Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


3. uh oh

Kristy pov "What is wrong with him." I shouted over and over again and no one would give me an answer. I was worried I have never seen this happen before. I was scared because no one would tell me what was going on. I just wanted Zayn to be okay. I couldn't understand why no one would tell me what was happening to him. I felt myself begin to panic Harry looked at me, his eyes filled with worry. "Kris I think It's best if we didn't tell you what was happening, he's okay though I promise." Harry assured me. "Why don't you want me to know?" I questioned. "I don't want you to be more scared then what you already are." He answered while taking my hand in his. Obviously what ever was happening was bad. I still feel like I had the right to know. I was in this mess with them. Eventually Zayn stopped shaking and acted like nothing had ever happened. I only think he was acting that way because I was in the room. I watched as Zayn made his way out of the frontroom and into the kitchen everyone followed him besides Louis. "Why didn't you go with everyone else?" I asked. "I wanna tell you what's happening you need to know." He spoke. I stood up from the couch and made my way over to him. He told me that Zayn had seen a future attack. That they know for sure that, that army was created to destroy us. I sat there just starring into space. Is this my fate, is this how I die. I'm not ready for death, everything was going so great, but if this is the way it's suppose to be so be it. I will not leave them. We will do this together. I noticed the other boys making their way back into the frontroom. I was still sitting next to Louis. I knew they had seen what Zayn saw. I know he told them each and every detail. I just knew the jist of it all. I seen Harry out of the corner of my eye giving Louis and I weird looks. I stood up to make way to my bedroom I had enough of this. I made my way to my bedroom, I opened the door as I went to close it a hand stopped it. "Why did you leave without saying anything?" Harry asked. I was annoyed with him, mad that he didn't tell me what was going on. "For the same reason you didn't tell me about the vision." I spat. "I didn't want you to worry." He calmy said. His calm tone annoyed me even more how could he be so calm knowing we were gonna die. "I have a right to know that I'm gonna die Harry." I whispered. I still didn't want to accept it. "You don't know that." He assured me. "Oh save the bullshit, this is how it all ends, and you know it." I scolded. He was silent his silence just confirmed that this in fact was it. With nothing left to be said I walk to my bed and laid down. All I wanted to do was sleep forget about everything. Harry pov I know that I should have told her but I felt like if I didn't I was some how protecting her. Knowing you're going to die is a scary feeling. I just didn't want her to be scared. I'm not a bad guy. I was just doing what I thought was right, I guess it wasn't. I didn't know what to say to her last comment instead I just fell silent. I did no want to argue with her. I don't wanna spend the rest of our days together fighting. I just wanna show her how much I love her. It's sad I will never be able to grow old with the one I love. I was gonna die as a nineteen year old. I feel like that age haunts me. It's so weird to feel scared. I know when this attack happens I won't be able to do a damn thing to help my brothers, or keep her safe. All I ever wanted was to be alive again, and now that I am I'm not so sure I wanna be anymore. If I was vampire I would be able to help them, we would have a chance. Even though she's mad at me I cuddle up next to her holding her close to me. I didn't realize how tired I was until I actually laid down, sleep took over almost immediately. Kristy pov I felt Harry slide his way into our bed. I felt his arms wrap around my body. I will miss his warm embrace. The way he holds me like he never wants to let go, his kisses, the way he make me feel, the love he has for me, but most of all I'm just gonna miss him. I don't see how he can sleep my thoughts are going crazy. I wonder how my death will happen. Will I be sucked dry, will they break my neck. It's nuts to think about your death. I realized I'm not gonna be able to sleep. I slowly remove myself from Harry's arms. I kiss him on his forehead before getting up completely. I take one last look at him and make my way out of the room. I walk down the hallway and into the frontroom. I noticed I'm not the only one who couldn't sleep. Louis is up chuckling at the t.v screen. I make my way over to him he doesn't seem to notice my presence. I sit just a few feet away from. I'm guessing he felt the couch sink in. He turned to look in my direction. "Couldn't sleep either huh?" He asked. "No not at all my mind is racing, it's driving me crazy. Why are you awake?" I questioned. "Not really tired." He said. We continued to watched t.v for another hour or so. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask him. "Lou?" I questioned. "Yes Kris." He said. "Will it hurt?" I asked. "Will what hurt?" He said."Death." I simply said. "I guess it does, but when it's over it's over. No more worries or problems nothing." He said. I felt my eyes start to water. I don't understand how life can be so cruel, I had just got Harry and the boys and life was taking them away from me, It wasn't fair. I just accepted them as my family, and we were all about to be ripped apart. I don' think either one of us would be sleeping tonight. Clovis pov My vampires are getting stronger and faster. This is great, it will be easy. I wish Kratos was here to see them he would be so proud of me, them. I've made around fifty new borns. I felt like that should be enough. I want them to continue to feed so they can become even more stronger. This has to be done, they have to die. They will die by the hands of me. I'm controlling their fate they have no say in it. I say when they die. I want them to be tortured I want them to feel as much pain as possible. I decided I would leave Harry last so he can watch the one he loves die. I want him to beg me for death. Kristy pov I wish there was I way I could help. I learned living with vampires is not an easy life. They are my family and I want to be able to protect them like they did so many times for me. They were there for me and I want nothing more then to be there for them. Louis and I were still awake. The t.v was still on but I don't think either one of us were watching it. I think we were both lost inside our minds. Every thought must of replayed itself in my head atleast ten times. I continued to sit there just listening to all my thoughts, when a new one popped up. I turned to Louis so that we could face one another. "Louis I want you to bite me. I want you to inject me with your venom.
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