The Perfect Two (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Oakland, Ohio has just received two new twins. One of them is sweet and adorable and the other is a complete jerk! But once Felicity gets to know them, she realizes she judged the book before actually reading it.



6. Happy Ending!

Friday 6th January 2013

I woke up to find Harry in the kitchen making a cup of coffee.

"Last night was pretty fun to be honest. I've never stopped over at a girls house before." he laughed.

"Haha. You best get used to it, we have a lot of parties." I said.

"Natalie seems like a nice girl." he said.

"Yeah she is. She deserves a man who likes her for her. She only ever goes out with people who like her for her looks."

"She's not like any other girl I have dated before. And I've dated a lot of girls, no offence." he laughed and I smiled.

"Urm, I hope you don't mind but I kissed Lucas last night. I felt guilty when I saw you smile at me." I told him.

"Oh no. It's fine, I like someone else anyway." he smiled.

"Who?" I asked.

"Natalie. I was going to ask her if she would have dinner with me tonight but I guess she is a bit hungover from last night."

"No!" I shouted. "She can defo have dinner with you." I woke her up and dragged her into my room. "Harry... wants to go... to dinner with you tonight!" I said, trying to catch my breath.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she scream. I smiled at her and she hugged me.

"I guess you told her then?" he laughed.

"Yeah. Sorry." I replied.

"Haha, it's fine. At least she is happy." he said, smirking. Lucas woke up and joined us in the kitchen. "Ah, I've heard good things about you. said Harry.

"Very funny. Good morning." Lucas said, smiling at me and hugging me.

"Good morning it is." I replied.

"Harry and I have decided to go on a double date with you and Lucas." said Natalie, smiling.

"Double date eh?" Lucas said, laughing.

"Yeah, you in?" asked Natalie.

"Yeah what the heck. You in Fee?" asked Lucas.

"Yeah sure." I said. "It'll be fun"



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