Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


3. II. Camera Flashes and Another Popstar Drama

II. Camera Flashes and Another Pop-star drama


“Next to perform is the beautiful and extremely talented Hazel Swift!!!”

The song’s intro started, the crowd started shouting her name. It was evident that Hazel is a massive pops star, everybody loves her music. She loves performing on stage specially when she knew that someone important to her is watching her rock the stage. Edward is her inspiration for her today’s performance because he made her happy.

“You are the best thing, that’s ever been mine! Oh oh ooooh.. (Mine by Taylor Swift)”  she was looking at Edward while she sings that part.

Edward just smiled at her. He was trying his best to be nice at Hazel, so smiling was his best way of being a gentle man. He stands with the crowd as they clapped for Hazel’s amazing performance.

The host had a small interview about Hazel’s fast approaching new album launch and she mentioned that One Direction will be there to support her. Edward felt something in his chest with the way Hazel smiled at their direction and at the way his band mates cheered for the girl. They had a very close relationship, but unfortunately he can’t get it back because of his stupid memory loss. Was Hazel that important for them?


“Congratulations! Three awards, you’re that big huh?” Edward tried to start a conversation for the very first time.

Hazel looked surprised with Edward’s action. “Thank you Edward! To you too! Congratulations! You guys had three awards as well” she sheepishly smiled. Edward is starting to feel uneasy again because Hazel is acting so girly. The girl was blushing and as much as he hates it, he found it so adorable.

“!” he nodded whilst putting his hands on his pocket. He was about to say something more but he was interrupted by the sudden loud screams of the crowd waiting for them outside.



The four lads made Hazel stay at their middle so they could protect her, the body guards aren’t enough to protect the girl from the crowd’s constant pushing. Edward was dragged at the middle as well so he walks beside Hazel. Cameras continuously flash whilst different questions were thrown at them. This is the consequence of being a pop star, the six of them got used to it. You’ll be blinded by the paparazzi and you’ll be surprised with the rumors the media are making up just to have a good scoop about you.

Something flashed through Hazel’s mind as they walked across the crowd. A scene, a moment with someone after an awards ceremony. The camera flashes and the constant questions thrown at them makes her remember everything, AGAIN.




“Why are they always talking about me” she once asked, irritatingly. Though, she knew it was a part of the life she was in.

“Because you’re damn interesting” a low voice answered her, the person cupped her cheeks whilst smiling admiringly.

“You think so?” she giggled, she’s aware of the sweet attempt the guy has.

“They thought so, I thought so… WE THINK SO” he slowly said with his raspy voice, then he kissed Hazel. That lad’s eyes sparkle each time they meet hers, but unfortunately she hadn’t seen it for a long time now. She missed those eyes, so much.

(End of flashback…)


“Edward, hold Hazel’s hand” Lee instructed Edward. Edward frowned. Why would he do it? Doesn’t Lee thought that it could only bring up another issue?

“You’re aware that there are paps around aren’t you” he answered in his low voice.

Lee nodded.                              

“Then why do you want me to hold her hand” Edward protested.

“Just do it!” Lee said firmly as if it was an order.

“No” Edward answered. But he felt so heartless the moment he refused to do what Lee told him. He knew his mate just wanted to protect Hazel, but why can’t Lee just hold the girl’s hand instead of him. Well yes, Lee has a girlfriend – that answers his question. But this is not a good time to ship them. The media can’t see him hold hands with Hazel, he doesn’t want to wake up the next morning seeing his face on the headlines and being accused of dating Hazel Swift only because of a simple friendly holding hands. He glared at his band mate then saw James do it instead. James has this unexplainable expression while holding Hazel’s hand, the way he looked at Edward, it was as if Edward had done something so wrong, so selfish, but at the same time there was sadness in the Irish lad’s blue eyes.

He saw William, Javaad and Lee’s worried expressions too – something he could not comprehend also. James just shrugged and let Hazel go inside the van.

“You take care okay? Call us as soon as you get to your hotel” Lee told Hazel, as the girl just nodded. Why did she look like she was about to cry? Was it because Edward didn’t held her hand?

Edward ignored the girl and didn’t mind to say his goodbye. He knew he was being rude but he just got irritated. Hazel is such a crybaby; she easily got affected with that?  SERIOUSLY? What the hell. She must understand that it would only complicate things if they do such things in front of public. But… Why…

Why does he felt such uneasiness?




“Don’t worry too much about me Lee. I’ll be fine. It’s just another popstar drama. What’s important is that we know the truth. None of those rumors were proven” Hazel talked at her laptop’s screen. “~I mean, that’s why it’s called rumors right? It’s not true…and… Oh god why can’t just get used to it” she mumbles whilst cupping her cheeks. They are both leaning closely at the screen.

She remembers exactly the questions that have been thrown at her that night. The questions were nothing but rude and rubbish. She, her mother and her friends knew she wasn’t a bitch, a whore, a flirt or a slut. THE MEDIA, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING.

Another rumor has been spread across the internet. People on the social networking sites had Hazel Swift and One Direction as their hot topic; they never seemed to get tired of talking about the famous teenagers’ lives.

“You know we’re just worried… about everything.” Lee answered looking at the screen too. He fully knows that Hazel is just faking the smiles. But he couldn’t do anything with it. Hazel will always be Hazel – the cheeky and carefree girl they knew.

