Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


25. conquered

Kristys pov How is it the man I trusted threatened my life. He gave me no choice it was either kill or be killed. I felt like it was wrong, why kill someone if you didn't know why you were doing it. Why kill someone if you were being forced to do so. He told me it was time that we were leaving. I told him no. I know by telling him that he would be mad, but I never thought he would actually go as far as trying to kill me. I heard Kratos call to his brother, Clovis was by his side faster then I could blink. "Princess here isn't ready, so you know what that means right?" He asked Clovis. I watched as Clovis nodded his head while saying, "It's killed or be killed. I guess I was choosing death by asking for more time. "That's right brother." Kratos stated. No sooner then he said it he wrapped his hands in my hair pulling me to my feet, I hissed in pain. Minutes later my back was being slammed into a tree, all you could hear were my cries. I was not ready for death. I felt his rough dry hands wrap around my neck and I knew this was it. I closed my eyes trying to brace myself for the end. My eyes shot open when I heard someone speak. "Let her go." Who was here to save me, who was here ruining Kratos's plans. I looked around to where the voice was coming from. My eyes landed on a tall boy, with curly brown hair, his eyes were darker than the night's sky. He looked frightening. I was more scared of him then I was Kratos. Kratos released my neck. I rested my back to a tree, trying to catch my breath. "Ahh what do we have here?" Kratos asked. I watched them two intently, never once looking away. I watched as six more people stepped into view. My eyes landed on the blonde headed boy. I immediately recognized him as the boy I attacked in the words, Niall. If Niall was here that means Harry was here, but which one was Harry. "You were taking too long to come to me, so I came to you." The curly haired boy said while wearing a grin. As I was looking on Clovis grabbed the back of my neck making me stand in between him and Kratos. "Kristy this is Harry." Kratos introduced me. I looked up my eyes locking with the curly haired boy, If his eyes weren't so black I could have sworn I seen sympathy in them. I felt Clovis embrace my neck. "It's either you fight him or Clovis here breaks your neck, and believe me when I say he won't hesitate to do it. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Why am I crying? I don't wanna fight Harry anymore, I'm no longer mad at him. Hell I don't even know the truth. Clovis tightened his grip when I didn't answer right away. I began to cough. "So what's it gonna be princess?" Kratos spat. Again I didn't answer. Kratos walked over to me, I felt his hand caress my cheek wiping away the tears that kept coming. "Don't let this come between us," He said while taking me out of Clovis's grip. I could of swore I seen Kratos wink at his brother. Kratos continued to caress my face. "I love you Kris, you have to do this. I would never hurt you. I was just trying to scare you so that you would say yes. I know you wanna kill him, it's been the only thing on your mind for two weeks. Please baby just do it so we can finally be together." He said, the whole time never once taking his eyes off mine. "BULLSHIT!" I heard Harry yell. Breaking me away from Kratos's eyes. I didn't wanna die. I have no other choice but to kill Harry. I now know I have to. I took Kratos's face in my small hands. He didn't flinch from my touch. I rubbed circles with the soft pad of my thumb. "I'll do it so we can be together" I assured him. I pressed my lips to his and this time it didn't feel wrong. I felt like everything Kratos has done to me was just to push me forward, to make sure I complete the mission I had set before myself. Harry pov I watched Kratos as he let her go at my request. I could tell just by looking at her she really didn't have no idea of who I was. I felt my heart shatter. I knew I lost her. How could I ever get her back. I watched Clovis take her in his grasp. I heard the words Kratos spat at her. I watched as he comfort my girl. I heard him feed her lie after lie and just like Niall said she was eating them up. How could she be so oblivious to what is really going on, he's in her head and there's not a damn thing I could do about it. I watched as she placed her small hand on his cheek stroking it lightly with her thumb. I felt numb like I couldn't breath. I heard her tell him she would do it, Then I watched her press her lips to his cealing the deal. I now know she's gonna fight me. There's no doubt she will. I hope it's over fast, I don't want this to drag out. I have nothing else to live for, I was living for her us, our love thinking it would conquer everything, but her I stand defeated. Kristys pov I pulled away from Kratos. I turned my attention to Harry. I was ready, Kratos knew this whole time I was ready. That's why he was so hard on me, he never really wanted to hurt me he just wanted to push me. I should have known, he would never hurt me intentionally I trusted him. I shifted my feet making my way closer to the boy with the curly hair. The same time I moved so did his coven. There were three boys and three girls not including Harry. The only one I recognized was Niall. "Stay." I heard Harry order. They obeyed. "You guys knew this was coming just accept it, I already have." He told them. I thought they would nod in agreement instead I heard growls and profanties being said. Their words making me smile. "I tell you this and I tell you now. What ever happens to me you do not move you