Coming Undone FIALT (sequel)

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible. This book is a sequel you must read forever is a longtime to know what is going on.

I thought I finally got my happy ending, but I was dead wrong. It feels like everything is falling apart, just as quickly as they came together. I thought our journey was over. I'm scared, I don't know what to do we will be faced with some of the hardest desicisons in life.


27. battle part 2

Louis pov We knew the moment we couldn't find Harry, he ran off to go find Kratos. I don't blame him for wanting to kill him. After seeing what he seen I would have acted the same way he did. I can't even begin to think what I would do if that was Eleanor. Harry is so much stronger then any of us, I would not be able to go a day without Eleanor by my side. I have to give him credit for not giving up. No one actually knows how he feels we just understand it. After Izzy showed us what Kristy was up to, I was gonna let Harry go anyway, but he beat us to it. He was gone before any of us even realized it. Now we just gotta find him before it's too late. It shouldn't be hard all we have to do is follow his scent. All seven of us bolted out of the front door in search of him. His scent took us west, out of the city and into the country side. This place is foreign to me, I have never been here. We followed his scent down a dirt road. We came to a stop out front of a rather large house. I knew this is where they were, not only could I smell Harry and Kristy, I also smelt Kratos and the rest of his coven. We didn't see them out front and we decided against going inside, so we checked the back and sure enough, there was Harry crotched down hinding. I placed my hand on his shoulder letting him know he was not alone. I told him if he was ready then we were ready. I will always stand behind Harry no matter what. This time he has something to fight for, he's fighting for love. By the time we got there Kratos was in Kristy's face. We all watched as he threw her to the ground. We watched in horror. I knew my eyes looked just like Harry's I was pissed watching this scene. I heard Niall frantically ask why she wasn't fighting back. I too was wondering that but before I could say anything Harry spoke up. "I think she's giving up. What she can't be giving up she must fight. We heard him ask her if she was ready and she said no. We heard him call for his brother, he was there in a flash. We looked on as they had their conversation, just listening. "Princess here isn't ready, so you now what that means right? We all heard him question. I watched as Clovis lips turned into a smirk "It's kill or be killed." He answered. "That right brother." Kratos praised him. Then Kratos grabbed a fist full of her hair yanking her up onto her feet, she hissed in pain. "It's such a shame to have to kill you, you could have been great." He growled. We all stood there waiting, watching. Kratos threw Kristy into the nearest she. We heard her cries, I watched as Harry shifted his feet getting ready to attack. "Wait for it." I instructed. He nodded. Kratos took Kristy by the neck wrapping his hands around it. I knew Harry had, had enough. I watched as my brother took a step forward into view, "Let her go." I looked over at Kristy and I could tell she was confused as to who we were. I bet she was wondering who we were. Myself and the others just kept watching. Kratos introduced Kristy to Harry. I could tell just by looking at Harry his heart broke when she still didn't recognize him. The next thing I saw was Clovis take hold of Kristy. "It's either you fight him or Clovis here breaks your neck, and believe me when I say he won't hesitate to do it." Kristy was now crying. This is such a horrible thing to watch, it would be hell to lose your memory. I can't even imagine what is going on. "So what's it gonna be princess?" Kratos spat. She didn't answer him. Kratos walked over to Kristy he placed his hand on her cheek, I watched as he began to rub circles with his thumb. I felt myself getting angry I could only imagine what's going through Harry's mind right now. He began to feed her lie after lie, but here she was believing him word for word. We heard Kratos tell Kristy he loved her along with other things. That's when I heard Harry yell bullshit. I knew the fight was drawing near. I knew that Harry had heard enough. We watched as she focused her eyes on Harry. She was gonna fight him and there was nothing we could do about it. We couldn't fight her Harry would hate us, but as she took steps closer to us we moved forward as well. "Stay." Harry ordered, we obeyed. "I tell you this and I tell you now. Whatever happens to me you do not move you let it happen. No one is to touch her. Just do me one favor make sure that son of a bitch doesn't get away. You kill him got it?" We nodded. As Kristy made her way ito Harry's face, we watched on. We watched as she inflicted the first hit. The whole time we just stood there watching. There was nothing else to do. This is what Harry thought was right, We couldn't interviene. The fight was over, We knew Harry had lost we watched as she made her way on top of him, She place both of her hands at Harry's neck, She applied preassure, We all heard him coughing, letting us know she was infact killing him. The next thing surprised me, he placed his hand on her cheek. I seen the tears forming in his eyes. It really didn't matter to him that she was killing him. All that mattered was he was with her again. I seen Harry's lips move, I don't know what he was saying to her, he was only speaking loud enough so that she could only hear him. I decided not to read his mind and let them have this moment. I watched as her eyes filled with tears also. She placed her head on his chest and still nothing happened, but atleast she was listening to whatever he was telling her. They talked for a little while longer. Until I heard Kristy say his name. That was the Kristy we all knew and loved, she remembered who he was. I don't what he said to her to make her remember, but it didn't matter. Kristy placed her lips on Harry's I knew they were gonna be okay. Their love really will conquer anything. I envy these two. For awhile I forgot where I was. Watching them two made everything else go away. I was brought back to reality when I seen Kratos rushing at them. Harry placed his hands on her chest and pushed her off of him. I watched as she flew through the air, to my surprise she landed on her feet. They smiled at eachother, I couldn't help but smile also. I watched as Harry ran at Kratos, Kristy ran at Clovis, and myself and the others ran at the newborns. Newborns are really easy to kill unless you're by yourself then there's a problem, but seeing as there's seven of us I think we should be good. You just gotta be fast to catch them. I can't even tell you how many of them I killed. I looked around and seen a full out battle. None of us had a problem. The newborns were dying out we would be the ones left standing. I looked to where Kristy was and she had Clovis in her grasp, Harry had Kratos. I heard Harry tell Kratos "It's over." I knew right then and there we had won.
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