Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


22. done

Kristy pov I couldn't sleep for nothing last night. I spent all lastnight tossing and turning trying to rid NIall's words from my mind, but nothing was working. I'm lucky if I even got two hours. What happens if this Niall person was telling me the truth. His words held so much emotion, it was as if he really did care about me. When I was sat on top of him preparing myself to break his neck. The look in his eyes was heartbreaking. It was like he couldn't believe I would do that to him. I couldn't be making a mistake could I? Kratos says he cares for me. That I'm his one and only, he wouldn't lie to me would he? I wish there was some way for even the tiniest memory to make it's way back in my head, so that I would know I was doing the right thing. I have so many questions but yet I don't have the answer for any of them. I don't even know who I am. I don't know whose lying and whose telling the truth. I feel safe here with Kratos and his coven, but in the woods I wasn't afraid either. Niall had the chance to attack me instead he teleported away from me. He had his chance and he didn't take it. In some way I feel guilty for my actions, but I was told they were the enemy. Why couldn't I remember anything. It's so frustrating to have your memory taken from you. The way Kratos explained it, he said it was the only way to save me. If he saved me shouldn't that be enough to trust him? He said Harry did this to me, but what proof do I actually have other than the words of Kratos. Today is the day I fight Clovis, I'm ready I don't like the prick. Something about him just isn't right. I feel like this fight is personal to him, like he can't wait to get his hands on me. I believe that man rather me dead then fight along side their coven, but then again this all could be my mind playing tricks on me. In all honesty I don't know what to believe. I was sitting on my bed going over all these questions in my head when I heard someone scream. I closed my eyes and covered my ears. The scream was so loud that even with my ears covered they still hurt. Whoever it was I could tell they were scared. I took a deep breath inhaling through my nose. I felt my fangs grow in meaning the scream belonged to a human. "Kristy!!" I heard my name being called. I stood up from my bed and made my way downstairs at vampire speed. "What is it?" I asked. "Your meal." I looked to the right of me and saw a young girl she was no older then 16. I know now the scream belonged to her. "You need to feed before you fight." Kratos said. I nodded. I made my way over to the girl. I didn't want to hurt her, she looked so fragile, but I knew I had to feed. I didn't get to lastnight. I wrapped my arms around her neck until I heard a snap. I knew she was dead so I sank my fangs in and drank her dry. "What was that?" Kratos snapped. "I didn't want her to feel any pain." I said. He just laughed. "You're a vampire Kris, we don't have feelings. I don't wanna see that shit again next time you do it the right way." He stated. I nodded my head. What exactly is the right way to feed does it really matter as long as you get blood. I didn't think so, but apparently Kratos did. I guess he likes to torture his victims. Making them beg him for their lives. Hearing them scream in pain, but not me I wanted it to be over as quick as possible. Just as I was about to wipe my mouth. I felt a sharp pain in my back seconds later I hit the floor. I looked around seeing who caused my sudden pain. My eyes met with a smirking Clovis. "What kind of coward attacks me when my back his turned." I snapped. He just continued smirking. I projected my shield. I ran full speed at him. My hands pressed to his chest sending him into the nearest wall. I watched as he hit the the wall. The impact from him hitting the wall cause the wall to crack. I was now the one smirking. I feel if I can do that in one hit my enemy was no match for me. I watched as he made his way to his feet slowly. I decided I was gonna do this the hard way and not use any of my abilities. I wanna be hands on I want to inflict as much pain as I possibly can with my own hands. Plus if I ever have to fight him for real and not just for training I don't want him to know my technique. Before he could do anything I rushed at him again. I slammed his head into the same wall I threw him at. I heard him wince in pain. I grabbed him by his throat raising him off of his feet. I started to apply pressure, he began to choke. At this point I don't know why but all I wanted to do was kill him. I dug my fingers into the skin of his neck. I felt his blood run down my fingers. I continued squeezing. "That's enough." I didn't listen. I suddenly felt so much hatred towards Clovis. "I said THAT'S ENOUGH." Still I didn't listen. I felt two hands grab hold of my waist pulling me away from Clovis. I watched Clovis slum to the floor. I watched as he coughed up blood. I was proud of myself. I don't know why or what for I just was. Maybe I was right when I said this fight was personal. It was personal for me. "She could have killed me." I heard Clovis say in between breaths. "But I didn't ." I shot back. "She's right she didn't." Kratos stated. "You're ready princess." He said. I've been waiting two weeks to hear them words, but after hearing them I felt like I wasn't ready. Not because I couldn't kill Harry but because I didn't know if it was the right thing to do. I wanna prolong this as long as I can. Just until I have a bit of poof that Harry really did do this to me. I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Last night when I attacked Niall it didn't feel as personal as when I just attacked Clovis I didn't wanna kill Niall I just felt like I had to, but I wanted nothing more then to rip CLovis's head of his shoulders. Something isn't right I can feel it. "Did you hear me?" Kratos asked. I shook my head pretended I didn't. "I said you're ready." I nodded my head. Hoping that was enough to convince him I still wanted to go through with this. "Good." He stated. "Kratos." I question. "Yea Kristy." He answered. "I'll be out back if you need me. I need to relax." I stated. "Alright." He said while nodding. I made my way out of the back to door and sat under the tree I always sit under after training. It helps me relax. I sat there hoping and praying that killing Harry was the right thing. I kept hoping something or someone would show me the right way. Harrys pov "Who?" Was all I could ask Niall. I waited for his answer. I knew what he was gonna say I just wanted to hear him confirm it. "It was her, It was Kristy." He said. I knew it was her I could tell by the way he wanted to hide it. I felt every emotion hit me at once. Sad, happy, angry, frustration. Sad because I missed her, Happy because I now know she's okay, angry because she actually attack Niall without hesitation, and frustration because I can't do anything about it. "Harry you okay mate, it looks like you just seen a ghost." Louis asked me. I can feel my anger boiling inside and I knew it was a matter of seconds before I exploded. "How the fuck could he do this. How could he take what's mine. How could he make her forget about all of us. How could he make her turn against me." I shouted. As I was shouting I destroyed everything that was in my way. The couch was throwing completely across the room. The walls had holes in them from me punching them. The glass table was shattered. I had destroyed the frontroom. I felt someone wrap their arms around me I looked back and noticed it was Louis. "Calm down Haz everything will be okay." He tried to assure me. "Stop saying everything is gonna be okay. Take a look around Lou everything is not okay. Look at me I'm a fucking mess. I'll never be okay again. How would you guys feel if you me?" I shouted. They fell silent. I knew I was out of line but I didn't care. I lost everything. I feel like I'm losing myself. I can't wait any longer she needs to end this, end me now. "I can't take it. She's dragging this out if she won't come to me I'm going to her. I want this to be over with already. I just wanna see her." I said whispering the last part. I fell to my knees running my hands through my curls. I was done I was giving up. Louis wouldn't back down. He knelt down beside me placing his hand on my shoulder. "We're in this together. She's our family too. If you're ready then so are we."
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