Last Kiss (COMPLETE)

A mega popstar fan-girling over another popstar? Yes, it's possible. But him, falling in love with her? Is it possible? He doesn't think so. First off, Edward feels all this weighty feelings whenever Hazel is around. Second, he can't fancy her basically because she had a boyfriend -as what he saw from the news. But why in the holy name of One Direction is she still pushing her self to get in his life? He had no idea... All he knew was all of this starts when he got into an accident and forgot entirely the last year of his life. Well Hello? he had enough of his own popstar drama and he doesn't need another one. Is Hazel a good help for him to recover his vanished memory? Or is she just another distraction. "SHE EVEN ASKED ME OUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!......" Edward felt so emasculated.


2. I. Edward and Gummy Bears


“Yes we’ll be fine. Thank you for carrying my bags sir! Have a good day!” she said as the bouncer in its usual black fitted t-shirt went across the dressing room’s door.

No problem Miss Hazel Swift” the big guy smiled and animatedly bowed its head on her before it closes the door.

“Why do they always have to wear those small black t-shirts? Okay, I know they’re fit and their muscular bodies seriously had the right to be exposed, but if they wear loose shirts instead? I bet they could move more easily.” Her best friend slash stylist instantaneously speaks out as soon as the door was closed and she’s sure no one else could hear them.

“I have no idea?” Hazel playfully rolled her eyes, shaking her head because of her best friend’s crazy question.

“Oh, I thought you knew” she answered, pouting while taking out all the stuffs they needed for the awards night. “Oh well” she shrugged, moving her interest to the dress Hazel is going to wear.

“And why would I know the mystery behind their tight clothing?” Hazel raised her brow talking to her stylist through the mirror’s reflection. She was amused by its constant stares to the bouncer and she knew it had something to say. Only to find out that the lady was curious why those bouncers were always wearing tight clothes.

“I don’t know, I just... Don’t get their style?” she shrugged while plugging the flat iron near the dresser.

Hazel giggled. “You’re becoming a crazy fashion critique, Ivy.” She said still looking at the mirror. But her friend really did have a great taste in fashion, that’s why she hired her to be her stylist. It gives her less trouble having someone she’s already close with as her personal stylist who could basically go with her on tour and stuffs. She’s lucky to have a best friend like Ivy.

“Really?” Ivy faked a shocked expression, looking at Hazel’s reflection.

“Yes” Hazel nodded with a smirk. “Now just stop ranting and finish my hair so we could still have time to visit One Direction’s dressing room before the show starts”

Ivy’s expression became more excited, her eyes widened.

“Really? You’ll make me come with you?”

“Uhuh, why not? I mean, I know you’re dying to see your ultimate crush again” Hazel answered with an amused tone pertaining to her best friend’s crush , James Horan.

“Yayy! OMG, I’m going to have a moment with him again! Im goin to see him again, Im gonna touch his holy fluffy arms again, im gonna see his cute chin again! Especially those blue eyes! Oh my G!!!!” Ivy exclaimed while looking at the ceiling dreamily, as if James’ picture was there.

“THAT IS if you don’t get to burn my hair because of your excitement.” Hazel rolled her eyes because her best friend is starting to fan girl again.

“Where is their dressing room anyway?” Ivy frowned, excitement still on her voice.

“It’s next to this room, Ivy” Hazel answered.

Huh? How did you know and I don’t… My hubby didn’t tell me where he was again… He’s making me sad, he always acts so distant to me, bad husband. Tsk tsk tsk” Ivy said whilst dramatically shaking her head, then faked a pained expression. When she says, her hubby well, she means James Horan. Hazel got used to it. But of course they could only tell possessive-fan-girl-jokes like that when they’re alone. There is no way in this world James would know Ivy’s big crush on him. Ivy had this secret rule when One Direction is around, that is – ACT COOL. MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE YOU DON’T FANCY JAMES HORAN,  AT ALL, LIKE YOU JUST WANTED TO BE HIS FRIEND. Though in reality, she’s dying and fainting and screaming inside. “Tell meeeee. How did you know they’re just next door? Did Lee texted you or any of the guys?”

“Well, there’s this thing called door labels” Hazel quoted in the air.”~posted in each door, basically saying the name of the pop star using that room” she continued.

“Oh yes.” Ivy smiled realizing her silliness. Hazel smiled, her best friend could be so cute sometimes.


