The Perfect Two (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Oakland, Ohio has just received two new twins. One of them is sweet and adorable and the other is a complete jerk! But once Felicity gets to know them, she realizes she judged the book before actually reading it.



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Sunday 1st January 2013

Well, a huge hangover, gigantic cup of coffee and a side order of ibuprofen to start the day. Goodbye 2012, hello 2013! My list of stuff to do was very short, seeing as though I had broken three of my main rules. I slept with more than three guys, ate chocolate more than twice and I went five days in my sweats. This year will be different... well, starting tomorrow. No chocolate, no alcohol (only on special occasions), stick with one boyfriend and exercise at least four times a week! I turned on the TV and BBC News was showing flashbacks of last nights countdown. The only things I can remember are the lights spinning round and my head hurting 'cause I hit it on a table as I fell to my knees, drowning in vodka and slices of lemon.

I switched it off and waddled into my room, my blanket wrapped around me, dragging on the floor. My curtains were closed and as I shut the door, everything turned pitch black. I searched the wall for the light switch and suddenly the room flashed like a huge camera. I squinted my eyes and climbed onto my bed. The smell of bad breath and last nights clothes, riddled in perfume lingered the room, so I decided to open the window. The curtains were still shut as the daylight was as bright as New York City at night. Cars were beeping, music was playing, people were lounging in deck chairs and the smell of fried chicken caught my attention. The next door neighbors always had barbecues during the day, fatties.

I tuned in the radio and Taylor Swift came on. "We... are never ever ever... getting back together..." 

"Yeah Yeah Taylor, we all know it was Harry that actually wrote that song." I mumbled to myself. I walked into the bathroom and switched on the shower, dropped my towel and climbed in. It felt good to be clean and smell nice. As I scrubbed the smell of tonic off my skin, I heard a knock on the door.

"IT'S OPEN!" I yelled. The door opened and a voice replied.

"FEE, IT'S JESS! YOU IN THE SHOWER?" I sighed and sarcastically replied.

"NO, I'M ACTUALLY IN MEXICO AMIGO!" I heard her laugh and she clicked on the kettle. I jumped out and quickly wrapped a towel around my hair, half up, half down. I put on my robe and headed into the living room, where Jess was sat on the chair. "I see you made yourself at home then."

She smiled and replied. "Yeah, you're my sister... I am home."

"That made no sense whatsoever." I said confused. "Anyway, why aren't you at mums? She is expecting you right?"

"Yeah, but she called this morning and said..... she... had to make..... a rain check... yeah..... a rain check." She paused a lot.

"Are you sure it isn't because you told her you had a boyfriend... even though you broke up 2 weeks ago?" I sat next to her.

"Well, I told her before we broke up... and she was so pleased... you know 'cause it's the first boyfriend I've had since high school... and well... I wanted to make her proud of me for once... you know?" She sounded upset, so I put my arm round her.

"You make her proud every day Jess. You're her daughter, she should be proud of you no matter what." I smiled and she smiled back.

"Thanks Fee, you always know how to cheer me up."

"What are sisters for, huh?" She stood up and left. I made my way into my room and dried my hair. By the time I was finished my brush looked like King Kong's armpits. I chose my black vest with my checkered shirt and blue jeans. I loved to wear my red converse with my blue jeans but of course, Jess borrowed them for last night so I wore my black ones. I grabbed my bag and my keys and headed for mums house. My car was a black range rover, with soft cushions on the seats, you know, for a bit of luxury travel now and then. As I pulled up outside mums house, I noticed a strange car parked in her garage. A car that had never been there before. I hopped out and went for a closer look. The car was a black Mercedes Benz and it had interior design inside it.

"Like what you see?" A raspy voice appeared behind me. I turned around and saw a handsome boy stood at the porch. His hair was dark brown and curly, he was tall, say about 5 ft and he was wearing very stylish clothes.

"Is this your car?" I asked him.

"Yeah, but my brother drives, I role with him." He smirked.

"Nice, but I've never seen you here before, how'd you know my mum?"

"This is your mums house... wow. You look nothing like her, I'm Lucas." I shook his hand and backed away.

"You're new here? It's a small town, trust me, I would know you." He stared at me.

"Yeah, me, my brother and my mate just bought a house here. We own a motorbike rally back home and well... it went a bit wrong and, basically you could say we came here to start a fresh. So here we are!" He laughed to himself.

"Okay, well I asked if you were new here, not for your life story. So if you don't mind, I would like to go see my mum now." I budged past him and he blocked my way.

"What's the secret word?" He stood, blocking the door and staring at me.

"Please?" I looked confused.

"Oooh, nope. Sorry, can't let you through. Next please!" He called as if I was in a queue.

"Look, I don't have time to dick around and play silly games with you, okay. Now move.... please!" He moved out of the way and as I walked past him he slapped my ass. "Don't ever touch me again!" I turned and walked away, into my front room where my mum was sat on the couch, with Lucas?

"How'd you get in here so quick?" I asked confused.

"Who me?" Said the boy sat next to my mum.


"I came through the door? I'm Harry." He stood up and smiled.

"I thought your name was Lucas?" I asked him.

"No, that's my twin brother. People always get us mixed up." He held out his hand, gesturing me to shake it.

"You're twins? As in, identical twins? Like, same birthday, same age, same looks?"

"Yeah, that's usually what twins are?" He seemed confused.

"Oh dear lord." I said to myself.

"Why what's wrong?" He asked. 

"Oh, nothing. It's just, there's two of you. Two Lucas'. Gosh!" I sighed.

"Yeah, my brother's a pain, but you get used to him after a while... anyway... your name is?"

"That's my daughter... Felicity. Everyone calls her Fee. I have another daughter, called Jessica, also known as Jess." My mum introduced me, and Jess like she was in the room.

"Yeah, thanks mum. Well, best be off. Got a program I need to watch. See you later mum." I waved.

"Oh Fee! Could you remind Jess to come over please?"

"Mum, she said she can't make it. She's got an important..... date with... Jack? John? Jimmy?"

"Jack darling. Such a sweetheart, well from what I hear anyway. Well, tell her I'll pop in tomorrow, around noon. Love you sweetie." She said in her charming English accent.

"Love you mum. Bye Harry, Lucas." I smiled and walked out. Lucas and Harry followed behind me and as I jumped into my car, Lucas came up to my window.

"Goodbye for now. I hope I see more of you..... Fee." He smirked and jumped in his car. I set off down the road back home and coincidentally, they followed behind. I pulled into my driveway and jumped out.

"What a coincidence, we're neighbors!" Lucas shouted.

"Yeah, funny." I groaned to myself.


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