love story

The emo girl (Emily) falls drastically for the popular guy Aaron will it work read and see


2. class

Emily's world*this will all be emilys world i think for the rest of the story but i might add aarons thoughts and stuff idk yet thanks for reading!*** Omg i think hes just so sweet ! Idk how he has such a bitchy sister but u know Aaron  is popular idk why he hangs around me .Im just so lame I feel bad for him to be seen with me but he doesnt care so i dont try to think of it  . As we walk he says soo wanna go somewhere after school?* i look at him and say yea that will be great ! He says great ill pick u up at 7:30. Ok i say flashing him a smile we get to class right on time and sit in the very back. Ok class Mrs. darcy says i wasnt gonna make u do work on ur first day of school i wanted u to get to know ur partner so u can talk for this class period. i think yay ! Me and aaron talk for the whole school day it ended shortly and school was out and we walked to the door and Aaron and aaron says hey do u wanna like move in with me i just moved out and its kinda lonely.. and i know it forward but i really like u a lot since like 1st grade Ive liked u he said . i know iur probably gonna sy no but i know ur dad and hes mean so thought u would wanna get away i called cps for u like i said i would when i got old enough and i am now so i did and they said u could stay with me if u wanted is that Ok with u ?i said i would love that! Ive liked u for a long time to before i knew u i liked u  its weird but true haha and he says great and we walk to our houses as we get to my house i knew i would find my dad drinking  and hes gonna be mad when he finds out I didnt make him dinner at least he goes to bed at 6 thank god . and aaron says. pack up tonight and we can stay at my place now and i said ok and gave him a smile and of course my dimples would show and he looked at me and he looked in my eyes and he kissed me and we where french kissing before i knew it we kissed for like 2 mins then he pulled away and smiled and said uhmm Emily lookingat the ground will u be my gf i said yes and jumped on to him in a bear hug like with my legs wrapped around his waist  and we kissed for a second and  he said ok well ill see u at 7:30  baby and I said yes u will babe as he lets me down on the ground aaron was quite tall like 5 9 and i was like 4 7  but  he told me bye and i said bye and i opened the squeaky white gate back to the other hell hole home but not for long i think  to my self when I open the door i saw my dad and he said hey bitch where was my breakfast i knew not to say anything and walked up stairs  and 10 minutes later my dad came up it was only 1:00 so i wasnt getting ready or packing i will when he goes to bed  any way ***ITS DIRTY SO SKIP IF U DONT WANNA READ*****!!!!! he came in my room and closed the windows and the door and  he duct taped my mouth shut and said scream and it will be bad and i knew it would and he pulled my shoes off and tied my hands and feet to the bed and undressed me and then him and i knew he was gonna rape me he climbed on top of me and said mmm i missed u to my area and he started raping me and he started by slamming it inside me and he takes off the duct tape from my mouth and i wasn't gonna scream but he kissed me like made out and he was horrible at kissing i knew i had to make out with him or he would get mad and meaner and hit me   he made me moan i hated it but i couldnt help it hurt so bad  then he grabbed my waist and thrusted harder nd harder than ever but he had a condom on so i wouldn't get preg. **** NOT DIRTY STARTS HERE***!! but he was done finally at like 5:30 he raped me for 4 and i half hours an let me go and then he left to got to work/sleep with women he left early but thats better and  i started packing ant when i was done it was six then i curled my hair got knew shoes on and different clothes and put on make up and got all 756 wristbands and packed them  i looked in the mirror and  said why are u so ugly Emily! By then it was 7:30 and aaron was out side waiting like he said i grabbed my bag and carried it down stairs and i opened the door and he was there and he said well u look beautiful like always baby he said with a smile. I loved him and said thanks but don't lie and i laughed.  he kisssed me and took my bags to his nice red camaro  and opened my door  for me and says my lady and i smile this was great!

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