Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


32. final epilogue

*10 years later* Darcy is now fifteen, she's growing everyday. We found out her ability a few days ago, while Harry and I were asleep. I felt Harry keep fidgetting, he almost never stirs in sleep, he pretty much sleeps like a rock. Darcy has the power to maniuplate other's dreams. Somehow she's always messing with her father, I find it quite amusing. It's her way of waking him up just so she can be close to him. I sometimes envy their relationship but at the same time I adore it. Niall and Myra had their son his name is Landon, he's 10. He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen. Since then we added two more to our coven. Izzy and Zayn have a little girl named Zoe and El and Louis have a daughter as well, her name is Kaydence. Zoe and Kaydence are both 4. Liam and Kenzie have yet to have a kid but they got married last year. We no longer live together, we thought since we were adding more to the family it was time to go our separate ways. Don't worry though we are all still close, so close we bought an entire black just to live near one another and have the kids grow up together. Harry and I are expecting our second child, this time it's a little boy. I already have the name picked out, It's Devon. I'm only 3 months along so I got awhile to go. This pregnancy is alot different then my first one. I have so much energy, I don't puke and Devon doesn't beat me up from the inside out. Harry hates the fact tha Darcy is growing up, a few months ago she had her first kiss and Harry witnessed it first hand. Before he could lash out and ruin her moment I had to stop him. He is very protective of his little girl. I remind him everyday not to get in the way. I tell him what happens if that's her mate. He just stares at me like I'm crazy. I tell him you can be a father without envading her privacy, he's trying his best. Darcy is his baby he will kill anyone that tries to harm her. Darcy's boyfriend's name is Jason, he's been around for a bit now. He's a good kid. He is not one of us. Funny story Darcy was out hunting one day, she came across Jason getting ready to bite him but she she said she couldn't. She said he was just too cute to kill. He accepts her for who she is, so we accept him. He's a lovely boy, he has black hair, blue eyes and he's about the same height as Harry. He is very smart and well mannered. In case you are all wondering, I finally got my ring. We got married this year. I wasn't worried about the wait, I know and Harry knows that we have forever together, but I kept reminding him that not all of us do like my parents. My parents now see what I really am, they try to block out the thought, but they accept it, they also know Darcy is one of us, but that doesn't mean they love her any less. *flashback* I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Today is the day I take Harry's hand in marriage. I have no idea why I'm so nervous, I just am. I asked Izzy to be my maid of honour she accepted right away. Myra, Kenzie, and El are my bridemates. Harry asked Louis to be his best man, Liam, Niall, and Zayn are his groomsmen. While Darcy is the flower girl and Landon is the ringbear. My mother was doing my makeup, and hair. I felt like a complete mess. My dress is beautiful, it's long it flares out around my feet It's strapless and around the chest area it's filled with little rinestones. My vail is just as long as my dress if not longer. After all these years I still couldn't fathom the thought I was marrying the man that changed everything for me. When I look back on it, I'm glad it happened I found the love of my life and I wouldn't change it. I have a gorgeous daughter that I love more then anything, she's pefect. My mother had just finshed up with the last bit of makeup. "Done." I stood up and faced the mirror. My eyes practically popped out of my head. I almost didn't recognize my own reflection. She did a shimmery eyes shadow with some eyeliner, mascara to make my lashes longer and darker, and tint of pink lipstick. I hugged her and thanked her. "Aww mom don't cry you're gonna make me cry, and I don't wanna ruin the amazing job you've done." I said while in my mother's arms. She quickly apologized and wiped her eyes. "It's time." The preacher said peaking through the door. I nodded my head. I took a deep breath and headed out of the room and down the hall. I heard the music start up, I watched as everyone made their way down the aisle. I seen Darcy and she looked stunning, I was mesmerized by her beauty. I just can't believe Harry and I created her. I smiled as I watched my daughter. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the bride's music begin to play. My father linked his arms with mine. I held on for dare life, but as soon as I seen Harry standing there, all my fears all my worries were washed away. I was ready for him to be mine and for me to be his. My father placed a kiss on my cheek and told me he loved me before handing me off to Harry. Once my eyes met with his everything else around me disappeared. Do you Harry Edward Styles take Kristy Lynn Clark to be your wife to have and to hold for all entirenity. "I do." And do you Kristy Lynn Clark take Harry Edward Styles to be your husband to love and to cherish till death to you part. "I do." "Your vows, Harry you start." The preacher said. I watched as Harry took a deep breath and begun. "If I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad everything happened the way it did. You taught me not only to love myself for who I am, but how to love another. You make me complete, and without you I wouldn't be who I am today. We have a beautiful daughter. When I first saw you I knew you were my forever. I love you." He finished. "Kristy, your turn." I brought my hand up to Harry's cheeks and wiped the tears that had fell. I grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed it. "I'm glad I decided to walk down that alley that night. If I hadn't none of this would have happened. You are my life, my world. I would do anything for you and with you. You come first, I love you with everything I have and more. You taught me how to be myself, You taught me to fight for what I love. If I had choice to choose between, a fairytale love and our story. I would choose ours in heartbeat. I love you for now, forever." I said with tears streaming down. "The rings." I watched as Landon made his way over, in his little white tux. I smiled down at him. Harry and I bent down and grabbed the rings. I slipped mine on his and he slipped his on mine. "You may now kiss the bride." *end of flashback* Today we live life pretty normally. I have a wonderful family, I found four brother's and sister's along the way. I learned how to be my true self. I was born to be a vampire Harry just showed me the way. I think my fate was always been tied to him. I think from the beginning of time we were made for eachother. I would do it all over again with no questions asked. Harry gave me an adventure, Harry gave me my own fairytale......
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