Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


31. epilogue 2

*5 years later* "Daddy, daddy let's go outside and play! " I watched our daughter Darcy beg Harry. "Okay sweetie, I'll race ya." He answers. Before I could stand up they were already gone. Darcy is a vampire just like us. The pregnancy wasn't so bad. If I was a human it would of probably killed me, but seeing as I'm a healer. I would just heal myself everytime she injured me. Motherhood comes easy. I expected it to be a lot harder than what it really is. I also have a lot of help, she has four uncles that love her so much, and of course Harry never leaves his baby girl's side. Harry is a wonderful father. Him and Darcy do everything together. I refuse to take her hunting, I rather not see my angel turn into a blood thirsty monster. Also I just don't want to witness her actually drinking from someone. We just found out last week Darcy is faster then Louis. He wasn't too happy about that, but none the less her uncle is proud of her. She doesn't quite understand her life, but one day she will. She ages just like a human would. On her eighteen birthday is when she stops growing. Darcy looks like both Harry and I. She has brown wavy, the brightest green eyes, and Harry's dimples, she makes faces just like me. You can tell just by looking at her she's ours. Niall likes to play mom a lot, it's because he is expected a son soon. I can't wait to meet the little guy, and add a new addition to our family. In case you're wondering Harry and I are still not married. He says it will happen eventually, he wants Darcy to be old enough, that way she can be the flower girl. *flashback* I been gaining a lot of weight lately. I'm sure everyone notices, but they're too kind to say anything. I'm always in bed, I sleep more than half the day away. I haven't had the energy to go out hunting. As I rolled over to get more comfortable I heard my bedroom door creak open. "Hey Kris, I'm going out to hunt. Wanna join me." Harry said while sitting next to me on the bed. "Not really feeling up to it." I said as I rolled over to face him. "You have to hunt you haven't been out in four days." He said. As he kept talking I felt myself getting sick. After the vomit grew to the point where I knew I had to throw up. I pushed the blackets off of me, jumped to my feet, and rushed to the bathroom without a word to Harry. After I was done puking I heard a knock on the door. "You okay in there? He asked. "I'm okay, well no Harry I'm not." I stated through the door. Before he could say anything I swung the door opened. I was faced with a very worried Harry. I didn't say anything I just led the way back to our bedroom. Harry followed shutting the door behind us. I sat on the edge of the bed, I patted the spot next to me gesturing for him to sit down. Without hesitation he walked over to me. He sat down and took my hand in his. "What's wrong baby? Are you sick?" He asked. I shook my head no. "Well what is you can tell me anything. You know that don't you." He assured me. I nodded. I took a deep breath. "You don't notice anything different about me?" I questioned. He just stared at me as if he was confused. "I have no energy to do anything. Incase you haven't noticed I gained weight, and I'm sick more then I should be." I reasoned. "I noticed the weight gain Kris, but I just thought it was because you're always in bed." He stated. "That's another thing I'm always tired." I said. I spent the last hour trying to explain to Harry what is going on with me. He just wasn't understanding. "What are you trying to tell me love?" He asked while rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. Finally the question I have been waiting for. "Harry..." I whispered looking him straight in the eye. "You're gonna be a father." I told him. In that moment I was more afraid then any other point in my life. I couldn't read his expression. He just sat there with a blank expression on his face. I was just about to beg him to say something when he let out a yell. He picked my up and spun me around. I giggled as he did so. He took the news better than I thought he would. He placed me on my feet and took my face in his hands. "You're serious? I'm gonna be a father?" He questioned excitingly. I nodded. "I get what I always wanted." He stated. I looked at him confused. "I get to spend forever with the one I love by my side and I'm....we're having a baby." He said whispering the last part. He pressed his lips to mine, we both smiled into the kiss. He pulled back and rested his forehead on mine. *end of flashback* Everyday after that day. Harry would bring me back blood. He did everything for me. He stuck by my side throughout the entire pregnancy. I really could not of asked for a better man. I can never get tired watching him with Darcy. The way he interacts with her is mesmerizing. I tried explaining my situation to my parents, but they just wouldn't buy it. I told them give it a few years you will notice that I don't age. They just said they would have to wait and see. They're in love with their grand daughter. We have yet to findout her ability. Harry says it comes with age. When she knows we will know. As for now I'm just gonna continue at being a mom and allow my love for Harry grow each day.
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