love story

The emo girl (Emily) falls drastically for the popular guy Aaron will it work read and see


1. just life for her

*beep beep beep* Emily's alarm clock goes off she rolls over and grunts. Ugh i dont wanna be late for the first day back to high school. she hurries and gets dressed before her dad wakes up she grabs her black pierce the veil shirt with skinny jeans and some checkered vans with some wrist bands that go up just below her elbow and goes and brushes and straightens and teases her bleach blonde hair with blue eyes *she looks in the mirror * dressed up to go back to the hell hole they call school. She runs down stairs and and out the door she is she never eats breakfast anymore due to bullies calling her fat even though she weighed 80 pounds. She walks to up to the steps and thinks just ignore them and everything will be fine. As she walks in she sees Madelyn with her poesy her old friend befor she came a bitch and tom every one i was emo! As she walks she sees Aaron her bestfriend/crush. She hurries to her locker as Madelyn walks over and says hey bitch and spills coffee on me. What the hell was that for!!! what the fuck did i ever do to u!!!! Aaron saw me and ran over to me Aaron was so cute he had long black straight hair with blue eyes he so cute i think to my self*  when he gets there i get behind him  and he ask if i was ok and i said yeah then he turns to look at Madelyn his sister. He yells " Madelyn ! i know we  are related but at school act like u don't know me i hate ur ass now go fuck ur bf Zack!  *****AARONS LIFE****   As i wake up i think fuck i hate school ! Emilys the only reason i get up every morning an go to school ! Madelyn haha Wearing ur emo shit i see hope i fuck up ur day today  haha i love u hah ! jk go fuck Emily ! i scream at her shut up u lil whore! im sick of u! When i get to school  I got to my locker and see Emily walk in  i think * shes just so beautiful the way her blonde hair flows in the wind the way she walks her eyes her voice just everything is perfect about her * Ive known her since she was lil and her dad is so cruel to her since her mom died. I hear emilys voice yell and see her white and black shoes with coffee on them and look up to see my bitchy sister and i go take care of her and i hear them bell yes! it think science lab with my beautiful lab partner Emily . I get her books and say here ill take those for u my darling i say with a crocked smile.


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