Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


4. final decision

Louis pov I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. "Are you mad?" I asked. She looked a little taken back by the harsh tone of my voice. "I wanna help." She simply stated. I know her and Harry both feel helpless but we were gonna do our best to protect them. "I won't do it I refuse to do it Harry would never allow it." I said. "He doesn't have to know, this could work. Colvis wouldn't expect it." She says. I must admit she has a very good point. I know that myself and the lads will not win this battle. I know we will die fighting. "You could lose everything Kris." I remind her. "What do you mean?" She askes. "If you become one of us there's a chance you won't be able to control your thirst, you could kill him. Not only that if you can handle your thirst there's a chance Harry might not be your mate." I tell her. "But he's already my mate." She whispers. "Yea your his mate, every vampire has their own mate, so there's a chance that he will not remain yours, you will be giving up everything you worked so hard to get." I say taking her hands in mine. I want her to think about this, I know she wants to help us as much as she can but I can't have her turning against Harry. I didn't tell her all the details but there's a good chance she might even turn on all of us. I refuse to inject her with my venom. I have no idea what kind of monster she will become. "Kris I want you to sleep on it, If your answer is still the same when you wake up we will continue this talk." I state. She didn't say anything instead she hugged me goodnight and made her way to her bedroom. I on the other hand will not be sleeping tonight, I just can't believe she will give up her life to try and save us. Kristy pov I honestly thought Louis would jumped at the thought of me wanting to become one of them. Not to long ago he wanted to taste my blood he wanted to kill me. I now know there is a chance I can turn on Harry, but I feel that our love will conquer it we have made it through everything else. I can't stand the thought of having another mate. For some odd reason I know Harry will always be my one true love. I wasn't worried about that I was worried about the fact that I might attack him if I do get turned. I think I'm the only one that never sleeps anymore. I'm lucky if I get two hours everynight. I'm too scared to sleep. What if they attack us when were sleeping. Call it weird but I wanna atleast know it's coming. Lou told me to think about it and I can't get the thought of becoming a vampire out of my head. I know I will be able to help them, I know that we don't have that much time left if Louis won't do it I will find somebody else. As I lay down I wrap my arms around Harry I'm always scared it's going to be the last time I get to. I slowly place one hand at his stomach and the other on his shoulder, I gently place my head on his chest. I hear his heart sing my favorite lullaby. It's crazy to think back to my previous life. I had no worries, I thought I was gonna get married, have kids, and grow old. I now know I won't be able to, I feel a tear make it's way down my cheek, I didn't even know I was crying. Even though I had a pretty good life before all this I would never give up Harry, he made me feel whole, like I mattered, I love that he loves me. As I continue to lay here on his chest, I feel him start to play with my hair. I look up to find him starring back at me, I smile. I will miss looking into his eyes, his smile, his dimples. I study his face and I can feel myself become sad, he notices. "What's the matter baby." He says while placing his hand on my cheek stroking it lightly with his thumb. "I'm gonna miss this." I whisper. I can tell he wants to cry, but he refuses he feels as if he has to stay strong for me. "It's not over yet love." He states. "Harry it's over we have no chance." I sigh. The room falls silent. There's something I haven't done yet and something I only wanna do with him. "Harry?" I question. "Yea." He answers. "Will you do something for me." I ask. "Anything." He states. "Will you make love to me." I whisper. Harrys pov I felt her lay her head on my chest. I didn't want her to think she woke me so I just laid there for a bit. After a while I began to play with her hair. She took notice right away and looked up at me our eyes locking, she smiled. Instantly her smile went away and was replaced with sadness. I quickly asked her what was wrong, her reply was she would miss this. She was giving up I knew right then and there she didn't want to fight. She was throwing in the towel before the battle even began. The room fell silent. The silence was soon broken when I heard her sweet voice. "Harry?" she questioned. "Yea." I answered. "Will you do something for me." she asked. "Anything." I state. "Will you make love to me." she whispered. She wanted me to make love to her, her words instantly brought a smile to my face. I have been waiting for months to feel her, and now she was finally allowing me. "If this is what you really want then of course." I tell her. She nodds. Kristy pov This is it no turning back I wanted to give myself completly to him. It was time that I felt him from the inside. I lay myself down on my back I watch as Harry makes his way over me his legs in between mine, supporting himself with his hands on each side of me. He gently places his lips on mine. I take his bottom lip in using my teeth. I slowly glid my tongue over his bottom lip asking for entrance. That he denies. "Baby is this your first time?" He questions. I nodd afraid that my voice won't allow me to speak. "I promise I'll be gently, I'll go slow, I'll make you feel good. Let me do all the work just relax." His words soothing me. He sits me up and removes my shirt. He places his lips on mine at first it's just a sweet kiss, he takes hold of my bottom lip and sucks on it lightly. I run my fingers through his curls. He makes his way to my ear kissing just below it, he glides his tongue down my neck, sucking every so often, a moan escapes my lips. He looks up and smiles, knowing that I'm enjoying the way he is making me feel. I tug at the hem of his shirt trying to remove it, but he slowly shakes his head. "I told you just relax, let me do all the work. He slowly removes his shirt revealing his toned torso. I take my index finger and gently trace his abs. I feel him shiver from my touch. He makes his way down to my chest gliding is tongue in between my breast. I feel my breath hitch. This feeling is all new to me. He begins to place slow hard kissing down my stomach tracing the hem of my pants with his tongue. I lift myself from the bed, he slides my pants of in one swift move. I was just laying there in my bra and underwear, he still had his pants on. He began to kiss my thigh squeezing them as he did so. He took his finger and slid it along the hem of my underwear. "May I." He asked. I shook my head allowing him to take them off, He glided them down my legs. He sat me up and unclipped my bra. I was now fully naked. He gently laid me back down. He took my nipple inbetween his teeth slowly rolling his tongue over the sorness. It was a mix of pleasure and pain. He kissed his way down to my sweet spot. I felt his breath in between my legs leaving a warm sensation, I felt his tongue trace the spot I wanted him most. As he continue to lick I felt him push his tongue inside me. "Harry." I moaned. I heard him chuckle. I was filled with so much pleasure. He slid his tongue out, He stood up and removed his pants and boxers. "I'm gonna start with my fingers first okay?" He asked. "Mhmm." I said. I felt as he slid his index finger in, he slowly moved it in and out. "How does that feel?" He questioned. "Good." I answered. "I'm gonna try two okay?" He asked me. "Yes please." I moaned. He slowly placed two fingers in, I instantly moaned. I just wanted to feel him in me already. I took his hand in mine and slid his fingers out. He looked at me confused. "I just wanna feel you already." I said. He smiled. He made his way on top of me and began kissing me. The kiss was getting more heated by the seconds. "Are you ready?" He whispered. "Yes." I answered. I felt him trace himself on my sweet spot. I felt him slowly glide his way in me. I cried out in pleasure in pain. "You okay?" He asked sounding worried." I'm okay." I assured him. He continue to slide in and out. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. As he continued to make his way in and out of me I felt this tingling sensation. "I think I'm gonna cum." I say basically coming out as a whisper. "Cum for me baby." He growls. That's all it took. We both rode out our climax. We both decided not to get dressed afterwards. I can't decribe how he made me feel. I was now sad that it might be the only time I ever get to feel him. I was also sad because I knew that this was my only chance. I made my decision and it's final. I will become a vampire. I have to. I have to fight to protect the one I love or I will die trying just as he did. I love him to much not to. Call it selfish but I know it's the only way,It's the only way we stand a chance. I will stop at nothing until I know that Harry is safe.
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