Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


24. wait for it

Izzys pov What did I just do? I thought by showing Harry what Kristy was up to would buy us some more time. I didn't think he would watch the whole thing. I have no control over my ability once I lock eyes with someone it's up to them how much they see, they're the ones that have to break the connection. I was trying to prolong this war, but I think I'm the one who just started it. All I wanted to do was help. I watched as Harry destroyed his bedroom door. I heard him shout the words "He's fucking dead." I never seen Harry like this he was scary, he looked like a true monster. I blinked my eyes and Harry was gone. I raced down the hall at vampire speed. I watched as chaos broke out. The boys were fighting against Harry trying to keep him from going out the door. I heard them trying to get answers out of him, he just wouldn't budge. He was too enraged, all is focus was on killing Kratos. What have I started? Harrys pov After seeing what Izzy just showed me. I knew it was time to get the love of my life back, and if I didn't get her back atleast Kratos would be dead. Right now my main mission is to kill that son of bitch. I made way into the frontroom at vampire speed, I'm guessing the boys heard me yelling at Izzy, because there they stood in front of the door blocking my exit. "MOVE NOW!" I shouted. They didn't look a bit intimated by my words they stood their ground. "I'm gonna tell you again to fucking move. They still didn't budge, that's when I jumped at them. I didn't care if they got hurt. I just wanted out my main focus was Kratos. He could be doing anything to her right now. Am I not suppose to care. Like hell she's all I care about and I'm not gonna have some prick trying to hurt her. I felt my body collide with each one of the boys. They got the best of me, it took all four of them to hold me in place. "What is wrong with you?" Louis questioned out of breath. I didn't answer him instead I found myself telling them to let me go. "Just let me go." I hissed. They didn't let up. "You're not going anywhere until you tell us what the hell is going on. I haven't seen you this mad in ages." Liam spoke. All the girls just watched in shock. Eleanor was shaking, I could tell she wasn't use to this type of behavior due to her being a human. "It's time." I stated harshly. "Harry we're not letting you give yourself to her no matt-" I cut Louis off. "It's not about that anymore, It's not about my death it's about me killing that prick Kratos. Now get the fuck off." I growled. They still didn't release me. I knew they weren't gonna let me go until I calmed down. "Let Izzy show you what she showed me." I stated. "Show you?" Zayn questioned. Izzy stepped closer to us. "My ability Zayn remember how you would always ask what it was and I wouldn't tell you?" She questioned. Zayn nodded waiting for her to continue. "Well I can show people what they wanna see most. I been keeping my eye on Kristy, making sure nothing would happen to her Harry wanted nothing more then to just give up. Kristy is fighting a war against herself on what's right and what's wrong. She doesn't wanna kill Harry unless she knows it the right thing to do. I thought that if I showed Harry it would buy us time and he would change his mind on giving up." She finished. "What did you show him?" Zayn questioned. Izzy went on to show each one of them what happened or so I figured she would, she showed Zayn first then Liam by the time she got to Louis I was gone. I knew they would be too wrapped up in what she had to show them so I took it as my opportunity to spilt. Izzy pov I had to show each one of them what I showed Harry. I had just finished with Niall being the last. He finally blinked breaking the connection. So now they all knew why Harry was so enraged. They all knew why he wanted nothing more then to beat Kratos to a pulp. I looked around the room searching for Harry, he wasn't there. "Guys where's Harry?" I asked. They didn't seem to notice that he was gone either. "He was right here a second ago. Everyone go search the house." Liam demanded. We all did what we were told. We soon gave up when we realized he wasn't here. "He's gone." Louis said sounding defeated. "Well let's go, Eleanor go lock yourself in the guest room so nothing will happen to you." Louis instructed. Eleanor gave Louis a short sweet kiss before walking off. Myself, the girls, and the boys took off in search of Harry. Harry's pov I ran out the door and through the woods. I sniffed the air hoping to pick up her scent. The wind blew in my direction and the smell of vanilla hit me, it was the smell of her shampoo. I knew she was a little ways away but I would get there in the matter of minutes. I rushed out the woods and kept inhaling her scent, I made it out the city, and ended up in the country side. I stopped taking in my surrounding I have never been here before. I sniffed the air one last time and took off down a dirt road. I came to a stop looking at the only house in sight. I knew she was here, her scent was so strong now. I made my way around the house to the back and sure enough I seen the same tree I seen when Izzy showed me Kristy. I focus my eyes on the tree, that's when I seen her. She was still sitting under it. I wondered to myself how long she has actually been sitting there. I want nothing more then to go up to and wrap her in my arms, but I know I can't. It pains me to be this close to her without actually touching her. I was broken out of my thoughts when I heard the back door being slammed. "KRISTY!" I heard Kratos shout. At this point I knew my eyes were black, my fangs were in, and his death was the only thing on my mind. "Over here." I heard her say. I could tell she's been crying just by how weak her voice sounded. "We're leaving today." He spat. I watched Kristy shake her head. "Did you just tell me no." He said stepping in her face. "I won't do it. How do I know killing him is the right thing to do. I told you I need time, I need answers." She said taking a step back from him. I watched Kratos take hold of her shoulder shaking her. "You have answers. I told you everything you need to know. What more could you possibly want" He shouted. "I want to know I'm doing the right thing." She cried. Kratos threw her to the ground. "Aha the right thing. Like I told you, you don't have a choice, It's either you kill him or I kill you." He spat while kneeling next to her. I hated this sight. I hated hearing her cries. As I was watching this scene before me I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back to see who it was, I was relieved that it was Louis and everyone. They wore the same expression as me. Their eyes were black, barring their fangs. "Why isn't she fighting back." Niall whispered. "I think she's giving up." I stated. "Now princess are you ready." Kratos asked. Kristy shook her head no. I don't understand why she just doesn't say yes. Just to tell him what he wants to hear. "That's a shame, BROTHER!" Kratos called I watched Clovis as he appeared next to his brother. "Princess here isn't ready, so you know what that means right?" He questioned. Clovis nodded his head while wearing a sly grin. "It's kill or be Killed." Clovis stated. "That's right brother." Kratos said. I watched as Kratos grabbed Kristy by her hair pulling her to her feet. I heard her hiss in pain. "It's such a shame to have to kill you, you could have been great." He growled. I kept looking on in fear of what he would do to her. I watched as Kratos slammed her against the tree. I heard her cries they went right through me. I shifted my feet getting ready to attack. "Wait for it." Louis instructed. I nodded. I watched as Kratos took hold of Kristy's neck. There was no more waiting I stepped out from where I was hiding, so that I was in clear view. "Let her go."
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