 He frowned as he scrolls down his twitter page. All he can see was his name, his band mate’s and Hazel’s name being accused with random rumors. But the one that caught his attention the most was the picture of James holding Hazel’s hand, captioned “James Horan and Hazel Swift, DATING?” —it was during the awards night and beside it was THAT old picture of Hazel with her ex boyfriend. People are starting to call Hazel with different horrible names. It’s just unbearable, the only thing that’s making them stay are the support from their fans, telling them to be strong.  Lee didn’t bother telling Hazel what he saw; he knew his friend already had enough. The girl just needs space to breathe and a friend to talk to.


Lee admires Hazel for being strong after all the tough things the media has been throwing at them.

 “But Lee… We’re trying our best to do everything right? So there’s not much to worry about… ” she tried to smile so her friend would just stop worrying about her. The lad’s virtual presence made Hazel feel how lucky she was to have a good friend like Lee, and the whole One Direction.“H-how’s Edward anyway? I-I mean…everybody. How’s everybody?” She looked away, as if afraid to see Lee’s sad facial expression. She knew her flood gates were about to open.

“We’re okay babe!” James came near the screen with a thumbs-up sign, whilst holding a huge bag of chips on his other hand. The lad was smiling like nothing happened; he seemed not affected by the rumors that he and Hazel were dating. He knows he’s just protecting his friend “You go to sleep, love. I can’t go on all night seeing you get jealous with this food I’m eating” James smiled widely.

“Oh, James. You wonderful Irish lad, Why are you always hungry.” she giggled with a lump on her chest, she misses them already. James and Lee just smiled back at the screen then started their own conversation.

“Oi! Those are my chips!” Lee glared at James, the moment he noticed what the lad was eating.

“Not anymore” then James shoved a mouthful of chips. Lee faked a childish pained expression.

“You should pay that to me, You bully Irish Leprechaun.” Lee added faking a sad expression, pouting and glaring at James.

“I am not a Leprechaun” James answered in his own cute accent… Then there they go

Hazel just watched the two lads finish their little argument; she laughs alone seeing how these two gorgeous men can be so childish. She loves being around them, she got used to them. For some reasons she felt so comfortable being around them. Even the boy’s family knew her already, that’s how close they’ve gotten.

“Uhm. Haze?” Hazel saw James point at her eyes. Oh no, she was already crying and James is motioning her to wipe it.

“Oh!” she quickly wipes the water in her eyes and swallowed hard. “I-I’m sorry guys. I-I didn’t know this stupid waters are flowing already.” She batted her eyelids whilst taking a deep breath to suppress the tears.

“Come on babe.” The two lads focused again on Hazel “Where're your mom and Ivy? Are you all alone?” Lee asked with full concern on his features. He wanted to hug his friend, he wanted to comfort Hazel but unfortunately they’re worlds away. Hazel’s back in New York and the lads are in London.

“They just went outside to buy something. ” Hazel answered softly.

“Okay” Lee nodded whilst looking at James who’s intently looking at the girl’s virtual figure. The lad stopped eating and cupped his own cheeks whilst pouting like a sad child.

“We’ll wait for them then. We’re here for you, Haze” James nodded, looking at Lee.

“Oh no, I think you guys need to log out now. It’s getting late there. Your manager will kill you if you got all sleepy tomorrow on your interviews.” Hazel tried to convince the two boys to take a rest because she knew her friends needed it. But being the sweet friends, Lee and James insisted to stay with Hazel, even at least through Skype.

“Hey guys. I’m here with Hazel now. You gotta get some rest. I believe it’s already  1am there” Ivy piped in. Hazel looked up at her best friend whose holding paper bags.

“See, I told she’s coming soon.”Hazel talked to the guys on the screen. She smiled for assurance.

“Good.” Lee nodded.”~we’re going to sleep now okay? See you soon!”

“Yeah, you’d better go now. See ya!” Hazel answered.                                   

“Sleep tight you two! Take care! Bye Ivy, see you soon pretty. Goodnight” James waved and he kissed the screen.

“Goodnight!!” Hazel and Ivy waved back whilst Hazel elbowed Ivy who’s turning red already. Then the lads finally logged out from Skype. Ivy’s lucky James didn’t noticed she was about to faint that time.

As soon as Hazel minimized the skype window, Ivy saw the girl’s desktop background--it was a perfect picture of a couple. The couple look so happy and in love. How she wishes her best friend is as happy as the girl in the picture. Unfortunately, with the constant rumors the media are making, it is impossible for Hazel Swift to be completely happy. She may have many fans, but there’re still people who keeps on pulling her down.


“So here are the stuffs you wanted, anything else you need?” Ivy said, smiling to her best friend. She noticed that Hazel was wearing the Jack Wills hoodie again – Edward’s favorite jumper, random things that only one direction fans knew.

“Nah..I’m fine. Thanks Ivy…But if Edward Style’s heart is for sale, please let me know so I would be the first one to buy it” Hazel said with a humorous grin on her face. She still had the heart to tell a joke after all this rollercoaster ride she’s been through, that’s how amazing she was.

“Yeah sure! And if that happened, of course there would be a James Horan’s heart for sale too! We’ll purchase all those merchandise honey” Ivy declared as if she’s willing to buy it even if that means using their lifetime savings. Hazel is still lucky because she got a best friend who could make her forget all the problems in the world.

The two girls laughed out loud and went to their own worlds again --The holy land of One Direction where fan-girling is tolerable. Just forget the fact that Hazel Swift is more famous than the boys, cuz’ when she fan-girled with Ivy, she completely turns into a different kind of lady.




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