

The other lads get themselves ready for their first night of adventure in Hong Kong, hoping to have the best normal stroll along the streets as normal teenagers, not stopping every second just to take pictures with fans and strolling with all eyes practically magnetized at their direction.


“Oh my gosh! This is awesome! I’m actually on a vacation with ONE DIRECTION!” Hazel squealed and excitedly stressed the words one direction exactly like how fan-girls say it. She was smiling widely, looking around the place as if it was her dream come true of being in Hong Kong. She even seemed like it’s her first time to be there. Edward though has the opposite expression, he appeared so calm and just looking around appreciating the scenery.

“You mean you just realize it by now?” Edward awkwardly asked whilst watching Hazel practically jumps like a little kid.

“Well… I just realize how happy I was” she paused, her smile somehow faded. “~when I went here the last time and now I think it’s happening again, this is going to be awesome” she continued, trying to smile again. But of course, Edward didn’t realize her uneasiness and basically believes in every smile that she is making.

You must be really really happy the last time you went here I suppose” Edward smirked whilst putting his hands on his pocket.

Hazel nodded enthusiastically, hoping Edward would open up a topic so they could talk all the way to the restaurant. Though, she decided to keep quiet and just cherish every moment that Edward’s beside her. She doesn’t want the boy to get annoyed with her again.

 They walk side by side while the others are also having fun on their own and occasionally stopping to take a picture with any cool stuff they see.

“Hazel! Edward! Smile!”  Ivy shouted as the girl’s camera instantly flashes. “Perfect!” she said with thumbs up sign. She gave Hazel a very meaningful glance that only the two of them could understand.

“Let me see?” James leaned closer to Ivy’s camera, whilst the girl let him hold it to see clearer. “Hazel! Take a picture of us too!” James demanded as he gives Hazel the camera.

“Sure!” Hazel smiled meaningfully on her best friend the moment she has it on her hand. “Move a little bit closer” she motioned.

“Hazel?” Ivy widened her eyes.

“Why? I want to capture more of the background” she answered grinning. Now it’s her time to tease her best friend.

“Right! So it will be obvious that we’re in Hong Kong” James agreed as he hugs Ivy side by side. “Cheese!”

“One more! One more!” James demanded, whilst Hazel is enjoying giving her best friend more meaningful glances.

Ivy is starting to get really red but James continued hugging her and making whacky poses with her. Oh his laugh! MUSIC TO MY EARS! Ivy mentally said. HUG ME FOREVER HORAN!

“PERRRFECT!” Hazel wiggled her brows, lips into a thin line. She’s really happy for her friend.

Ivy gave Hazel a half-thankyou and half-OHMYGOSH look. She giggled whilst Lee borrowed the camera to take a picture with the other lads.

“Wil! Jav! Let’s go over there!” Lee exclaimed, William and Javaad nodded. They excitedly posed on a statue and do some more whacky poses.

 “You two look good together” Edward suddenly mused. He smirked moving his eyes to Hazel, indicating that he understands their meaningful glances. “You could be a really cute couple” he said cheekily.

“Of course, we are.” James animatedly placed his arms on Ivy’s shoulders. He looked at the girl with such unusual happy expression painted across his features. “Ivy, we should be a couple during our stay here in Hong Kong then. Sounds cool?” James inquired with an excited tone as if his idea was the most brilliant thing he ever suggested.

Ivy had her jaws dropped and her eyes wide whilst looking at James who’s just smiling widely, waiting for her answer. Well though, with James Horan, No is never an answer when he wants to do something. Ivy, of course wanted so much to agree, but was it a very nice idea?

“I…uh.” (O_O) was the longest phrase Ivy could ever say.

James  chuckled. “Well, I’ll consider that as a yes. Let’s go girlfriend! I’m starving” James dragged Ivy across the street, happily holding the girl’s hand. He seemed to carefree with his actions, he’s positive that no one would take their pictures and virtually kill Ivy with rude tweets.

Hazel and Edward laughed together, both surprised with what just happened. Edward shook his head, grinning with the cute face his Irish mate on his mind. James is being adventurous again, Edward thought. He has this feeling that things between the two will eventually turn to a serious relationship matter.

“Let’s go?” Edward spoke, realizing that the girl beside him is out of this world again. Hazel seemed like watching a chick flick with that cooing look on her face  “Guys…Let’s go!” he waved his hand to the other lads.

“Coming!” Javaad, Lee and William chorused, following them.

Hazel took a glance at Edward whose just walking quietly beside her. She loves how he walks with his hands on his pocket and the feeling of being close to him. The lad seemed glad seeing his mates having fun. He just smiles whilst watching everybody. Sometimes they laugh together to some craziness the lads are doing along the street.

It feels good strolling along the streets like normal teenagers again. They’re lucky no one noticed them tonight.

They had an amazing dinner with full of laughs and everybody free of doing anything without having to worry that even their smallest facial expression will be posted and  judged in the internet the next day.


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