let it happen. No one is to touch her. You let her do whatever she wants to me. Just do me one favor make sure that son of bitch doesn't get away. You kill him, got it?" Harry spoke, his coven nodded. You would think I would had sympathy for him after his kind words, but I didn't. He was threathening Kratos's life and I didn't like it. "Anyone of you touch him I kill you next." I spat. I watched Kratos as a smile formed on his face. I wasn't sure if I loved him or not I just didn't want anything to happen to him. "You guys do what you're told." Harry reminded them. This curly headed fuck was starting to piss me off. I was gonna make this easy. I was just gonna snap his neck, but now he wants to play games. So I'm gonna drag this out as long as possible. I took steps forward until I landed in Harry's face. I still did not recognize him. "I hope you're ready for death." I whispered. "I'm ready for whatever, as long as my last seconds are spent with you." His words made me take a step back. How is it possible that I want nothing more then to kill him, and he wants nothing more then to spend time with me. Before I could over think everything I attacked. I pressed my hands to his chest sending him into his coven. I watched as their bodies colided. I just couldn't shake is words. I watched as one of the girls stepped forward. I smirked. Harry made his way onto his feet. "Izzy no, I told you to stay put this is my fight not yours." He said. I watched Harry collect himself. He made his way at me at vampire speed. Before I could react he wrapped his arms around me my back pressed to his chest. He brought his lips to my ear. "You know me Kris, don't do this. You love me and I love you." He whispered. For some odd reason I felt warm inside, it was like his words had some kind of effect on me, but before I could dwell on them I extended my arms using the force to push him away from me. I watched his body hit the floor. I rushed over to him. I grabbed hold of his shirt making him stand on his feet. I repeatedly punched him in the face. I watched the blood make it's way out of his nose. I sent blow after blow where ever I could connect with his body, and he did nothing. "Fight back ya coward." I shouted. "I will not fight you." He pleaded. After everything I've done to him how is it that he won't fight back. "Say goodbye to your friends." I spat. I watched Harry take one last look at his friends. I pushed him to the floor he didn't even try to block. I made my way on top of him. I placed my small hands around his neck. I applied pressure. I heard him gasping for air. I felt his large hand cup my cheek he rubbed his thumb over my cheek. My grip loosened. "Look at me Kris, you know me. I know you I love you baby and if this is what you want then do it. I won't fight you, just know that I love you. I love you with everything I have and if I can't have you next to me then there's no point in living." He whispered so that I could only hear him. I watched as his eyes turned from black, to red, to green. My eyes locked with his. I seen him smile as he watched me his hand never leaving my face. "I'll never forget the time I took you, I kept saying I shouldn't of, but it was bar far the best decision I've ever made. You complete me. You're my other half. I remember all the times I kissed you and you wouldn't kiss me back then one night you did, that's the night I knew I loved you. I could no longer fight against myself. I knew you were the one. I remember everynight you would sleep on my chest, you said it was your favorite pillow. I wish you could remember all the nights you spent next to my bed hoping I would wake up. I remember the night we made love, it meant so much to me. I remember the first time you told me you loved me." I watched the tears roll down his face. I felt my own make my way down my cheek. I did the only thing that popped in my head my head, I laid my head on his chest thinking I would remember something but I didn't. His words have so much meaning and yet I can't remember anything. "Baby do you remember the time you thought Kratos killed me so you tried to kill him." I closed my eyes trying to remember. "He took you away from me he, totured you. I tried to save you but ended up getting myself killed." he whispered. "But you saved me you allowed me to bite you, by you doing that I became a human. You used to listen to my heartbeat, you said it was your favorite lullaby." I closed my eyes and there it was I could hear his heartbeat playing my favorite song. I felt myself smile, I felt his thumbs trace my lips. "That's it baby, remember me." He whispered. I opened my eyes I was met by his green ones. As I continued to stare at him I was no longer angry, I felt happy like the only people that mattered were him and me. I felt love, real love for the first time in two weeks. "I always thought purple was a good look on you." He said while smiling. Purple, what was he talking about. It was as if he read my mind. "Your eyes love, they're purple not red anymore." He said. Without thinking I pressed my lips to his, I never felt more safe then I do right now, here in his arms. It felt right, it felt like we belonged together, like he was my other half. As I was kissing him I seen images in my head of everything he just told me. I felt myself smile, I remember exactly who he was, he's the love of my life, he's baby. I pulled away from him. I couldn't stop myself from crying. "Harry?" I questioned through my sobs. "Yes baby it's me." He cried. I was brought back to reality when I heard Kratos shout. " NO, NO, NO. GET THEM!!!"
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