She Grew Up

Baby Lux wasn't a baby anymore. She isn't that little, cute one year old toddler anymore. She was a big, beautiful seventeen year old teenager.


2. The Big 18!

"Sissy, get up! It's your birthday!" My little sister Scarlett came running into my room and plopped right on top of me.

I woke up. "Scar, I'm up!" I pulled her down with me and hugged her tightly. She giggled.

I stoop up and grabbed Scarlett placing her on my hip. I went to the kitchen only to find my mummy and my daddy holding out a plate that has a special breakfast on it. I sat Scarlett on a stool and took it from them.

"Happy, happy birthday, Luxxy-cakes!" My daddy said cheerfully. He always called me that.

I giggled placing the plate on the table and hugged them both. "Thanks mummy. Thanks daddy."

We hugged for a good whole minute and when we released I grabbed the plate and began to eat a long, juicy piece of bacon. If anyone knows how to cook real good bacon, it's my daddy.

"Do you feel any older?" Mummy asked me.

"No, not really." I frowned. She frowned also.

Today was going to be special. My five favorite boys were coming and they were going to sing a song that they wrote just for me. Seth was coming. Could this get any better? Probably not.

"Your mom and I decided to take you dress shopping for the party." Daddy said.

Just got better.

"Really?" I yelped happily. The both nodded.

"You have a lot to choose from." Mummy said after sipping her coffee.

"Can I come? I need a dress to." Scarlett said selfishly.

"Scarlett, this isn't your party, is it?" Daddy scolded her. She shook her head frowning.

By this time, I had finished eating my breakfast and I skipped to my room and grabbed my phone. I logged onto twitter to see if I had any birthday wishes. I had over three hundred. This is amazing. I spent the rest of the morning reading and replying to every single one of them.

I called my best friend Alison.

"Happy birthday to the most amazing girl in the world!" She sang into the phone.

"Why thank you." I laughed.

"You're very welcome." She laughed as well.

"Luxxy-cakes! Let's go!" My dad shouted acrossed the house.

"Oh, I have to go, I'll call you later. We are going dress shopping for the party tonight." I said to my phone.

"Okay, bye birthday girl!" She cheered.

"Bye." I hung up and walked to the living room where my parents and Scarlett were standing.

"Ready to go?" Mummy said. I just nodded.

We all went to the car. We all buckled up and drove off. Daddy turned on the radio to my favorite station. Live While Were Young was playing, and it was one of my favorite songs so I had to sing along.

We had arrived and as soon as the car stopped, I unbuckled and ran out. I stopped in my own tracks standing in front of the dress store. I was looking at it, enjoying it's beauty. Mummy brought we back to reality and we walked inside.



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