love story

The emo girl (Emily) falls drastically for the popular guy Aaron will it work read and see


4. going home

after the movies over**

Emilys world*****  hey babe :(  i say when we get in the car.  why did u take me in and keep me safe ??  i say. Aaron says i love u don't worry i love u and i cant see u have a horrible life we are going shopping tomorrow. BABE! WHY DON'T SPEND UR MONEY I DON'T HAVE A JOB TO PAY U BACK  i say and cry i cant repay u for this babe it hurts to see u spend money that u work for on some weird girl like me. for the rest of the way of 4 mins left the car went silent  when we are there Aaron say baby i got u a job with me at starbucks with me. OMG BABE!!! I LOVE U i shout and run into his arms as he holds me bridal style he kisses me and then i guess i fell asleep on his chest at like 11:00pm and i wake up at one and aarons still up and i start crying from a bad dream Aaron must have known and he said baby baby calm down baby i got u.


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