 To be honest, Hazel is as excited as Ivy. Maybe even more excited for seeing again Edward Styles. She had a crush on the guy even before they were introduced to each other at an event. She adores him so much like how the fan girls love One Direction. She even forgets she was famous herself whenever she’s around Edward. Not like Ivy, Hazel literally shows how a big fan she is of One Direction and it was obvious that Edward is her favorite. The way she looks at him, the way she puts interest on their conversations and the way she wanted to keep the topics flowing.



“She even asked me out! Can you believe it? It was me who’s supposed to do that. I mean, not to her. But to some other girl…” he groaned. Edward shoved the red gummy bear on his mouth, with an irritated look on his face; it was his hundredth candy for the day but he didn’t notice it because he was too busy talking. His band mates are just quietly listening to him rant about how the famous Hazel Swift shamelessly ask Edward Styles out on a date.

James and Javaad exchanged a look then sighed. The two lads just shook their head as William finally decided to approach his best mate.

“Come on Wardy…Just give it a try.” William tried to convince him, using his own nickname for the lad. Wardy sounds so cool for him, but Edward dislikes it. So he just received a frown as an answer. “Hazel is a wonderful girl, believe me Wardy” William tapped Edward’s shoulder whilst the other three lads joined them. Lee and Javaad exchanged a look this time, and then James decided to eat the only donut left. James secretly glared at Edward because the curly boy eats all the food when he was pissed.

“You ate all the food” James pouted, but the lads still put more interest on Edward’s emotional issue. So they just rolled their eyes to James. Obviously, the blonde didn’t notice that now is not the perfect time to fight about food.

 “But I felt so emasculated when she shamelessly asked me if I wanted to hang out with her” Edward continued, setting aside James rant about the food. But he made sure he glared back before he continued talking to William. These lads are just amazing; they could actually run two topics at a time. Javaad elbowed James motioning to stop.

“It’s not like that.” Javaad started. “~what did you say to her anyway?” he asked. The other lads put their whole attention to Edward as if his answer was the most interesting thing in the world that time.

“Well..” he shoved another gummy bear. “I said I will think about it.” He stopped talking whilst realizing the stares. The lads swallowed waiting for Edwards next answer “~Why are you looking at me like that?” he eyed his mates one by one. Their eyes are wide but immediately pretended to be doing something else when they saw Edward noticed them. “I still tried to be nice, don’t worry” he frowned, still curious about the weird actions. “But that doesn’t mean I didn’t thought she was an easy girl. You’re aware that that kind of girl wasn’t my type right?”

“Right?” Edward repeated, hoping his mates would just agree.

James shrugged looking at Javaad, then Javaad exchanged a meaningful look with William then William looked up at Lee (the most sensible one on the group) --asking help, to say something with sense.

“She just wanted to get to know you mate. Ehm…” Lee scratched his head as if he’s saying something not easy. “~just don’t judge her that easy. Try to know the real her.”

“I—I agree!” James trailed off, raising his hand like a student answering his teacher’s question. “Hazel is the coolest girl you’ll ever know. You’ll like being with her, WE PROMISE!” he raised his right hand into a promise sign, smiling widely. “Does that help?” he whispered to Javaad with gritted teeth, not wanting to remove his smile so Edward won’t notice he is saying something.

“Uh? No?” Javaad whispered back, sarcastically rolling his eyes. James realized that keeping his mouth shut would be his best help for now, so he just continued eating the donut.

Edward is curious why his band mates were always acting so weird whenever they’re talking about that Hazel Swift. They always push him to her. They don’t actually say the exact words like they wanted Edward to be close with Hazel. But their weird actions made it obvious, that they wanted Edward to like Hazel too. Okay, she’s undeniably beautiful and massively talented. He even fancied her before, as far as he can remember. But that changed when he realize how clingy Hazel was, she became so annoying like a fainting fan girl when they’re together, she never acted cool. That made him to start disliking her. Adding the fact that Hazel Swift, a girl, asked him out on a date the last time they’re together at a famous event in New York. That’s why he’s not sure if he wanted to see Hazel again, he had no idea on how to turn down its invitation, he knows that would be rude to do so. It wasn’t his nature to disrespect a girl, but he’d never been to a situation like this, that a girl asked him out. Though it’s not like the fans never joked to ask him something like that, but with Hazel, it was FOR REAL. Firstly, he felt emasculated with Hazel’s aggressive act. Secondly, he felt something inside him whenever Hazel is around. He wasn’t so sure on what exactly the feeling was. It was weighty, like Hazel conquers his entire being. But he’s positive that the heavy feeling wasn’t about fancying Hazel Swift. He can’t fancy her, basically because he felt so irritated when the girl is around.

