love story

The emo girl (Emily) falls drastically for the popular guy Aaron will it work read and see


3. date!

AARONS WORLD!!!: OMG she was so fucking beautiful and had the sexiest smile and prettiest eyes ever! I looked at her wrist all slit up when we arrived at my house like 30 mins away i unpacked her stuff for her and she smiled and i kissed he i mean i couldnt help  my self ! i looked in to her beautiful blue eyes and said baby please don't cut Ur wrist i love u thats all that matter baby girl i kissed her scars and every time she would smile that gorgeous smile of hers i looked just like this why does she like me see hoe pitiful and ugly i am (pic at end of chapter if on computer) Emily deserves better i am so lucky i think  i take her hand and walk her to the car for our surprise date she has no idea we are going to see that new movie she wanted and coming home and snuggling like we always talked about when we where like 6.  so we arrive there and get our tickets and i payed  cause thats my job i cant wait to tell her after the movie  i got her a job at starbucks with me she will be so happy cause i get to teach her and its free coffee her favorite thing ever! as we go in at midnight after unpacking i see my bitchy sister we sat in the front where she cant see us and luckly she didn't thank god Emily didn't see her i said here we are baby i  love u so much never leave me ever ! and then the movie started


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