The Perfect Two (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Oakland, Ohio has just received two new twins. One of them is sweet and adorable and the other is a complete jerk! But once Felicity gets to know them, she realizes she judged the book before actually reading it.



4. Freezy's!

Wednesday 4th January 2013

I still haven't figured out why Harry is mad with me, was it something I said? Anyway, I suppose I should forget about it, maybe he'll come around later on.

"Hey, when did you leave?" asked Jess.

"Oh, Harry went in a bit of a mood with me, so I left around 12." I said.

"Well, at least you had a good time. Jack left as usual. Said he had to be somewhere." Jess said, sounding disappointed.

"Wanna come to mums with me later on?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." Jess went into her room and shut the door behind her. I could hear her on the phone to Jack and she sounded mad with him. I tried to block it out by turning on the stereo and cleaning up. There weren't really many dishes in the sink so I decided to clean out the cooker and re-organize the fridge to pass the time. A knock on the door shook me.

"Who is it?" I shouted.

"Lucas, let me in" he shouted back.

"What do you want?" I asked him.

"I want to talk to you!" I opened the door and he walked in. As he sat down at the kitchen table, I turned the kettle on.

"Want a cuppa?" he shook his head.

"Just had a Starbucks." he said. "Harry seemed a little upset this morning, he went to bed early last night. There wasn't an argument between you was there?" he asked.

"Well, he was outside with Jess for a while and then when he came back in, he said something about a prick?" 

"And you didn't say anything to him at all?" he asked again.

"Defo not." I told him.

"He's probably just a little home sick. Do you wanna maybe get some ice cream with me? I've been wanting to go to Freezy's all day, but Harry's been in a mood." 

"Yeah okay. Jess, I'm going out, be back later!" I shouted.

"Don't forget mums later on!" She shouted back.

"Kay!" I left the house and we drove to Freezy's. It wasn't far but it seemed to take forever to get there. Lucas turned on the radio and Justin Bieber came on. "Baby... baby... baby... ohhh!"

"I hate this song!" Lucas said as he turned the radio off.

"What's so bad about it?" I asked.

"He's such a gay boy!" he said, laughing.

"Get out! JB is a star, you're just jealous cause you haven't got the talent he has!" I laughed.

"Yeah okay, I get compared to that guy from 1D all the time!" he told me.

"That's what Harry said." My smile suddenly turned to a frown.

"Cheer up, ice creams on me yeah!" he smiled.

"Thanks! You're not as bad as I thought you were!" We both laughed and pulled into Freezy's. There was no queue today so we decided to sit down before we ordered.

"What did you think of me when you first saw me?" he asked.

"Well, your first impression wasn't all that good, seeing as though you smacked my ass... but you're all right!" I told him.

"Thanks." he smiled. "So, chocolate chip or vanilla?" he asked, pointing at the menu.

"Chocolate chip please." I said.

"Ah, a chippy. Very rare!" he laughed.

"Chippy?" I said to myself as he walked over to the counter, handing the cashier a ten. "Thank you." I said as he passed me my ice cream.

"So..." he said, trying to make a conversation.

"So..." I replied. "This is good ice cream." I said, licking the drips.

"Yeah, Harry doesn't know what he's missing." he replied. It didn't take us long to finish our ice creams and when we did, we hopped in the car and drove home. As Lucas pulled into his drive way, Harry was sat on the bench in the garden, with Jess.

"Hey!" I said, smiling.

"Hi. Where have you two been?" Harry asked.

"Freezy's." we both said.

"Ah, Freezy's. Best ice cream in the world!" Jess said, laughing.

"Felicity, can we talk please... in private?" asked Harry.

"Yeah sure." I replied, sounding confused. We walked inside and sat in the living room. "So?"

"Jess, told me who you were on about, when you called Lucas a prick." he told me. I felt guilty, because Lucas is his brother and his best friend. The look on my face kinda gave it away. "It's fine, don't get upset. I realize that you don't like him and yeah, he can be a bit of a prick sometimes, but at least get to know him first?" he asked me.

"Well, actually... at Freezy's I told him I didn't really like him at first, but then he offered to pay for my ice cream and I realized he wasn't such a jerk." I told him.

"You realized he wasn't such a jerk... because he payed for your ice cream?" he said, sounding confused.

"No, I meant, he is a nice guy once you get passed all the act." I replied.

"Act?" he asked.

"Yeah, he acts tough and rude at first, but he seems like a nice guy if you just... get to know him." I said.

"So, you like him now?" Harry asked.


"Well, now that's all cleared up... wanna hang for a bit?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, why not." I smiled. We went back outside and Lucas was stood at the gate talking to a guy with a black jacket on and a huge red car behind him. He seemed to be a very important person. He had a briefcase in one hand and was focused on only talking to Lucas. Harry went up behind Lucas and joined in the conversation.

"See you soon." shouted Lucas.

"Yeah, bye." the stranger shouted back.

"Who was that?" I asked Harry. Lucas stared at Harry and winked at him.

"Oh no one. Don't worry." He smiled and went inside.

"Well, best be going, don't wanna interrupt anything." Jess said, walking back to my house.

"Where are you going?" I asked her.

"Mums house! Remember, you invited me!" She shouted back. I followed her, jumped in the car and set off to mums house.

At mums house!

"Tea?" asked Mum.

"No thanks mum." I replied.

"Yeah please." said Jess.

"So, what brings you round here during the day?" asked Mum.

"We were just bored so we thought we would come over for a bit, is that not okay?" I asked.

"Yeah sure it's okay, you're my daughters." she replied. Mum poured Jess' tea into a Piglet cup and placed a few biscuits onto a small plate. "So, what's the goss?"

"Well, I became good friends with Lucas and Harry... that's me, Jess." I said, waiting for her to answer.

"Well... mum." She said. "Jack and I are.... having quite a few.... problems at the moment... urm.... maybe it would be better if we didn't speak about Jack for a while. What about you Mum, what have you been up to?" asked Jess.

"I went to gardening store this morning with Carol and Maggie. I had a few laughs with them and I have actually organized for the girls to come over tonight, for a pampering session." she told us. Jess and I looked at each other, trying to keep our laughing under control.

"That should be fun." I said, smirking.

"I don't know what is so funny girls... you're never too old to treat yourself." said Mum.

"Yeah, you're right mum. Maybe I'll ask my friends if they wanna come round to mine, have a little knitting session and talk about this weeks Downton Abbey." said Jess, laughing.

"Right, go on, go, before I pull your pants down and give you a good smack!" said Mum, shoving us out the door.

"Bye mum!" we both said.

"Bye girls!" she replied.

"Pampering session?" Jess said, awkwardly.

"Apparently so." I laughed.

"She is such a teenager at heart." said Jess.

"Hey, who do you think that man was who Harry and Lucas were talking to earlier on?" I asked.

"I dunno, but I don't think it's something you should be getting involved in." she replied.

"Yeah you're right." I said. We pulled into the driveway and went inside. I turned on the TV and the news was on, yet again. This time it was something interesting and it involved someone very close to home.

"Jess! Call Harry and Lucas and tell them to turn on their TV!" I shouted. She picked up the phone and rang them.

"Yeah, turn on the news." she told them. Jess hung up and sat down on the couch next to me. "So they really are trouble then?" she asked.

"I suppose. Hey, I bet it's something to do with that guy who they were talking to earlier on." I said.

"Fee, don't get involved! You'll only get yourself into trouble." said Jess.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." I replied.


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