She Grew Up

Baby Lux wasn't a baby anymore. She isn't that little, cute one year old toddler anymore. She was a big, beautiful seventeen year old teenager.


4. Arriving

I was grinning the biggest grin. I haven't smiled like that in a while.

"Luxxy, your hurting me." Harry choked up. I let him go and giggled.

"Sorry uncle Harry." I hopped into my new car.

"Can I drive it now?" I yelped.

"Luxxy-cakes, your party is about to start, you can't leave." My daddy said. I just sighed. Niall came running over to us.

"We have everything set up." He told Harry with a smooth Irish accent.

"Okay, Niall." Harry said.

"Lux, did you like your present?" He said as he stared at it.

"Yes, I love it! Thank you guys so, so much!" I hugged him.

"You're welcome, love." He hugged me as well.

"We should head inside, guests will be arriving soon." Mummy said. I began to walk to the door and everyone followed.

Awhile after we shut the door, we heard on knock on the door so I opened it. It was Alison.

"Happy Biirthdayy!" She half shouted holding her arms out. I hugged her.

"Thank you, Ally!" I called her Ally, for it was short for her name.

Her and her mum walked inside. "Oh my god it's One Direction!" She squealed. I put my hand over her mouth. She shut up instantly. I shook my head no because I knew it annoyed them. She nodded as I moved my hand away.

Many other guests arrived. I was looking for Seth, but he was nowhere to be found.

I soon found him getting a drink. I walked over to him.

"Hi Seth!" I shouted over the music.

He shouted back. "Hi, Lux!"

"Are you having fun?" I shouted.

"Yeah! Want a drink?" The music began to get quieter because the song was ending.

"Yeah, sure." He handed me a beer.

I had never really drunk beer before, but hey, I'm eighteen now. Surely it wont do anything.

I took the beer and popped the lid off. I took a sip.

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