She Grew Up

Baby Lux wasn't a baby anymore. She isn't that little, cute one year old toddler anymore. She was a big, beautiful seventeen year old teenager.


3. The Great Revealing

I explored all the dresses. They were all so beautiful. I didn't know what I wanted, there were just to many to choose from.

There were purple ones. Red ones. Blue ones. Pink ones. Green ones.

I looked at many different ones before I came across the perfect one. It was a strapless, white dress that obre'd at the bottom to a beautiful baby blue color. I showed mummy and daddy.

"Are you sure this is the one you want?" My mummy asked.

"Yes! It's perfect!" I chanted.

"It seems.. a little short." Daddy looked at it.

"Daddy, it'll cover my body perfectly, it's only above my knees." I pointed out.

"Fine." He sighed.

It was $200 but it was for sure worth it! Once we bought it I ran out to the car happily.

As soon as we got home, I put it on and took a photo for instagram. I got many comments.

One from Harry saying: beautiful, Luxxy. can't wait to see ya tonight. happy bday, love. xx

Another from Alison: omg its perf!

And a ton more.

My party was starting at two o' clock and it was one now.

I heard a knock on the door so I decided to answer it. I walked downstairs and opened it seeing a dark haired man standing there with four others behind him.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a Lux Teasdale." He joked.

"Uncle Zayn, here I am." He looked down at me as my dad came running downstairs.

"Tom, who is this woman, are you cheating on Lou?" He teased.

"Zayn, that's Lux." He laughed.

Zayn hugged me. "Oh Lux, you've really grown. I can't believe you're turning eighteen."

"Trust me, I can't either." I smiled.

"Luxxy-cakes, invite them inside!" Daddy told me.

"Oh yeah, come in, you guys!" I motioned them to go inside as I moved to the side. They all walked in, each giving me a hug and sat on our couch.

"So, where's Lou and Scar?" Liam blurted out.

"Oh, Lou is helping Scar get ready." Daddy answered.

We all chatted for a while until mummy and Scar came down the stairs. We all applauded. Scar came and hugged everyone and sat on Louis' lap. I could tell he was her favorite in One Direction. She was clinging to him the whole time.

"We should start setting up our stuff, yeah? The party will start soon. And Lux, I have you a present aswell." Harry said. The boys nodded and stood up walking outside to their tour bus while I followed them. While the other boys brought out speakers and microphones, Harry took me over to a mysterious item covered in a sheet.

"Happy Birthday, Luxxy." He took off the sheets revealing a shiny Audi R8, I gasped and hugged Harry tightly. I didn't let him go for a while.

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