He knew that whether he likes it or not, Hazel would find a way to visit them on their dressing room. Their band is so close with the girl, even their stylist, their manager , their bodyguards and even to his sister Gemma. He had no choice but to deal with her, and her annoying friendly gestures. He had no idea how they’ve gotten close with this ultra-mega-pop-star. Well he basically had no idea with the past twelve months of his life, because of the car accident he’s been through—he had a brain injury. So he assumed Hazel came to their lives somewhere in that one year that he’d lost. Luckily, he didn’t forget that he was in this famous boy band because they’ve been together for two years already, so he remembers everything about One Direction during its first year. His memories are gradually getting back so he doesn’t think it would be hard hiding his situation from the media –yes, the media doesn’t know about his brain injury. The news only exposed things about his accident itself. He was able to pretend that everything is fine with him after taking a one month break because of it. He can easily cope with the situation, his band mates are always willing to help him remember things that he needs to remember.

 “Honestly, Why are you so sure that I would like her?” Edward frowned. Did he really liked Hazel before? If so, why does he feel so uncomfortable around her?

“Because…” James looked at Javaad.

“Because we like her!” Javaad continued then looking at William.

“That’s why you should like her too!” William added, asking help again from Lee. But Lee didn’t managed to continue when someone knocked on their door.


“Guys, Hazel and her stylist came to visit you” the body guard announced. They could already hear the giggling of two girls, probably joking around with their body guards.

Lee nodded “Oh yes,yes, please let them in!”


The four exchanged meaningful glances again. Edward hates whenever they do that, it’s making him feel like an outsider because he’s the only one who couldn’t understand it. He shoved another gummy bear and mentally rolled his eyes. He’ll just let this pass and won’t bother asking about Hazel anymore. He is sure that when he ask any little thing about the girl, his mates would just act weirder.

“You’ll understand it soon mate” Lee tapped his shoulder. That didn’t make things understandable though, it only made him more confused. What the hell does he need to understand soon? Why can’t his mates understand that there’s no way he could fancy Hazel.

Edward drank his coke while watching his mates greet the two girls. His eyes was somehow focused towards Hazel’s direction, he sits straighter preparing himself for another Hazel-Swift-Fan-girl-annoying-drama, he call it.

“Hey how are you, babe!” William hugged Hazel first.

“I’m perfect” Hazel smiled but William just sighed heavily, rubbing the girl’s back.

“We heard that you’re launching your new album soon?” Lee was next to hug her, trying to make the situation livelier.

“Yes! We’re excited for you!” Irish James Horan exclaimed, but hugging Ivy instead. “~hey Ivy! Long time no see! How have you been” James immediately drag his attention to Ivy.

“I---I am wonderful” Ivy tried to play it cool again but she knew she was turning red. Her crush hugs her and ask how have she been. Oh my gosh! That’s just asdfghjk@#$%^&*perfect!

“Vas happenin’ Hazel Swift! Are we invited for the launching?” Javaad asked with his funny

Idian accent,hugging Hazel too.

“Yes of course! That is if you don’t have any other schedule for the day? And it will be in New York!” Hazel answered in a lively tone, leaving the four lads. She walked right away to Edward.

“Hi Styles! How are ya!” she collapse on the couch where Edward was sitting.

“Fine.” Edward plainly uttered. “~gummy bears?” he offered her the candy. He thought it would be nice of him to offer a candy to a friend. Though it’s still awkward how he should treat Hazel as a friend when he couldn’t remember how they got in that level of relationship.

Her heart skipped because at first, she thought Edward called her gummy bears. She bits her lower lip realizing that the boy was just offering the candy. Even the other lads were surprised with Edward’s action.

“Ooh, your favorite” Ivy breaks the silence, because everybody’s jaw were dropped the moment Edward speaks to Hazel.

“ favorite! Thanks Edwardo!” she stuttered. She felt so good calling Edward with her own nickname for him.

“I told you I’m Edward, just Edward. Without O” he smiled whilst handing out the plate of gummy bears to Hazel.

Hazel giggled with eyes sparkling as her blue ones met Edward’s perfect green orbs.


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