She Grew Up

Baby Lux wasn't a baby anymore. She isn't that little, cute one year old toddler anymore. She was a big, beautiful seventeen year old teenager.


5. Not a good idea..

After a couple beers, I began getting dizzy, I felt amazing so it didn't really matter.

The song Rock Me began to play. Seth dragged me over to a corner to dance. He began grinding on me. Something didn't feel right, I didn't want to do anything stupid so I pushed him away.

"Please don't.." I looked at him.

"Don't what, Luxxy?" He came closer, I backed into a wall. There was a door behind me that led to the spare bedroom so I opened it trying to avoid him coming ever more closer to me.

That wasn't such a good idea because before I knew it, I was laying on my back on the bed, and he was on top of me. We were in a room no one else was in and he began sucking my neck. I closed my eyes terrified to what will happen next.



Don't hate me, I know this is short.

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